Feminism = The Intentional Destruction of Society?


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Denizens of the Manosphere have undoubtedly encountered this assertion from time to time. That Feminism as a movement has society in their cross-hairs and simply wish it’s destruction, therefore freeing women from the chains of the evil Patriarchy. You see, once society has been destroyed, then women will finally be free to pursue what they wish unencumbered by the controlling hands of men and the Patriarchy. Now, as much as this thought process might seem to logically fit, I highly doubt that Feminists really have the total deconstruction of society firmly in their sights.

The main reason is simply that some women (read; not bl**dy many) are still braying about how men need to man up and others can actually see where their money train may be drying up while still trying to have their cake and eat it too. No gang, in reality Feminists don’t wish for the demise of society in it’s current form, as once the party finally winds down, so does the perks which they desperately need. So why do they work so diligently in sniping their noses to spite their faces?

Here’s my theory on the matter, which can be somewhat explained by an episode of Star Trek; The Next Generation called “Tapestry”.

Here we have the illustrious Jean Luc Picard; Captain of the Federation’s Flagship, the Starship;  Enterprise NCC-1701D. Sadly he had undergone a mishap and got electrocuted, which brought him to the brink of death. You see, old Jean Luc has an artificial heart, which didn’t take too well to the excess electricity pumped into his body during an accident. While in ‘purgatory’, he happens to meet up with a recurring, omnipotent nemesis of his named Q who promises to change the outcome of his life by taking him to the very point where an accident had compromised his life so he wouldn’t require his heart transplant in the first place.


Skeptical, but with his back against the wall, Jean Luc agrees and is whisked away back to his days at the federation academy, just a few scant days before this important turning point in his life. Not only is he hell bent on changing his ways and avoiding an almost terminal, but pivotal altercation with some violent aliens at a federation canteen, but also to right some wrongs which he had come to regret.


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As Jean Luc’s trip down ‘memory lane’ almost climaxes, he is in the canteen with his comrades, and although it should have been a happy affair, his actions have caused uncomfortable tension between himself and his mates. The fateful moment approaches, and with his knowledge of the future, Jean Luc avoids the pivotal confrontation, sparing his heart and his dismal future. Q appears to congratulate him and then whisks him away to his heart healthy future which should seem promising right?



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Well, Jean Luc wakes up to find himself on the Enterprise…however he’s not the Captain. He’s a botanist, a damn good botanist…but still JUST a botanist. He’s clearly not satisfied with this new turn of events and even requests to speak with the ships counselor and his former first officer to see if he can achieve more with his life. They cordially tell him that he is clearly capable, but is lacking in certain abilities, which would be important for him to be considered officer material.

Now that Jean Luc is clearly disappointed by this life, who should appear, none other that Q himself. Q explains that his near death experience in the Federation Canteen may have cost him his heart, but it gave him something more. It gave him the burning desire to save lives at all cost since he realized how precious it really was. Since he had avoided that previous fate, he had learned to play it safe; therefore becoming a leading botanist on the Federations flagship, but that was all that he had.


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In other words, his new choices had unraveled the very fabric which made his previous and preferred life possible.

Now…knowing this (and I will touch upon this fact later) Jean Luc made the choice that living this current life wasn’t worth it, and if he had to die in his previous one, that was good enough for him. He demanded that Q bring him back to the pivotal moment which led to his losing his own heart and once there, the old Jean Luc stood up to some rowdy aliens which led to him being run through, thus setting his life back to ‘normal’. The lucky thing for him…Q had restored more that just his future and our illustrious Captain didn’t die from his accident. He was resuscitated having learned the value of some very painful lessons in life.


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The point I’m trying to make is that just like Jean Luc Picard, Feminists and their movement haven’t the foggiest notion of the consequences their actions have and will indeed cause in the long run. Yes their mandate is undermining society, but the reality is that they don’t comprehend what it is that they are doing. As The Fifth Horseman likes to point out on The Spearhead (and whether we like to admit it or not…he’s usually right) time and again, most women aren’t the best at comprehending cause and effect. Now, on to a very key difference between Jean Luc and Feminism as a whole, which needs to be said. Once Jean Luc was shown the error of his ways, he changed his choices as he wished to avoid the obvious negative outcome they would lead to. The subject of the matter is that the negative issues behind Feminism have been shared with Feminists, unfortunately to no avail.

I say this not to garner sympathy for Feminism, but to show everyone other aspects of their flawed movement so they can understand what it is what we all are dealing with. We are struggling with a shortsighted adversary gang; of this you can be sure. They are winning small skirmishes and lauding their efforts all the while losing the war while they don’t even know it. No, they aren’t as ‘unaware’ as Jean Luc was, as he tried to make amends not realizing what he was actually doing, but they simply don’t comprehend what it is they are giving up with every ‘victory’ they claim. A victory for men is a loss for women and that’s simply how they see it, consequences be damned.


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7 Responses to Feminism = The Intentional Destruction of Society?

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  2. Legion says:

    For men to win this, simply don’t play it.

    I cannot wait to see all female construction crews or combat units.

    • Omnipitron says:

      My man, I can tell you what I can’t wait for!! When so may women are waiting for what they feel they are entitled too and men aren’t falling over themselves to provide. Think The Costa Concordia but on a closer to home basis.

      That will get some attention guaranteed!!!

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  4. The Scolds' Bridle says:

    A man sees feminists beating the horse of civilization mercilessly and assumes she is trying to kill it.

    In fact, the poor dear is just simply trying to make it run faster.

    If feminism actually tried to destroy society, they would certainly miss their target and cause it to thrive. Because, as it was noted, they cannot go from cause to effect.

  5. what a yearn for- a private society, where the vitriol, hatred, and violence of men has no place. A society specifically for women- women who prefer to be left the fuck alone!!

    • Omnipitron says:

      LOL, that place would can never and would never exist. Who would maintain the infrastructure, the economy? Funny Ancora, as much as feminists seem to hate men, I don’t ever see any of them creating their own cities or civilizations to create the utopia of which you speak. Probably because at the end of the day they know which side their bread is buttered.

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