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Just couldn’t get a recent Heartiste post out of my head. He does a great job fisking this professional woman’s rant and it’s obviously well worth the read. However, it got me thinking about how we all need to be realistic in regards to our own Self Interests. As I’ve stated in my previous post on the topic, yes we all have to keep an eye on our fry since others won’t. Not only because others may mow our grass if we’re not careful but simply if they get there first due to our being unprepared by a miscalculation.

Folks, a few years ago, Mrs. Omni and I pulled a caper and snagged two netbooks as Christmas gifts for a song. However, due to the ridonkulus price, we needed to prepare ourselves adequately or risk others getting them all before we got a chance. We left for the store at the crack of stupid (we got there at 5:00am…holy EFF) and were no longer married and living together that particular morning. The limit was one per household and we needed two, so some subterfuge had to be employed.

I was yawning to beat the band during the 3.5-hour wait till the doors opened but our efforts weren’t in vain. Since my wife…er I mean my friend and I were 4th and 5th in line, we knew that our chances of success were pretty good. The point I wish to convey to you is that looking back towards the end of the ever-growing line, I realized full well that some of those very people were going home empty handed. The line had grown to over 100 people 30 minutes before the store opened, and there were plenty of signs stating that they could only guarantee 50 units being in stock!!

I also knew that other customers would show up even as early as 8:45 am only to be told; “Sorry, sold out!”

That’s the thing, which always stops me in my tracks in regards to men and women. The differences between our genders can result in drastically different consequences to situations. It seems like such a fundamental concept, something so literally elementary that we dudes take it for granted but for women it can and usually does cost them most of their world if not careful!! It boggles my mind that a man can live life with his head up his @$$ for two or more decades and then change if he so chooses. He can turn his life around and ‘play by the rules’ so to speak and opting into marriage if it strikes his fancy.

That’s the point; for a man at or after 35 it’s STILL a choice available to them. For a woman…not so much.

What I’m pretty much saying is that due to the self interests of others, if you don’t wish to ‘play by the rules’ others are indeed more than willing, and they will eat your lunch if you let them!! The woman in this rant obviously had her head filled with contemporary feminist crap and the only choice she has available now is posturing. Using bravado to assume a position that she still has the market value to dictate her relationship desires to men. She has no other choice; to accept the current reality of her situation is to accept that her ship has sailed permanently, which is a very uncomfortable proposition truth be told.

Your career in and of itself adds to you market value like knitting adds to a professional athletes skill set. That is of course unless you’re this kind of businesswoman, and truthfully your degree would simply be an added bonus.


I find it highly ironic that it’s men on the Manosphere who are trying (mostly in vain) to tell women what their female contemporaries used to rail into them. Just a warning; as some feminists wail on and on about fish and bicycles, reveling in your apparent (but fleeting) power over ‘males’ your younger contemporaries are jumping the broom and eating your lunch.


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Self Interest


A few years back Mrs. Omni and I were celebrating Father’s day when I learned a very important lesson. See we have a very large tree in our backyard and every year a family of raccoons take up free residence during the summer months (I’m a softie, what can I say?). In an act of inebriated altruism, I had delivered the last of my dinner to the base of the tree and watched as the largest of the Raccoons (undoubtedly the male) climbed down the tree to retrieve the food while his mate and their two little ones kept a watchful eye on me.

Now, as much as this may sound ridiculous, I found the raccoon’s behavior toward my wife and I very intriguing (could’ve been due to being on the sauce…whatever). Since that Raccoon couldn’t ascertain whether I was a friend or a foe, he acted in his own self-interests and proceeded with caution, assuming the worst-case scenario as far as I was concerned. He slowly climbed down the tree and then grabbed the food, rarely taking his eyes off me.

See, the one thing that so many of us seem to forget is that survival of the fittest is simply focusing on your own best self interests and NOT assuming that everyone you encounter shares those same interests with you. What that Raccoon knew was that if he didn’t watch his @$$, no one else would and perhaps many of us would do well to remember that in our own lives. Yes we live in advanced times were we believe we’re relatively safe from dire threats but this safety net may have given us a false sense of security. Basic safety and survival are thoughts most of the populace doesn’t even consider in this day and age  thanks to Maslow, most are focused on being ‘happy’.

However, predators still exist, just because they don’t lumber onto our territory on four large legs or have razor sharp teeth doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t ‘keep an eye on our fry’ as Mrs. Omni states.

I remember when I had a chat with my former Operation Manager in regards to why banks would offer loans far too large to people who really couldn’t afford them. His answer was simple; it wasn’t the banks job to make sure you could afford the loans, that was YOUR responsibility. Their responsibility; their self-interest, is to crunch the numbers and verify the maximum they can loan you. They don’t really know that $400,000 may be too much of a mortgage for you to swing, but if you think, “they wouldn’t give me more than I can handle” then you could be gambling with your financial future.

Bluntly, it’s in their best self interests to give you as much money (debt) as they possibly can, it should be yours to only accept what you know you can handle comfortably.

Isn’t that the main thrust behind Keoni Galt’s beliefs in the motivations behind some large-scale businesses? Is it really that difficult to think that the self-interests of some companies are diametrically opposed to that of John Q Public? Were Ford’s best interests in sync to our own when they produced the Pinto? Think about yet one more example; is McDonalds interested in serving nutritious meals, or simply filling your belly with something, which will eliminate hunger quickly and efficiently?

Do you see what I’m getting at, and please trust me; I’m doing what I can myself to learn where I can make some changes. If you don’t watch your @$$, who pray tell is going too?

What I’m saying is to take responsibility for your life, like that Raccoon who didn’t take it for granted that I was simply a friend, maybe we all should second guess when we think that businesses, government, or ‘the powers that be’ are really working in our best interests. I’m not saying live a cynical life always being afraid and looking over your shoulder, what I’m saying is to take everything with a grain of salt, even this very post, comprende? I’m also not saying to avoid McDonalds, or car loans and mortgages; I’m simply saying it would be foolish to think they are working in your best interests 100% of the time.

Their goal is to make money off you, remember that.

The world doesn’t care what we believe or wish, the world would only provide appropriate reactions to previous actions, simple as!! We can argue with our consequences, or we can work to increase the odds of achieving what it is we wish in life. It doesn’t matter how much we wish to do so, running east looking for a sunset will only result in failure.

This at the end of the day is why I shake my head so much at what CL appropriately calls false teaching being fed to people in the mass media. I agree with her 100%, it is evil and can lead to excruciating circumstances. Men being told that masculinity is something to be stifled and that women can act just like men can and usually does lead to unwanted circumstances. Once more, we have to keep in mind the self-interests of others when dealing with both genders, or see the folly of our own mistakes. It makes no difference to argue with what the other gender desires, it can’t be changed no matter how much we wish them too.

People, businesses, and ‘the powers that be’ are going to follow their own self-interests, and we can either get on board or realize this, or we can ignore them and later wish we did.


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What do the Toronto Maple Laffs, Feminism, and Western Women Have In Common?

c/o Wikipedia

No, that isn’t some sort of ridiculous joke I’m playing on you. Yes there is a connection to those three different groups and I’m sure many will be somewhat surprised to find out what the commonality is. A while back, MacLean’s magazine wrote an extensive article in regards to what the issue is with Toronto’s woeful Maple Leafs. A powerful passage from the beginning of the article essentially sets the tone for the rest of it;

‘The only problem with all this talk of curses is that there are perfectly logical reasons for the Leafs’ legacy of failure. The fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs are a bad hockey club is the inevitable by-product of the laws of economics. Their mediocrity is a design flaw, and it comes down to this: for any business to thrive, it must be obsessively focused on victory. Success must yield powerful benefits and failure must unleash harsh consequences. In the world’s greatest market for pro hockey, that cost/benefit equation doesn’t exist. A gusher of wealth, regardless of performance, has begat 40 years of infighting, a culture of laxity, and a refusal to admit the problem. The Leafs are a monopoly business that has been corrupted by its own market power.’

Understand this; the Toronto Maple Leafs have a monopoly on their hockey fans who bleed white and blue no matter the outcome. However, monopolies can be dangerous things. The article delves deeply into the various issues the Leafs have as an organization and if one is into sports or hockey, it will prove to be a good read. The main concept I wish to convey to you comes from yet another quote in the article.

“Pretty much any study you look at, you’ll find a very strong correlation between attendance and winning.” But the Leafs are different. “They can do whatever the hell they like and the attendance and merchandise sales go up, and TV and radio contracts hold up. In terms of competitive performance, this monopolistic power is a very bad thing.”

Getting down to brass tacks, let’s wade through all the distractions and get to the core of the matter. Pro sports are a business, and profit/loss is what drives many of these teams to win games and eventually the playoffs and hopefully the big show at the end of the season!! Another quote from the article sums up my thoughts on the matter succinctly.

“For most teams, winning is urgent. Even winning doesn’t guarantee [financial] success for a lot of teams, but losing pretty much guarantees their failure.”

This is the pain/pleasure paradigm that I touched upon in an earlier post. Winning may not equal pleasure, but losing DOES equal pain. Therefore, winning becomes crucial, if ONLY to avoid losing. Winning teams will find it easier to get butts into the seats of stadiums, paying their way the whole time. They will spend their hard earned money on concessions, which goes back into the coffers of the team and their owners. Yes, this is a business, and winning is a sound business decision. The issue with the Maple Leafs though is that no matter what they do, win lose or draw, the most valuable team in the NHL stays that way so what consequences do they feel for poor performance?

I had some die-hard Leaf’s fans tell me this on several occasions; that I could dress myself (who can’t skate to save my life MUCH LESS play hockey) and outfit 5 other people with similar lack of skill, in Leaf’s jerseys, put us out on the ice against another NHL team and the Air Canada Center would STILL be sold our despite out horrific performance.

No, that ISN’T good now let me tell you why.

You see, this is the exact same reason why Feminists ride on men like they do in present day and yet another reason why Western Women sound like crickets by and large even in the face of severe injustice toward Western Men. The Leaf’s don’t care if they lose since their needs are met regardless, why would women care if men are shouting at the tops of their lungs about injustice so long as their needs are met? Yes anyone who has spent any time on the manosphere knows that women tend to be Herd animals, but what do women lose by following that instinct AGAINST men now?

They can meet their biological imperative and not suffer any sort of societal consequences due to slut shaming being ‘evil’ and thanks to social services; they no longer suffer economically whatsoever. They only gain in terms of the family courts and even through False Rape Allegations so in the end, women actually have the upper hand on men for the most part. The bottom line; women by and large are exactly like the Toronto Maple Leafs, they suffer no negative consequences for their destructive actions toward men and society (in the interim) and therefore have no real impetus to change their ways.

This my friends, is the reason why that in addition to the fact that women by and large may not listen to men, they lose nothing by ignoring us outright. However, one quote also came to mind in reference to the power Feminism believes they still have and many would do well to heed the message it portends;

“Thucydides wrote years ago that hegemony kills itself. A power that has hegemony always becomes arrogant. Always becomes overweened . . . It becomes defensive, arrogant, and a defender of yesterday. It destroys itself.”

That they do, that they do.


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Why Patriarchy?

What did it do, what purpose did it serve? Was it only to oppress women and subjugate them to a man’s will, or was it something else? As I’ve alluded to in a previous post, I believe that what we’ve come to know as Patriarchy wasn’t meant to oppress or subjugate women, but to harness the creative resources of men.

This is just from my perspective, feel free to analyze as you see fit!

By watching the decline of the Western World and comparing it to The Misandry Bubble, in addition to considering what’s currently ‘wrong’ one can possibly see what our forefathers were trying to protect society from. This however is the crux of the issue, that despite all our innovations in technology, social services, and even civilization itself, the truth is that men and women’s roles still haven’t changed drastically even after millennia. To give you a picture of what men and women’s relationship remains EVEN to this day, one only has to take a look at a Semi driving down the road.


Bluntly, men are the tractors, women are the trailers, men do the heavy work and women (plus civilization) benefit from it. This paradigm still hasn’t changed in society; moreover, I highly doubt it ever will so long as what the genders need from each other remains the same.

Sure we have all sorts of innovations which allow women to work in the public sphere, and in truth, changes to laws in the Government now see women as equals whom can now serve as politicians and business owners. I see that, however, that doesn’t change the fact that this very privilege to do so comes at the hard work men now and in the past invested into our infrastructure.

Why is it that women didn’t work in male dominated fields in the past? Consider it, why would a successful farmer hire a woman to plow his fields knowing full well she would be ill equipped to do it? Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, as soon as one basic need is satisfied, another higher need is discovered. At one point in time, surviving till the end of the day took the combined effort of a man and a woman, which was the lowest need on the pyramid. Now, however, survival for most is a foregone conclusion, which has allowed for more ‘Actualization’ to be had by the inhabitants. Has anyone wondered why your ancestors seemed to grow up so fast while we could be ‘kidults’ until the age of 30? Short answer, due to the difficulties in life they faced at the time.

One’s grandfather most likely was growing up in a very agrarian society, farming was the norm, technology was apparent but still needed the hard work and muscle only a man could provide and the threat of death was still fairly present. So it didn’t make any sense to hire a woman to do a job that only a man could complete, and due to the differences in the nature of both men and women, other steps had to be implemented. Folks, in the past a woman’s sole source of economic support and therefore her livelihood came from her marrying a man. Parents didn’t want to see their daughters in poverty, which was why they literally pushed them out of the house in order to find a good husband and thus increase her chance of success in life.

Two support networks had come into play in order to create and maintain Patriarchy both for women and for men. Yes, it does suck that women had to ‘play nice’ in order to achieve the only means of support available to them, but not too provided disastrous consequences for those who didn’t abide by the rules. The male support network would also instruct their young charges in how to respect women, they knew full well the leverage men had over women and they also knew that it was ESSENTIAL that it was controlled and not abused. A man could get what he wanted from a woman and then bounce in the morning leaving her with nothing but a notch on her belt so chastity was ingrained in BOTH genders. In addition, men who didn’t wish to ‘grow up and get married’ were in some cases looked down upon by society as being irresponsible and therefore selfish.

Yeah that’s right, men did some shaming of their own.

Can one NOT see why Patriarchy existed? Yes it was to provide men incentive for opting into society by giving them something to LOSE by not doing so, but also to protect the interests of women IN that society. Imagine what the Black Community would look like without the social services provided by the Government in present day, THAT horror show was what our ancestors were trying to avoid!! Patriarchy didn’t work 100%, let’s be realistic, but it worked by and large far better than this society does. Men and women are different, and the truth is that Feminists aren’t wrong when they state that there are inequalities both genders face. However, the inequalities they are trying to alleviate are completely out of their hands and unravel the fabric of the very benefits they sought to achieve. Bluntly, women and men aren’t interchangeable in many of the most basic ways available; men do not have children, and women simply can’t work in the same capacities that men can.

Moreover, when one realizes that married men are the engines of civilization, AND that they can opt out, it only makes sense to consider their needs to keep them wanting to opt into society. Once more, I’m not for pigeonholing women, not by a long shot, but I am realistic about the truth of the situation. I’ve no qualms for making the world fairer for women, but the current trends of making things less fair for men at the same time is nothing short of foolishness.

Consider present day; take a run of the mill warehouse filled with varying merchandise. In the past, it would have been run solely by men, however due to affirmative action, and many devices such as dollies, forklifts, and electric pallet trucks, women can now work very effectively besides their male counter parts. If those devices didn’t exist, sure the scale of the warehouse itself would need to be scaled back, but the effectiveness of a woman’s involvement would also be severely crippled. Now the shop foreman and the site manager would be in the same boat as the farmer of the past, looking for some muscle to help on his acres of farmland.

In an office environment, I can see where females gain quite a bit of ground, however, one must consider what an employer sees when they consider a male and female candidate for a job opening. When they look at a man, they see a mule that will (hopefully) work his tail off providing some use to the company. When they look at a woman, they do see the same thing, but also a person who will take maternity leave over the course of her career who will then need to be replaced while gone, or others will need to take up the slack.

The reality is, female independence is nothing but a fallacy, it only seems that way due to male investment in society. It’s due to current social norms and laws which level’s the playing field allowing women admission and this fact seems to be either ignored or forgotten about by and large. If any company were to hire mostly men, it could be reasoned that they may be more effective, but employment laws offer penalties, which makes this approach undesirable.

I’m sure many feminists will disagree, (like I care) but without Patriarchy, women are left with little leverage over men and essentially at men’s mercy in the event of an economic crash. They can no longer use the ‘Marry me or else no more nooky’ ultimatum as a man of means will easily replace her with a younger and more willing model. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one needs to simply look at the Black Community to see just how much leverage Black Women have over their men. They have none, and no manner to make them commit if a man doesn’t wish to. The large hue and cry we hear regularly from Black women is the lack of good Black men, now we’re starting to hear the very same thing from Whites…don’t worry though, good thing Patriarchy or anything resembling it is a thing of the past!!!

As I’ve said before, I’m not for dismissing women only into the roles of ‘housewife’ or ‘mother’ if they wish to be something else. Heck, I work and serve a great many women and some of them are razor sharp. I would vouch for quite a few of them, as they are assets to their respective companies and to the industry as a whole. I bet I’m not the only man who feels this way about some women in the workforce. The thing is that present society has given freedoms to most people so that a great life can be had by anyone if they so choose. Hell, imagine people not able to have sex despite being married because they simply want no more children, this was obviously a reality for our ancestors while they slaved away to keep themselves alive. What I’m saying is to realize that due to the fact men do the heavy lifting in society, women have more choices and freedoms now than at anytime in previous history.

I’m not saying women should ONLY be housewives, what I’m saying is that the married man on the other side of her street is one of many who work to make sure that she can do whatever she wishes. It’s simply stupidity to make men by and large second guess doing so as in time, those freedoms and choices can also become unavailable. Maslow’s hierarchy also works in reverse, time to realize that sh!t!!


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Resistance is Futile



            That’s the issue in regards to certain aspects of this life, when the more effort used to resist change of a certain type, the more it seems to persist regardless. See, there’s been a lot of talk recently about the anger that men seem to have on the manosphere, and this anger seems to originate from the mistreatment contemporary men regularly receive in Western Countries by and large. Certain media sources wish to condemn this anger but this only seems to exacerbate the problem.

The solution to men’s current issues isn’t to ignore them, but to LISTEN and try to alleviate them.

Recently we’ve had yet another site which has taken some of the more prominent Manosphere blogs and dismissed their works as nothing short of Misogyny, obviously the work of disgruntled men who won’t take responsibility for their won choices and actions in life. In Mala Fide, The Spearhead, Marky Mark, Alcuin, and The False Rape Society all ‘made the cut’ so to speak just to name a few. So let’s ruminate about this opinion once more shall we? A site such as The False Rape Society is Misogynistic due to the fact that it stands up and illuminates in very good detail the very real issue of false rape and assault allegations and the destructive effects it has on the lives of innocent men?

Seriously? How can any website suggest they are about justice and equality when they label The False Rape Society in such a light?

I can fathom no larger slap in the face to all of mankind than to tell them that by complaining about the very real issues they face in this world then they are nothing but misogynists who obviously are in the wrong by not keeping mum about their issues. What other message is being sent to men other than to ‘shut up and continue to row the boat like the slaves you are?’ Yet, they wonder why men are angry and people such as Kay Hymowitz or Penny Nance are trying to get ‘boys’ to man up!! Is it any real wonder that intelligent and talented men would rather abstain from marital responsibility since it’s obvious that no one cares about men’s needs other than our utility?

That’s just the point, we men can see that we do have legitimate beefs, that any anger we feel is indeed righteous, when friends and loved ones become victims of the system, that’s going to get your back up just a tad, but to have people ignore your legitimate issues despite your airing them repeatedly will only serve to aggravate the issue still further.

Congratulations is in order here, the only achievement that the SPLC has accomplished is simply to further incense men and continue to aggregate the cycle which had created the manosphere in the first place. They’re not the first, and they won’t be the last, as we all have realized in this day and age. As TFH had stated in the Misandry Bubble, the powers that be will continue to double down in its Misandry in order to maintain control, but doing so only snipes it’s nose to spite it’s own face.

Their resistance in addition to that of mainstream society is only making the Men’s Movement stronger, ensuring that it will persist well into the future simply out of self-preservation. Just to take a quote from Star Wars; Princess Leia Organa stated something I will never forget.

“The more you tighten your grip, the more they will slip through your fingers!”


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Rhyme and Reason



Why does ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ exist? Why do I spend time away from my ADHD addled life to blather on about my perspective on the decline of Western Society? Well at first I thought that I had the reason why I was doing what I did and in truth, over this past year things have changed somewhat. See the reason why I called my blog the Phantom Tollbooth was because of the movie of the same name starring Butch Patrick years ago.

Brief plot-line; a young boy goes on a journey when a tollbooth (literally) flies into his house and takes him to a faraway place. In this new land, he becomes a hero by rescuing the princesses Rhyme and Reason from their captivity and thus they go about their business, restoring this land to its previous logical state. While the story is very intriguing, it was the very beginning and end which caught my attention.

You see our hero, Milo, was on the phone with his close friend lamenting about the lack of Rhyme or Reason in the world when the tollbooth made it’s appearance. Due to curiosity, he investigated it which lead to the reconciliation of his perspective, although he didn’t realize it at the time. After he returned from his adventure and the tollbooth left his abode, he got on the phone with his friend with a new determination about life. The funny thing, his friend was also on the phone with Milo as the tollbooth made a visit to him thereafter.

Folks, here is the abstract lesson to be learned from this fictional tale. If I ask you how many worlds exist, you will undoubtedly tell me one. Sorry, wrong answer. The truth is that there are over 7 Billion, one ‘world’ for every man woman and child on this planet!! What I’m getting at of course is personal perception, and the key to this life is that one needs to make sure that our perceptions work for us. The amazing thing about The Phantom Tollbooth movie is that while Milo’s perception had been reconciled due to his adventures, his friend’s was still in flux which was why the Tollbooth visited him right after Milo.

That is the crux of this blog post, which so many worlds need to be reconciled at this point. Am I the one to do it, hardly, but I can only offer my opinion as I try to reconcile my own perception of this world. This is why I have so many links on my blogroll, if there is anything I’ve learned in my myopic days in Network Marketing, is that sometimes to get the message across, to certain people, it needs to be said in a different way. On the manosphere, many of the same themes get repeated over and over, but possibly things being said differently may get a man or a woman to see the light and change their approach.

See, in my opinion as it appears to me, I’m actually against women having no choices in their lives. I disagree with women ONLY being housewives and simply being barefoot and pregnant. Heck, I can even see why women chafe under Patriarchy. However, as I‘ve stated in my previous post, there are choices which need to be made by both genders in terms of the unique consequences they have to face. I’m not against women having careers and receiving professional accolades, I’m down with that in every single way! However, the bottom line is that IF you as a woman ALSO wish to enjoy a good marriage and motherhood, at one point you are going to have to put those professional dreams on hold and pursue your maternal goals while the getting is good.

Listen, the truth can be very ugly, no lie there, but no matter how repulsive reality may be, it doesn’t change the fact that these statistics can and will change your life for the worse if one isn’t careful. The ugly truth is that a professional 30 something woman doesn’t have the same pull in the sexual marketplace than a 20 something woman, whether she’s educated or not. Bottom line, I’ve some female friends who didn’t abide by the rules so to speak and they are now paying the price. They would love to be married or even have  a serious boyfriend, but due to their worlds lacking Rhyme or Reason, they missed the brass ring. The bottom line is that the world doesn’t care what it is that we like or care about, it simply does what it does like the scorpion and the frog.

Human nature isn’t up for debate, and the more we try to fight, the more we prove that human nature will ultimately win.

On another note, some may wonder why as a black man I have certain sites which deride black people on my blogroll. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where it hurts to read the posts made on these blogs but at the same time I read them just the same. The reason being is because that contemporary society affects certain races in different ways and it needs to be discussed before its too late!! Listen, Black people have ridden the Feminist train to their detriment for the last 40 plus years…but SO have Whites!! Other races most likely have also suffered from the effects of this myopic worldview so I simply think it folly to consider only my own race in the after effects of Feminism.

Where all getting screwed, whether you see it or not is irrelevant!!

Bottom line; Whites are getting crapped on as well, it sucks sh!t that White men can’t even open their mouths to complain about the bullsh!t that they have to deal with without being labeled a racist and I for one don’t think it’s right!! I’m now seeing the crap which affected my own race beginning to spread amongst White People and I find this troubling. There was no one available to warn us Blacks about the upcoming tribulation facing us; I feel it’s my duty to warn as many other races who will listen about what could affect them!!

At the end of the day, maybe my approach isn’t going to win me many friends, but it doesn’t change the fact that both men and women are getting crapped on by Feminism. This situation isn’t going to stop until both genders realize what is being lost by not standing up and to fight for their own perception and their worldview.

Good Luck, we’re all going to need it!!


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New Blog…New Frustrations

Thinking about making this choice for a while and now I’ve finally done it. I will be now blogging on wordpress for the foreseeable future. Blogger is great, I cut my teeth there, but I’m somewhat exited to see what will transpire from this point onward. Now, onto the frustration that I’ve encountered earlier today which really got me thinking.

Apparently it’s big news that Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova may not ever tie the knot after eleven years of being together. In truth, I do personally believe that choices such as these are directly up to the people who make them, but in this world of instant gratification, everyone gets to weigh in and add their two cents. I encountered a real winner who had stated that men benefit from marriage more than women do.

For crying out loud!!!

One of the largest issues facing women in this day and age is the false sense of superiority they have over men. Listen, I have no qualms with women wanting to achieve or to become more than a housewife in this day and age, but the fact of the matter is that with choices such as this, certain expectations need to be met!! No, women CAN’T have it all, they can’t follow in the footsteps of their favorite movie stars and have children galore and divorce their husbands while still living fabulous lives. Guess what, neither can men, this is hardly rocket science!!!

To quote my high school health teacher, we can do anything in this world we want too so long as we are willing to face the consequences.

The question is, who is willing to do so?


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An Object Lesson Most Women Need, But Few Will Learn From

c/o of
Just happened across this bit of news today in regards to Kate Gosselin and her recent interview with Dr. Drew. I’m sure people will remember her from her now infamous treatment of her ex husband Jon on their former reality show. For those who may not know, yes they are divorced and Jonis apparently doing his best to stay out of the media spotlight and get on with his life, while being there for his kids. He has dabbled in the dating market,but at this point he’s gone back to be single and apparently loving it. Is it true, who’s to say, but he’s had more success in the dating market than his ex wife.
I’m not saying that either of these peeps are angels, both of them had some miscues during their marriage and the management of their now defunct show, however the interesting point is Kate’s current relationship status and how she seems to be taking it. The main issue I see here is that she still doesn’t own her part of why her marriage to Jon dissolved, and by not seeing it she is unable to rectify any issues she may have.
One doesn’t need to be a relationship guru to see that her behavior towards Jon was a major factor in them breaking up. However, like I had stated in a previous post, her behavior and attitude of looking out only for herself not only undermined her marriage,but also her value in the SMP. In truth, I have to shake my head at her situation; while I know that she has had some plastic surgery, it isn’t as if Kate Gosselin is ugly. I highly doubt that a man would have an issue with their wife looking like Kate at 36 especially after her having kids.  
However, her personality is such a turn off that any man with sense will stay away. A single mom with kids has a hard enough time in this world as it is in terms of finding love, but 8 kids is quite a bit for a man to swallow. Now on top of that to add a domineering and selfish attitude with an unwillingness to see her own shortcomings, well you have a lonely woman who can’t find love to save her soul. At the moment, her relationship with Jon is ‘peaceful’ but not due to anything she is doing differently.
No matter how many surgeries or workouts she puts herself through, until she changes her attitude, she’s pretty much SOL.
While reading up on Kate, one commenter had suggested that she could suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder.I’m no psychologist, nor am I saying that she does indeed have this disorder, but if this is the case or even a possibility, then for her to face this situation down, get tested and/or seek treatment could possibly aid in her future endeavors. I’m not saying whether she does or doesn’t but at the end of the day, her treatment of other people in her life is negatively affecting her which is precisely the reason why she is now so lonely.People simply won’t put up with her, whether she wants them too or not is irrelevant and any positive step in rectifying this situation is beneficial to her.
So here we are, two years later and she’s using her rationalization hamster in blaming her loneliness solely on the fact that she has 8 children. While her ex husband is happier without her despite her success in maintaining her appearance. This, my friends, is a prime example of being greedy and selfish at the expense of other people and how it time it will negatively affect you. A relationship is in some ways like a business deal,it’s cold and hard to put it like that, but it doesn’t make it any less true.It’s somewhat of a transaction as you trade between the two of you so you can reach a mutual understanding. Your partner has to get something out of being with you; just as you get something out of being with them. It would be bad enough if your partner received little benefit from your relationship, but for your partner to view being with you as some sort of detriment is nothing short of foolhardy.
If you want a man in your life,if anyone wants ANYBODY in their lives, then people need to make sure that your possible partner receives some benefit for being there and not simply look at their own needs alone. If not, all one needs to do is look at Kate Gosselin to see were you might end up. I had heard a saying once that your appearance gets you in the door, your personality keeps you there.
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Bernie Goldberg on ‘Out Of Wedlock Births On The Rise"

Ya’ll need to see this video yeah, there’s a tiny bit of male shaming in it, but in all honesty, I have nothing to add. Every point which needs to be made, Bernie makes in a very succint fashion!! As an aside…Still Going, my debate partner from Trenton Ontario, what pray tell, is your rebuttal to this man’s position?
How about you listen to what’s going on instead of arguing with the Sun?


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Sniping your nose

Valentine’s day has come and gone for another year and I’m sure there are deludes of men in the doghouse after coming up short this year.What I find so strange about this situation is the fact that so many women are sniping their noses to spite their faces when it comes down to relationships and most don’t have a clue that they’re doing so. In my bid years ago to attempt to understand women (cough) I encountered many things, which were somewhat illuminating in terms of having successful relationship. That men and women have differing needs, which need to be met for both parties to be satisfied.
Essentially, I found one very important thing, that these needs tend to be non-negotiable, and by forgoing your partner’s needs by underestimating their importance you can undermine the very foundation of the relationship. Meeting these needs unlock the doors to satisfaction for your partner so no matter how you as a man may not understand why your wife needs to seek an emotional connection with you by talking about your mutual daily activities, or that you as a woman need to keep yourself relatively in shape to keep your husband’s eye, these things are important to them and they should be important to you IF you are seeking a happy long term relationship.
I’ve said it here before; a woman can and usually will feel neglected if for example she puts on an outfit and cuts her hair in order to get her husbands attention, cooks his favorite meal, gets the kids all ready for the evening, and cleans the house when hubby comes home, gives her a quick peck on the cheek, grabs a brew and heads to the couch to watch television for the night. All that work she put in and he doesn’t even acknowledge it, which to a woman is a cruel slap in the face and yes, it took me years to understand that as a dude. If that night hubby is feeling frisky, he probably isn’t going to get anything for understandable reasons, if she does cave and deliver him sexual satisfaction, she will most likely feel used and under appreciated.
Long term, a woman won’t feel like dressing up or being intimate if she constantly has to harass her husband to spend some time with her or even some rewards for the hard work she puts into their relationship.She would feel more like a domestic, not a wife, who toils thanklessly for a dude who takes every drop of her effort with no reciprocation and not a hint of gratitude. Even worse, if she decides to bring this up to him and he doesn’t change his ways or simply adjusts for the short term while reverting back to his old behaviors, this can and usually does lead to a sense that her needs aren’t important to him outside of what she delivers to him. This will lead to resentment, and over time, possibly straying eyes on her part and the end of the relationship in the future.
However, for any female reading this post, what I would like to touch upon is the fact that men can and will feel this way too if their needs aren’t being met.
To flip the script; a woman who gains weight, constantly belittles and denigrates her partner, manipulates his time and weaponizes sex will make him feel the EXACT same way as our maligned wife above. The point of this post is that many women don’t recognize that a man can and will feel under appreciated in relationships too. The question I wish to put forth to women is that I bet many want a guy to treat them the way the see in the movies; flowers and random gifts for appreciation of their contribution, date nights out to movies or swanky restaurants, long chats while walking in the evening time and simply to see the man desire to do these things and enjoy seeing the smile on his face when he sees how happy this makes her.
However, what I want to make clear to you ladies is simply a lesson one can learn from the fairy tales from old. The swashbuckling Prince, Knight, or hero didn’t slay the dragon, Black Knight, Evil Witch or Wizard for the hand of a nagging, ugly harridan. He braved life and limb for the beautiful and fair princess.

Bluntly, if you want to be treated like a queen, are you treating the man in your life like a king?
The behavior that women pine for comes at a price, simply put. This behavior isn’t something one is simply entitled too, any more than a husband can treat his wife the way I outlined in the first example. If you sympathize with that disparaged wife, then would it not make sense to ensure that your partner doesn’t feel this way toward you? How many women would feel safe in their relationships if their husbands did feel under appreciated in this manner?
Think about it!
As for weight gain, as time goes on, yes the pounds are going to creep on everyone, however I would wager that men simply want to see their women taking some sort of mitigating effort in this regard. Gaining some weight after years of being together is one thing, gaining 50lbs after being married for a decade is another. As an aside, I never really understood why women are even summarily accepting of letting themselves go. It isn’t as if they receive any benefit in doing so. Their health becomes compromised, their self-esteem takes a shot and it undermines their relationship with their spouses.
Maintaining your health isn’t only an investment in your marriage (and I believe that men also need to exercise and eat right as well)but also one in your long-term health, so I simply can’t see why a woman would be okay in accepting unnecessary weight gain. If a medical condition keeps her from exercising or facilitates weight gain, that’s one thing, to simply not give a sh!t is another. Even worse, to not know or even to learn what makes men tick and therefore employ it in your relationship while expecting princess treatment is setting a woman up for failure, plain and simple.
I’ve been to a counselor in the past and was told that my partner’s heavier frame was out of my hands. “It’s her body, it’s her choice.” Where her exact words, yet in my mind my answer to her was “Well, she wants to spend time with me, but then wouldn’t my time also be my choice?” 
Even if one looks on game blogs, one can easily see that men of means (skilled in game) will put forth more effort for a pretty girl than they would for a plain Jane. If this woman turns out to be an entitled b!tch, they will leave them and find another. Caring about the needs of a man simply works in your favor as a woman who wishes to be in a relationship. Does anyone remember my buddy  WL at all? For a case in point of just how treating a man poorly can affect you negatively, he had told me about something which happened between he and his wife a few years back. As I’ve stated, she does leave much to be desired in terms of her wifely duties, even to the point where my wife had stuck up for him on occasion. Long story short, she had complained to WL after seeing him in a tagged picture on Facebook smiling happily while hugging a waitress we worked with.
She asked him why he didn’t hug her that way, looking pleased as punch to be doing so. His response was that those waitresses don’t treat him like sh!t.
In conclusion, what I learned about women being happy I realized they where preset and had to be satisfied in order to keep wifey happy whomever she may be. The same goes for men, whether you agree with them or even like them is irrelevant, they are what they are. If you tell a man that he needs to ‘deal with it’ and forgo his needs, then I guarantee that you probably won’t get rewarded the way you wish too or may only receive begrudging appreciation at best.


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