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Pricing Yourself Out of The Market

This post from Fat Girl Jihad has got me thinking that a basic lesson in market value is in order to try and tame the savage beasts on the interwebz. Here’s the scoop. Listen, if you wish to sell your … Continue reading

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Tiger by the Tail

I wrote earlier about sniping your nose, and then gave what I felt was an object lesson of a woman who did just that. I guess one could say that if those two posts were about foolish selfishness on a … Continue reading

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More on Self Interest

Just couldn’t get a recent Heartiste post out of my head. He does a great job fisking this professional woman’s rant and it’s obviously well worth the read. However, it got me thinking about how we all need to be … Continue reading

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What do the Toronto Maple Laffs, Feminism, and Western Women Have In Common?

No, that isn’t some sort of ridiculous joke I’m playing on you. Yes there is a connection to those three different groups and I’m sure many will be somewhat surprised to find out what the commonality is. A while back, … Continue reading

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An Object Lesson Most Women Need, But Few Will Learn From

c/o of Just happened across this bit of news today in regards to Kate Gosselin and her recent interview with Dr. Drew. I’m sure people will remember her from her now infamous treatment of her ex husband Jon on … Continue reading

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Sniping your nose

Valentine’s day has come and gone for another year and I’m sure there are deludes of men in the doghouse after coming up short this year.What I find so strange about this situation is the fact that so many women … Continue reading

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Female Sexual Power

Okay, although I’d read this article quite a while ago on The Spearhead, I hadn’t had the time to post about it until recently. You see the premise which Henry Laasanen states is actually quite illuminating, in my opinion as … Continue reading

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