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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry

The Unbalanced Life

Just encountered this very interesting article about Erin Callan, former CFO of Lehman Brothers. She had written an opinion piece in the New York Times about the work/life balance debate facing people as she reflected on her life. As a … Continue reading

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A Epidemic of Laryngitis?

I’m sure everyone’s heard of Laryngitis, an illness which can render someone either completely mute, or leaving them sounding like Tone Loc whispering. Now, is it possible for someone to both have laryngitis while being able to speak? Came across … Continue reading

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The Ring

Hello fellas, back in the saddle once more after having put out some fires on the home front. I’d once more like to thank those who haven’t removed me from their blogrolls and the visitors who’ve come by to check up on … Continue reading

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Once more I have to apologize for the extended delay in my posting. I thank anyone who hasn’t dropped me from their blogrolls and also to the peeps who drop by every so often to read my feckless rhetoric. Yes … Continue reading

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Back In The Saddle

I apologize for the extended absence; things had been a little hairy as of late but seem to be clearing up a little now. Work has been tremendously busy and then our home computer went kaput, we only got it … Continue reading

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Young, Wild, And Free

Been a while since my last post, work has been busy, y’all know how it is. I don’t listen to the radio much but I came across this song and it really got me thinking. Could this be a future … Continue reading

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False Teaching

The very first time I heard the term false teaching was in Church when I was 13. I of course nodded my head during the sermon and agreed that it was bad. I’m no longer a Christian nor do I … Continue reading

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Pricing Yourself Out of The Market

This post from Fat Girl Jihad has got me thinking that a basic lesson in market value is in order to try and tame the savage beasts on the interwebz. Here’s the scoop. Listen, if you wish to sell your … Continue reading

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Tiger by the Tail

I wrote earlier about sniping your nose, and then gave what I felt was an object lesson of a woman who did just that. I guess one could say that if those two posts were about foolish selfishness on a … Continue reading

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Some Are Getting It…Sorta…

While reading this article on The Spearhead, I just encountered this valuable tidbit (H/T boxer) in regards to women possibly thinking outside the box (heh heh).  Turns out a group of women are seeing some threats to their power emerging … Continue reading

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