Incentive; Pain and Pleasure Revisited

Been a while gang, sorry for the delay. Just trying to get back into the swing of things at work after a long absence. Now, some may say that I’m jumping onto this bandwagon a little late, but I disagree. The point I wish to illuminate is something that I’ve been stating for a while now in terms of trying to show women the issues behind feminism.  As I’ve said before; women won’t listen to any man stating the obvious downfalls of the Feminist movement while stating how it negatively affects men. No gang, if you wish to drive the point home you need to hit ‘em where it hurts. Namely, how it will affect them negatively.

I believe this post comes at a very timely juncture, during the fact that the Toronto Maple Laffs…I mean Leafs have made it to the playoffs for the first time in years!! I had already explained their dismal performance in the past, but everyone needs to revisit why their bleak performance is relevant to anyone on the Manosphere. To quickly recap my post on the topic; the Leafs lose nothing by being perennial losers in the NHL. They are STILLthe most profitable hockey team in the league no matter what they do, win, lose, or draw. The reward/penalty paradigm doesn’t seem to affect them for one reason or another, so there is no driving force for them to seek in order to put wins on the board because the fans will pay large prices regardless.

I could be wrong, but if I where a betting man, I would say that the Leafs WON’T win the Stanley Cup, yet their balance sheet still wont be negatively affected regardless next season. At this point, all the extra money the owners rake in is simply gravy. Bluntly, no negative consequences or penalty to avoid exist, so there’s no reason to add extra effort or change what may not be working.

So, what has this got to do with the Manosphere and Feminism you may ask?

Here we have a few links of some die-hard Feminists and/or entitled Western Women now reconsidering their previous ways. However, the main question we all need to ask is WHY!! Why is it that after all the criticizing that men have done over the years, why after all the times we have tried to show them how mankind is hurting, and why after we have tried to start a dialog that these women have finally stopped and are now reconsidering their past choices?

Simply put…because Feminism, which bestowed these women with so many benefits at the expense of men, has now imparted some negative penalties onto these same women, which they thought themselves insulated from.  Mothers who are now grandmothers who had kept the birth fathers from their children now realizing that younger women can use this same power against their younger sons!! Essentially keeping them away from seeing their grandchildren.

Powerful Feminists who have championed the cause of women, now realizing just how much power, which women can abuse for frivolous reasons now that this situation has befallen their own male children. In addition, other influential Feminists hearing the truth from the mouth of babes and possibly realizing that their grrl powa may have gone just a bit too far.

This is the point I wish to drive home to all who read The Phantom Tollbooth. If you want to get a woman to think twice about Feminism, hit ‘em where it hurts’ namely, how it will (and I mean will) eventually affect them negatively.  These women are now second-guessing their life’s work, and others are simply aghast that the power that they had abused when they where younger could POSSIBLY be used by another woman against their own male child. TFH always states that women by and large have a poor grasp of cause and effect, this post and the links provided seem to add credence to his statement.

It seems funny and sad in a way that so many Western Women seem to enjoy their current power over men but never even consider that another woman could use that SAME power against their bothers, fathers, uncles, or sons. Had any one of the many false rape apologists, beneficiaries of ‘frivorce’ and affirmative action considered what they where doing to other innocent brothers, fathers uncles or sons of other women?

This is the main push of this post; they didn’t because they never faced any negative consequences for doing so…yet. It never affected their personal household or sphere of influence. Therefore so many Western Women and Feminists will continue to bray on about their so-called ‘Patriarchal Victimization’ until they personally feel the sting of Female entitlement when it hits THEM negatively. The biggest negative that they will have to face; when many men may dismiss their positions and ask them to justify their previous positions.


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8 Responses to Incentive; Pain and Pleasure Revisited

  1. Lena S. says:

    If you want to get a woman to think twice about Feminism, hit ‘em where it hurts’ namely, how it will (and I mean will) eventually affect them negatively.

    I’d really like to agree with this, since this is basically where I started when I wrote those few articles for the Spearhead way back when, but the sad fact is that the vast majority of women are incapable of thinking about future consequences, especially those that require them to sacrifice now for the benefit later.

    The possibility of not seeing their grandchildren, to use your example, is so far in the future – plus requires that they acknowledge that one day they will be OLD – that it just doesn’t register. The lure of fun now is too great. We’ll be lucky if a scant few take notice and change course because of what we say. But this is why I am at least trying not to raise future empowered women. So far so good, but they are not teenagers yet! (God help me!)

  2. Omnipitron says:

    I hear exactly what you’re saying, and both of you are of course correct. In truth, I don’t think this post came across as clearly as I wanted it, I’m not exactly a gifted writer. Yes Scarecrow, if any man ever voices his opinion we are always seen as the enemy. Women tend to listen to other women more readily than they will a man. However, as Lena stated, most women will view another women with a differing viewpoint in this regard as an enemy.

    We all know that trying to sway most Western female (and some male) viewpoints are usually lessons in futility, but a guaranteed failure will result if we try talking about how feminism hurts men. They positively do not care about this situation by and large as they receive no negative consequences for this current paradigm.

    Some still wish to try to start a dialog, as futile as it is. I’m suggesting that if anyone is brave (foolhardy?) enough to do so, then talk to them about the upcoming issues they could probably face.

    • Lena S. says:

      I’m tired of ‘dialogue’, lol. Logic and reason doesn’t work on most people and I’m not very good at emotional arguments. If as a woman you don’t moo along with the herd, you are mostly ostracised or at best looked on with suspicion and not really accepted. Even a fairly minor disagreement among women can lead to the end of a ‘friendship’.

      The only reason I have a blog anymore is because I think through writing and it helps me to clarify my own thoughts. If the few people who read it get something out of it of course that’s nice, but I’m not much interested in arguing with or trying to convince people anymore. As far as I can tell we’re past the tipping point and on the road to the SHTF. Time is better spent preparing for that inevitability, IMO. Women will have to learn the hard way.

      • Omnipitron says:

        I hear you, and I see no reason for a dialogue myself. As my mother used to say ‘Those who don’t hear will feel, and many will indeed realize just how much power they thought had was nothing but a fallacy.

        I just read your post about raising women, good on your Lena. I don’t have children, nor am I a father but I believe that you are setting the proper example for your two daughters. As the SHTF, I gotta wonder how this will shake out for everyone.

        If the economy takes a header, unemployment rises and the government services have to be scaled back, we may see a time marrying is once more a very good option for security. If this happens, what will become of the ‘pseudo’ women you wrote about in your post?

        Men have no need for a piss poor copy of a man, so the women who stand a better chance will be the ones who have embraced their femininity as a strength, not a weakness. We live in interesting times, and I believe (and fear) that the coming tribulation will shock everyone into seeing the often ignored truth in a very harsh and unforgiving manner.

  3. Lena S. says:

    Those ‘pseudo’ women will find out that they are not men, that they need men for protection, but that not many will want to take them up on it, so they will resort to selling their bodies for a can of corned beef. That’s if they can find a man who would rather have a screw than food.

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