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Well gang things have changed quite drastically since I started my full time job almost a decade and a half ago. During the first decade of my employment, my contingent was made up of men. We didn’t have to worry … Continue reading

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30 Is Not The New 20

Ironically enough, I came across this link on Facebook. This short Video is Clinical Psychologist Meg Jay presenting some truths from her book “The Defining Decade.” I have to say that while Meg didn’t touch on many red pill topics, … Continue reading

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Incentive; Pain and Pleasure Revisited

Been a while gang, sorry for the delay. Just trying to get back into the swing of things at work after a long absence. Now, some may say that I’m jumping onto this bandwagon a little late, but I disagree. … Continue reading

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Expanding on Why the Manosphere Exists

I encountered this brilliant post by Keanu on Youngmanredpill talking about why it was the Manosphere is currently in existence. Why so many men are seeking it out while looking for a safe place to provide answers. His post even … Continue reading

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Condense the Nonsense!!!

I guess its time for another rant but I’m very tired of the attitude many men have in Western Countries regarding Feminism. If you’re a man wishing and hoping that women will get the gist of our issues and will … Continue reading

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But I’m a NICE Sexist

Yes that’s right everyone, apparently our Federal Minister of Fisheries had decided to really put his foot in his mouth by making a sexist remark to a high school student. A rundown of events c/o CBC news; “In Fredericton, MP … Continue reading

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This post may be ill advised, but I’m tired of taking this crap at the moment. I was trying to find a brilliant post I had linked to and I found that it had been deleted.  Then while trying to … Continue reading

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