Who is Omnipitron?

I’m a happily married, ADHD diagnosed, Black man living in North America. I was once what some would refer to as a beta noob who did his best to pander to women in order to win their affections. In time I found that this approach worked like the Hindenburg’s maiden voyage and I learned from my futile efforts. I write this blog in an effort to share my perceptions and experiences with the world in order that people AVOID the mistakes that I had made. I don’t believe women to be the inferiors to men, however, there are some harsh realities, which exist which both genders need to be aware of.

Men and women will face very limited success (and most probable boundless failure) by attempting to navigate this world in a manner more befitting the other gender. I’m also not a big fan of the bullsh!t facing White Men in the Western Sphere. So if it’s wrong that men can’t voice their opinions on the obvious injustice facing their gender, how is it right that White Men can’t voice their opinions on affirmative action?

We only have one go round in this life, we don’t get a second kick at the can.


2 Responses to Who is Omnipitron?

  1. dicipres says:

    Great blog, from what I read so far. Looking forward to read more of your thoughts.

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