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I apologize for the extended absence; things had been a little hairy as of late but seem to be clearing up a little now. Work has been tremendously busy and then our home computer went kaput, we only got it back a few days ago. To top it all off Mrs. Omni and I had to deal with a real hurricane of sorts on the home front, which I may get into some other time. All I can say is that I married a real star and Mrs. Omni proves this to me repeatedly. I’m damn lucky to have her in my life, and I ain’t just saying this. As the saying goes; miss a day, miss a lot holds true and during my ‘siesta’ I missed the departure of Ferdinand Bardamu from the Manosphere.

Sorry I wasn’t there to see your final farewell Ferdinand, thank you for all your work in terms of Men’s Rights and good luck to all your future endeavors. Badger has a great write up on Ferd’s contribution to the Manopshere, and sums things up very well, but I just wanted to expand on one of Badger’s points. It was due to In Mala Fide that I started to read about the plight facing White Nationalists and began to understand their positions. Listen, I’m not trying to say that Ferdinand was a WN, but he allowed them to vent and write articles on In Mala Fide, which gave us valuable insight if we chose to listen.

If not for LIGFY or In Mala Fide, I’d never have run into certain White Nationalist bloggers and heard about how feminism is affecting white men in particular. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I may not agree with everything they state, but how can I ignore their positions? White Men have beefs, and they have every justification for their righteous anger. However just like men in general are labeled ‘misogynist’ for complaining about their plight, white men are labeled as ‘racists’.

It’s the same song, only the words are different my friends.

I know my post may have some shaking their head in confusion as to why a black man was glad that IMF had allowed WN’s such a pulpit, but the truth is that I’m one of few who can state this, and not be attacked for it. Just like a female MRA can get other women to listen (sometimes) I know damn well I can’t be called a racist (Uncle Tom maybe) for calling sh!t out for what it is!! In all honesty, while all men are getting shafted everyday in general, White Men are targeted in particular. I’m glad that In Mala Fide gave WN’s an additional venue to air their views and finally be heard and I’m sorry to see that particular outlet no longer available to them.

I highly doubt that any WN’s would comment or visit my blog, but the door is open to any if they so choose.

At any rate it’s good to be back, and I’ve working on some posts, which I hope people will appreciate. Happy 4th of July to all my American visitors, and sorry that this post didn’t come out in time for the 1st .


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Young, Wild, And Free


Been a while since my last post, work has been busy, y’all know how it is. I don’t listen to the radio much but I came across this song and it really got me thinking. Could this be a future anthem for young men these days? Maybe this could be adopted by the MGTOW group as I think it’s very adequate stating men’s positions (besides the liberal use of weed that is). So many of the lyrics state what I’m sure many an MRA is thinking these days as the cost/benefit ratio of marriage and ‘growing up’ has been completely blown out of whack for men by and large.

I guess the question, which needs to be asked, is what does this current society have to offer their young men? You know, the men who will be taking the mantle from us elders once our failing hands can no longer support society? What are we willing to offer them in exchange for them to grow up, shed the irresponsibility of their youth and become a pillar of society? Marriage is a minefield nowadays best left for either the bravest or the most stupid of men and in truth, it offer’s them little or nothing in return for their hard work. Men aren’t stupid; they’re not seeing the return on the investment from many of their older cohorts and are second-guessing their future options. When we also consider that marriage is only a consolation with men right from the jump, then we need to realize that responsibility is losing some very serious steam.

How many men are growing up without a positive father figure in the first place? Wasn’t it fathers, and other responsible men who took the mantle of mentor? Wasn’t it these older, and more experienced men who set an example and trained them in the ‘dangers’ of being lackadaisical? I guess this sort of teaching doesn’t happen in a vacuum then huh? Oh we have many people who wish for men to grow up and take their place, but that message is getting stale. Men are realizing that their issues, which directly affect their desire to ‘man up’, will largely be ignored despite the very real perils which, befall them.

This article is yet another example of the glossing over of the issues facing men in marriage 2.0. Personally I loved how many MRA’s weighed in on Cathy Meyer’s article and brutally gave her and other ladies the 411. It’s time that more men stood up and told the truth, many don’t wish to hear it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other young bucks reading. The most important aspect of that article there wasn’t the slanted angle Cathy Meyer took, but the behavior of the female commenters there. Men need to see this more often so they can realize just what they’re up against in terms of society’s opinion on men’s issues and their plight.

So with no mentoring and a lack of positive benefits AND definite detriments for investing in a society, what is left for young men other than to be young, wild, and free? Folks, men don’t need women to survive, since investing in society offers men nothing but heartache, we may have to consider something. I don’t think the issue is why should a young man be irresponsible, but why not?

In the end, I think all many can do is continue to watch the downward slide as our younger men, no longer burdened with responsibility, continue to join in the chorus and party like they can live forever. X Box, PlayStation, booze, drugs and loose women sadly offer more than responsibility to a dying system ever will. If we want men to start ‘growing up’ we’ll need to give them a reason to.


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False Teaching

The very first time I heard the term false teaching was in Church when I was 13. I of course nodded my head during the sermon and agreed that it was bad. I’m no longer a Christian nor do I attend church, but I can still tell you that the sermon hit the nail on the head. In general, the false teaching is simply another word for the propaganda both Western Men and Women are being subject too in contemporary society. Anyone on the Manosphere can name most of the worst ‘lessons’ off the top of their heads;

 Men are always evil vs. women are always good.

 Men and women are interchangeable as they are exactly the same save plumbing.

 Men are oppressors vs. women are oppressed.

The divisive nature of this propaganda is very effective as all one needs to do is watch the decline of society as a gauge. This post isn’t an attempt to sort through all the propaganda, but only to focus on one lie, which negatively affects women in just one way.  Listen, for all the vitriol I spew here on The Phantom Tollbooth, I rail on and on about predominantly one very basic thing. The critical finality of women’s unique characteristics as opposed to men and how quickly it can and does arrive in their lives, changing it drastically.

Folks, as I’ve said in another post, it really does boggle my mind the differences between men and women. It amazes me that men have so much more time on their hands to screw up and then rectify their live paths that sadly women don’t have available to them. This is also why when people start filling women’s heads full of tripe that I have to shake my head. Due to the time limit women have to face and the finality of their situation thereafter, they really don’t have the time for erroneous bullsh!t!!

During this wonderful propaganda film, slideshow about celebrity mothers who had their first children after 40, some women actually commented about the reality of the situation. Rightly so, the mainstream media holds aloft these women as heroines for having children at a time most (read; the medical world, THINK about that for a second) would consider too late and sadly the media eats their success up like candy. Surprise, surprise, they got down voted, for speaking the truth about the situation on top of arguments undermining their position.

The value of the hamster is more powerful that reality, but the sad truth is that even super hamster can’t overpower Mother Nature!! Rationalizations are no match for biology.

This is the message I wish to send females considering motherhood; judge well where you get your information from, due to the fact of the presence of people who would barefaced lie to you in order to salve their own egos. Ladies…this isn’t a joke, the last thing you wish to find out is that you overestimated your chances of fertility when it’s too late!! Sure there’s a chance that you can have a bouncing baby boy in your 40’s, but there’s a greater chance that you will have missed the boat. You really want to gamble with your future happiness in a manner such as this?

To quote a post from a trusted source;

 Do you know how hard it is to want a baby and not be able to make your body produce one?  I’ll tell you – it’s hard.  It’s brutal.  It rips your heart out.  It’ll make you rage.  You will not be able to walk down the street without noticing how many babies and toddlers and little children are running about.

Is that a gamble one wishes to take? Grerp is more reasonable than most, but negative situations can still arise and throw monkey wrenches the size of mack trucks into our plans if one isn’t careful.

I’ll come right out and say it, consider the truth about women’s delicate time limit in a manner of what they wish to accomplish. I’m appalled that people would wish to lie to them in this manner. Listen; I don’t get a toaster for this, okay? I’m not in some sort of Patriarchal Pyramid scheme (PATWAY?) were I have to subvert random females in order to move up the ranks. The truth is that whether women listen to me and have a happy healthy baby or don’t have a child at all literally makes no difference to me whatsoever.

So consider that point while some ruminate over my post. I don’t gain or lose a damn thing whether they listen or not, however, what do they have to lose?


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Pricing Yourself Out of The Market


This post from Fat Girl Jihad has got me thinking that a basic lesson in market value is in order to try and tame the savage beasts on the interwebz.

Here’s the scoop.

Listen, if you wish to sell your house, your trusted real estate agent will undoubtedly take your asking price into consideration before listing. However, if they were worth their salt, they would ALSO have done some homework beforehand. In other words, they will have looked into the most recent sales on your street and/or neighborhood comparing that with similar houses to find a baseline asking price. They do this so you can ask a fair price as dictated by the market, not too low, but also NOT too high!!

Not too high is the point of this post gang.

So let’s say you’re neighborhood has given you a baseline of about $300,000 for your house. Since every house is different, every price point will of course vary however, what happens if one decides their house is worth substantially more than the baseline? What if the homeowner in this case decides to list for nothing under $700,000? Their reasoning of course is because of the additions that have been added (hot tub, pool, extensive basement renovation, you get the idea) and they now feel that anyone would be LUCKY to get THIS house.

Follow what I’m saying?

What do you think will happen? Simply put, the people who would love the house can’t afford the seller’s asking price and they move on to another one. However, what of the people who could afford the asking price, well, they won’t even look at the house twice because they can afford other houses in that price range which offer better amenities for their hard earned cash.

It even seems foolish that this has to be explained to people, but anyone who disagrees with that post needs this lesson in pricing101 apparently.

The reality; the house will sit on the market until one of two things happen. The seller reduces their asinine asking price, or they take their house off the market, simple as. It seems that most may have more common sense involving real estate that people do in the sexual market place, it’s sad but true nonetheless. So many speak about what they ‘deserve’ out of some such situation, but they do so with little to no consideration of the investment and return of actions. There is a reason why the richest, most successful men tend to have the most beautiful wives, AND, that the most attractive women tend to have the most successful and solvent husbands.

Is it a cruel and harsh reality to face for both men and women? You bet, and I’ll be the first to agree to it. Yet, I have to ask anyone reading this post what’s worse in the long run? Being realistic about your market value and working within those boundaries, or following the ‘feel good’ guru’s in the world who state that ‘you should get EVERYTHING you wish’ and sit on the market with a house that no one can either afford or want to buy as valuable time slips away?

The main reason why I state this is because I’ve two female friends who have vastly overestimated their own value in this manner and as a result have scared away some decent buyers to their detriment. Friend number one who is desperate to have children is currently seeing an unemployed (but still arrogant) man who doesn’t wish to have any and has undergone the snippety snip on top of everything else. Friend number two actually had a great guy at one point in time, but as I had figured she would, her moxie didn’t seem to endear her to him.

It isn’t just a good marketing strategy to have a good bead on our market value, as it assists others from eating our lunch. It also makes sure that we don’t turn away reasonable and achievable opportunities for pipe dreams which will NEVER occur. In blunt real estate terms, the woman in the FGJ article is a $300,000 3/2 house asking for over $10 million yet is surprised that all she gets are “losers” and “perverts”.

Due to the ugly truth behind the negotiation, the day will come when the offers this woman even used to get stop coming.


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Tiger by the Tail


I wrote earlier about sniping your nose, and then gave what I felt was an object lesson of a woman who did just that. I guess one could say that if those two posts were about foolish selfishness on a micro level, then this would be the third part on a macro Level.  So we have yet another study which shows that women have now overtaken men as the breadwinners across the globe.

Congratulations should be in order…but don’t go patting yourself on the back quite yet!! You may not know it, but you have a tiger by the tail, don’t worry though that’s what the Manosphere is here for!!

See, there are other statistics that may shed some unwanted light on this newfound success that women so eagerly wish to throw in men’s faces that they may find…sobering.

So, women in school outnumber men by a third and yet they see this as cause for celebration? Not even close, this is a disaster, and many either don’t see, or don’t WISH to see what this means for the future.  Men and women mate for different reasons and no matter how much we want to confuse the facts with social theory or feminism, the reality remains.

It doesn’t matter what Feminism states; there will never be a situation where men en masse have no economic alternative but to marry a woman for economic survival. If you don’t believe me, just ask your sisters Latasha and Kadijah how well they’re doing on the “marry me or else front.” Most black men end up in jail and/or delinquent, most black women end up as single mothers with difficulty supporting themselves, but hey, at least more black women are getting a post secondary education right…right?

In other words, that’s your future; it’s our collective future. Bright isn’t it?

I know what you’re saying; “That won’t happen to me. We’re smarter than that. That won’t happen to (insert this race, generation here).  Time for a reality check; real world consequences don’t give a tinker’s damn about what you or I BELIEVE. They only deliver as per the costs that are available.  I’ll come out and basically say it; women can take men’s place in the economy and infrastructure sector like men can have babies. It only seems like you can at the moment, but if you doubt me, follow the money.

Where does the vast majority of tax revenue originate? The revenue, which pays for the infrastructure, heath care, and social services that women such as you so basically, need? If this post bothers you, go ahead and prove me wrong, look it up…I’ll wait. The only thing you’re going to find is that you may not be as independent as you’d like to believe, and you may wake up and find that you’ve enraged the Genie who made all your wishes come true.

The real reality is this ladies; there is nothing to celebrate whatsoever. Society has lost sight of the fact of what it is that both genders contribute to civilization, and that neither is interchangeable!! These articles only serve to show the ignorance of learned people who should know better considering the large about of resources and education they have available to them.

The article states that if you improve the status of females, you therefore improve the status of everyone.

Gotta wonder if a more erroneous statement has ever been made. Just a question folks, why is the West so ‘successful’ compared to the rest of the world? Would it be because of the fact that life was made better for MEN? Compare Mexico to America or Canada and see how well their men fare and it may brighten your eyes a little, just sayin’. Let’s see how the empowerment of ladies has affected other races shall we? The illegitimacy rate amongst blacks is 70%, amongst Latino’s it’s 50%, whites are still far behind at 30% but here’s the catch.

Guess whose on the hook to ensure that these little children don’t fall through the cracks of society?  You get three, and the first two don’t count, get it? Yet…so many White ladies are celebrating how these SAME statistics are now befalling their own race. You still see something to celebrate? Someone has to pay, if you’re a woman, I can tell you right now it won’t be financial, although you will wish it were!!

Congratulations are in order, right?

Disenfranchised men don’t acquiesce, they drop out. Out of society, out of civilization, out of everything. Women aren’t taking over anything, by the time they do, there will be nothing left to take over, simple as. So that’s the deal ladies, take it anyhow you want to take it, it won’t change a damn thing. Black Ladies couldn’t make it work and are now paying the price, what, pray tell, makes you think you’re ANY different?

Bottom line; women can do men’s jobs, just like men can give birth to  children.


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Some Are Getting It…Sorta…


While reading this article on The Spearhead, I just encountered this valuable tidbit (H/T boxer) in regards to women possibly thinking outside the box (heh heh).  Turns out a group of women are seeing some threats to their power emerging on the horizon and wish to engage in an intercourse strike between April 28th and May 5th. You know, to make a point in regards to a current ‘war on women’ of course.


The one thing which underlies this dreck…I mean article is that at least some ladies are beginning to comprehend the power and leverage woman have at their disposal.

A woman’s sexuality IS power, it was one of the most effective methods of ‘encouragement’ in a woman’s arsenal…years ago. It was the goal men achieved by paying the price of matrimony years ago and they were happy to pay it.

Now, however not so much.

Chastity is a thing of the past, men of means can and will replace unwilling women, and men who don’t have the means aren’t getting sex regularly anyway. Let me fill y’all in on something, sometimes the men at the top do share some commonality with the men on the bottom. Bluntly, men of means have choices so they won’t put up with sh!t, men without means have no choice, so what does a ‘sexual strike’ do to these men anyway? Both men of means and without have nothing to lose, so in both scenarios, a woman’s power is greatly diminished regardless.

There will be the largest amount of men in the middle of the bell curve, however, I really wonder just how effective it will be, especially in this day and age. Going to keep my ear on the ground with this one, very curious to see how it all plays out!! I have to agree with Boxer’s sentiment; there may be a chance that their ‘strike’ may hit some men below the belt (pun intended), but from the pictorial representation provided…I’m thinking not!!

Just one more point to cover, a quote from the article;

This is (an) issue (which) impacts all of us. This strike is designed to make that point. Ask your man to speak up for your rights, because when we lose our reproductive choices, so do they,”


Men have already lost their reproductive rights and women have proven repeatedly that they WILL NOT speak for them or any other grievances men have. Why pray tell should men give a tinker’s damn about your rights? This is where movements such as the SPLC undermines even your credibility and in truth, highlights how you may not be that much different than they. When men have issues, we’re maligned and ignored, but suddenly women have an issue and it affects ‘all’ of us? That sends a clear and concise message that only women’s issues have merit and men’s don’t. Sorry, this isn’t the type of approach which will engage a man’s goodwill in terms of assistance. This, by the way, is precisely the reason why men are now starting to grumble. Men can see the selfish agenda behind so much of what is claimed to be ‘equality’ which is the source of their growing anger in this day and age. In addition, men’s issues are equally as important and ubiquitous in their scope as far as society and civilization is concerned and NEED to be addressed.

Did they ever stop to think about what the world would look like if men stopped…oh never mind. As my mother used to say; ‘Those who don’t hear, will feel.’


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More on Self Interest

Just couldn’t get a recent Heartiste post out of my head. He does a great job fisking this professional woman’s rant and it’s obviously well worth the read. However, it got me thinking about how we all need to be realistic in regards to our own Self Interests. As I’ve stated in my previous post on the topic, yes we all have to keep an eye on our fry since others won’t. Not only because others may mow our grass if we’re not careful but simply if they get there first due to our being unprepared by a miscalculation.

Folks, a few years ago, Mrs. Omni and I pulled a caper and snagged two netbooks as Christmas gifts for a song. However, due to the ridonkulus price, we needed to prepare ourselves adequately or risk others getting them all before we got a chance. We left for the store at the crack of stupid (we got there at 5:00am…holy EFF) and were no longer married and living together that particular morning. The limit was one per household and we needed two, so some subterfuge had to be employed.

I was yawning to beat the band during the 3.5-hour wait till the doors opened but our efforts weren’t in vain. Since my wife…er I mean my friend and I were 4th and 5th in line, we knew that our chances of success were pretty good. The point I wish to convey to you is that looking back towards the end of the ever-growing line, I realized full well that some of those very people were going home empty handed. The line had grown to over 100 people 30 minutes before the store opened, and there were plenty of signs stating that they could only guarantee 50 units being in stock!!

I also knew that other customers would show up even as early as 8:45 am only to be told; “Sorry, sold out!”

That’s the thing, which always stops me in my tracks in regards to men and women. The differences between our genders can result in drastically different consequences to situations. It seems like such a fundamental concept, something so literally elementary that we dudes take it for granted but for women it can and usually does cost them most of their world if not careful!! It boggles my mind that a man can live life with his head up his @$$ for two or more decades and then change if he so chooses. He can turn his life around and ‘play by the rules’ so to speak and opting into marriage if it strikes his fancy.

That’s the point; for a man at or after 35 it’s STILL a choice available to them. For a woman…not so much.

What I’m pretty much saying is that due to the self interests of others, if you don’t wish to ‘play by the rules’ others are indeed more than willing, and they will eat your lunch if you let them!! The woman in this rant obviously had her head filled with contemporary feminist crap and the only choice she has available now is posturing. Using bravado to assume a position that she still has the market value to dictate her relationship desires to men. She has no other choice; to accept the current reality of her situation is to accept that her ship has sailed permanently, which is a very uncomfortable proposition truth be told.

Your career in and of itself adds to you market value like knitting adds to a professional athletes skill set. That is of course unless you’re this kind of businesswoman, and truthfully your degree would simply be an added bonus.


I find it highly ironic that it’s men on the Manosphere who are trying (mostly in vain) to tell women what their female contemporaries used to rail into them. Just a warning; as some feminists wail on and on about fish and bicycles, reveling in your apparent (but fleeting) power over ‘males’ your younger contemporaries are jumping the broom and eating your lunch.


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