30 Is Not The New 20

Ironically enough, I came across this link on Facebook. This short Video is Clinical Psychologist Meg Jay presenting some truths from her book “The Defining Decade.” I have to say that while Meg didn’t touch on many red pill topics, she did go over some realities on how most Western 20-somethings view their lives and how complacency can lead to a not so compelling future.  While some denizens of the Manosphere may not appreciate how much she focuses on 20 something women rather than men, I believe that her message is very valuable nonetheless.

Let’s be honest gang, the years between 20 and 30 are far more important to women than they are to men. A man hasn’t even reached his peak during this time while a woman’s SMV and fertility peaks and starts to decline during this important decade. She speaks about how women should actually take the time to be mindful of the choices they make during this valuable time and how quickly it can fade if she isn’t careful.

Listen gang, our forebears had a large sense of urgency to marry and have kids as the world carried harsh penalties for those who didn’t plan adequately. I can remember a comment on The Spearhead long ago lamenting why a woman in a backwoods hut in a 3rd world country seems to have a better idea about her fertility and value to a man than an educated woman living in a first world country. The reason simply is that current Western technological advances and our relatively ‘cushy’ lives have eliminated many of the negative consequences, which spurred on our ancestors.  The 3rd world woman HAS to keep abreast of her value since her life still depends on finding a decent man. Western Woman, not so much which is why so much complacency has set in.

All in all, Meg does a good job of stating some truths many Western Women are in dire need of hearing. Maybe the mainstream media is picking up on the fact that carousel hopping may not be the most beneficial manner in which a woman can waste spend her prime years. I’m hoping that many women take to heart her message and heed her warning. However…I’m not holding my breath, most women never consider such a sad fate ever befalling them.


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12 Responses to 30 Is Not The New 20

  1. TGR White says:

    The 20s are where you set yourself up for the rest of your life (or ought to). For men that is improving themselves and laying the foundations for wealth. For women that is marrying well.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Precisely, and the issues we see right now in society at large is the reverse of this. Women thinking that the pull they had while in their prime will carry over into their 30’s, and men having no real inclination to ‘man up’.

  2. Doc says:

    Fortunately, I’m male, so as long as I get attract women in the 18-25 age bracket it really doesn’t matter how old I am. One of the wonderful things about being a man – my age doesn’t matter as long as there are women that are willing to spread em…

    And thanks to good genes, and a penchant for hobbies that women crave, and success in business, my age is really a moot point – but women, by the time they are 25 are pretty much rocketing down the tubes. Sorry ladies… You got a raw deal from nature if you squander those 15+ years where you are attractive, and those 7 years where you are at your peak

    • Anna says:

      Doc – why do you acknowledge that you have good genes, but act like it’s impossible for women? Look at Sofia Vergara, Halle Berry, Stacey Dash, etc. They’re all in their 40s and look better than most 20-something women. I’m 28 and look WAY better than I did when I was 18. Not to mention women have more to offer than just appearances, so they’re not necessarily at their “peak” at 18-25. And some women want men of substance, not shallow men who reduce them to their looks and think they have nothing to offer once they start to age. Pathetic.

      • Omnipitron says:

        Good for you Anna, I’m glad that you look much better now than when you did 10 years ago. However, Doc is simply relating his experience in regards to the reality of the situation in regards to the dating market as far as men and women are concerned. You are simply the exception which proves the rule, for every woman who is blessed like yourself, there are at least 5 others (or more) who ‘mature’ nowhere near as well.

  3. Aurini says:

    Even for us men; true, life kicks our ass during our 20s – all the jobs and university scholarships are reserved for women – but that’s no excuse to being a bucked of dirt, playing videogames and getting hammered with your bros every weekend. At 31 things are finally starting to come together for me, but it’s because I’ve been pursuing the dream for all of these years.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Hey Aurini, great to hear from you again. I hear you loud and clear about taking stock of our 20’s even as men. My mother had told me many times that if you didn’t have a plan for your life by 25, then you where lost. While I wasn’t lost, I was indeed scared witless about not having much of a plan.

      I wish I had planned better when I was in my 20’s as my life could have turned out much worse. Luckily, things are beginning to turn around for myself and my family as well, but many people may not have that same fortune by aimlessly passing through their 20’s.

      The thing that I realize now is that if any man and especially any women heed this warning; they will be head and shoulders above their cohorts in the game of life.

  4. Evil_Buzzard says:

    I’m a guy who didn’t do sh!t in his 20’s. The Big 3-0 reminded me of a quote from a Vietnam War Movie. “Death is the ultimate alarm clock. It wakes you the **** up!”

  5. Keanu says:

    Interesting video. She did indeed avoid explicitly talking about ‘men’ in their 20s. She kind of generalizes though and makes it seem like she is talking about men and women at points. It would be interesting to hear her comment on that.

    • Omnipitron says:

      My opinion on that is she’s still playing for ‘team woman’, in this case I’m still glad that she mentioned what she has. As Aurini, Evil_Buzzard, and TGR White have stated, yes the 20’s are very important to both genders, but instrumental to women. She’s stating what women’s mothers and grandmothers used to rail into their younger female charges in earlier times for their safe keeping. For me personally, I’ve given up on trying to find many women who actually care about the well being of men. Sadly, they seem to be the exception and not the rule.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Well well well, thank you for posting this video. It’s information that so many women really need to see. You never know…it may even end up in a post…or four.

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