Expanding on Why the Manosphere Exists

I encountered this brilliant post by Keanu on Youngmanredpill talking about why it was the Manosphere is currently in existence. Why so many men are seeking it out while looking for a safe place to provide answers. His post even answered why so many of them are so angry due to their past. It’s a primer written in response to a query by a young female reader of his. I was going to comment but it turned into this current post. Keanu wrote why younger men seek out the Manosphere, but allow me to shed some light as to why older men have sought it as well.

You see, older denizens of the Manosphere started out just like Keanu had pointed out, but the injustice doesn’t stop there. Their issues carried on well into marriage and adulthood and these same issues are something Western men have to face every day of their lives. I feel the need to follow the same vein that Keanu started so I will relate my own tale as well as the tales of some friends of mine to prove my point. They have had to face the feminized justice system, which in turn has made them quite angry.

You see, after many men suffer from the brutal dating market as Keanu pointed out, then they have to face a feminized society as they marry, rear children and start a family. The mainstream media has bought into the ‘Man bad, woman good’ paradigm hook, line, and sinker so men are on the hot seat before things even get started. In the event that a man has legitimate beefs with his partner in a marriage, you can bet your bottom dollar that his issues will not only be ignored, but he will be vilified for having them in the first place. Men are essentially told that their jobs are to sit down, shut up, and provide for a woman despite her shortcomings. They are then told that they are LUCKY to have this woman in their lives so their issues have no base in reality to begin with.

My friend WL is a man who a few years back was arrested for spousal assault, which didn’t even occur. Didn’t matter though, she called it in, and he got hauled off to the slammer. I can honestly say that I’ve met his wife and she leaves MUCH to be desired. He married her because when they where dating, she got pregnant, and he manned up like any good adult male is supposed to. Even though he’s the sole breadwinner, she treats him like dirt to the point where my own wife felt the need to stand up for him after she found her making disparaging remarks about him on Facebook. He did manage to come back after this little kerfuffle (cough) but I can tell you right now that not much has changed. He’s there for the kids, because if he divorces he’ll lose them and most of his paycheque.

Then my friend DC told me of his situation with the family courts. His ex wife had changed drastically after they where married and she used her considerable leverage to penalize him every chance she had after they divorced. He hasn’t seen his daughter in years, and was actually told by his counsel that since he pays support, the chances of him seeing her are slim to none. The truth is that men who DON’T pay actually are flagged by the Canadian Family Responsibility Office and they seem to have more leverage in this regard.

People need to take a real good long look at what has just been posted above. That a man who doesn’t follow the rules has more leverage and power than a man who does. This won’t be the only time you see this example and THAT is the reason why Western Society is going down the tubes!! That my friends is, the reason why women wonder ‘where all the good men have gone?’

Even longtime commenter Legion commented on how his married life had gone before his wife called it quits on him. I say this in order to drive a point home; I’m a happily married man…and fast becoming a rapidly declining demographic. It’s to the point where I simply can’t advise a man to marry in good conscience any longer. It’s become too much of a minefield for men and carries no guarantees that any offsetting benefits will be brought to bear.

This is the reality most men face when it comes to marriage. Women have no compunction to uphold their part of the bargain when it comes to nuptials, which they’re told they are entitled to. However they seem to get their noses right out of joint when men balk at theirs. There’s a term gaining steam in the Manosphere known as ‘Frivorce’, which basically means a woman frivolously ending her marriage despite the consequences. Women initiate 75% of all divorces, taking with them the children and leaving her ex husband on the financial hook, sometimes indefinitely.

Now this is just marriage, it spills over into other parts of life as well.

The mainstream media is also in on this little ‘game’ making so many men out to be nothing more than dithering morons who are nothing without the feminine leading lady. Just ask yourself this one question, just how many real manly male characters does one see in prime time television?  Men are subjected to being told that their role in the family is redundant despite their being much data stating that fathers are a stabilizing force in the family. I’ve seen it firsthand and you have no idea just how much fathers are VERY necessary. Here’s a question for you, when has anyone ever heard that ‘Mommy is Useless’? Ponder that one for a second.

Years ago before I even had taken the red pill, I had encountered a commenter on a relationship forum who had dubbed Lifetime as ‘The Evil White Man’s Network’ since it stuck to the ‘White men bad, women good’ Paradigm religiously. I say this as a Black man, I’m utterly shocked at how many television shows and advertisements depict White men as feckless morons in this day and age. Sadly, as soon as a White man complains, he’s always labeled as a racist, just as many men are labeled as misogynists for speaking out about the very real injustice men face today.

Then we have wonderful little Easter Eggs like affirmative action and false rape allegations, which stymie men even further. Most men have no qualms when a man who is guilty or unqualified gets his just rewards. The issue is that when the qualified or the straightforwardly innocent get railroaded, then this tends to get our backs up. Some men are actually forgoing any and all interactions with women simply out of self-protection; this is the reality which feminism has wrought in certain cases.

I hope this sheds a little light on why men flock to the one of the only places left where they can seek comfort in this day and age. No, men aren’t perfect and many men will tell you themselves this very true fact. The bottom line is that women have a lot to answer for in this day and age, but they are being protected from the consequences of such action thus far. In addition, they are actually held up as heroes for this injustice which one must understand, mixes up the traditional reward – punishment paradigm which made civilization possible.

Bluntly, men are being punished for being good men. While they are young they are trampled in the brutal dating market and once older, a feminized society, a vicious mainstream media, and an unforgiving family court system trample them. Men are angry because they were told in the past that they had wronged women and decided to change their ways. They listened when women had aired their misgivings and are vexed because by doing so they simply opened themselves up to injustice. Moreover, men are further incensed when they try to open up a dialog about their very real issues and are shut down and maligned for doing so.

This is why the Manosphere exists; it’s simply a response to the ever growing anti male sentiment all men face in Western Countries.


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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27 Responses to Expanding on Why the Manosphere Exists

  1. Keanu says:

    Thanks for the shotout. Followed. Whereaboots are you from in Canada? One roommate of mine was from BC.

    • Omnipitron says:

      LOL, no worries and I didn’t know you were a Canuck too. I’m an hour and a half outside of Toronto. I work with a person who was from BC and I have traveled to Alberta twice. Whereaboots are you from (loving that term by the way).

  2. Keanu says:

    Oh, I’m not from Canada. Just the good ol’ midwest.

    • Omnipitron says:

      LOL, you speak Canajin real well. I had just naturally assumed. Just wanted to tell you that your post was brilliant and I hope that your commenter realizes just what men’s issues are.

      • Keanu says:

        Yup, tends to happen after living with a native. I shudder to call what we are going through ‘men’s issues,’ though. I think mainstream people are turned off by the term. Still trying to come up with a stealthy yet clear metaphor that will stick in peoples heads, especially those who aren’t part of the manosphere Bringingmasculinityback or something of the like (now that I write it out it seems too bulky).

      • Omnipitron says:

        That’s sadly the issue. To borrow from Dane Cook, men who’ve taken the red pill need to be ‘Brain Ninjas’ in a way. Getting our point across in a way which isn’t going to get most people’s backs up. What’s even more irksome is the fact that women are even less happy with the current set up then most men are. They are the most resistant change so I think your idea is one the whole manosphere is trying to wrestle with.

  3. Sherlock says:

    Keanu I have been thinking along similar lines. I haven`t come up with anything that works. The only thing I could think of was the polarity movement as in masculine feminine polarity but the name sucks. I just thought I`d mention it to maybe help your own thought process along.

    • Keanu says:

      Anything with ‘men’s rights’ is out the window. It’d have to be something catchy and modern that doesn’t make people feel like gender roles are being driven back to the way they WERE. Rather, gender roles are being driven somewhere new and exciting, that just happens to have something in common with how they were before…

      Dammit where is Donald Draper when you need him?

      • Keanu says:

        The best I have come up with: “It’s okay to be a man” and “How to be a man” – .com, probably

      • Have you read any David Deida? I think he does a good job of talking about polarity without devolving into men rights or “all women are bitches” rhetoric. He even posits the idea of third stage relationships:

        Stage 1 – patriarchy, history of the West up until the early sixties
        Stage 2 – civilization, brought on my feminism (by civilization he means everything is negotiated)
        Stage 3 – equality is broadly accepted, but for a relationship to last it’s the man’s job to polarize

        This is a very simplistic description but you get the drift

      • Keanu says:

        Just googled him. Thanks for the link. If I have some time I’ll check out one of his books.

  4. Legion says:

    I’m at the point of calling it the who cares about you you slut movement. Too prolix too though.

    Thanks for the comment recognition.

  5. EffinZen says:

    How about the “Hamster Education Movement? 🙂

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  7. zhai2nan2 says:

    The post is good, but I will be an annoying nitpicker and point out that it has a typo:
    >The mainstream media has bought into the ‘Man good, woman bad’ paradigm hook, line, and sinker so men are on the hot seat before things even get started.

    Switch “good” and “bad.”

    Other that that, it is a good post.

  8. Grand_Designs says:

    Great post, another fine bit of intellectual warfare added to the spere..

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  11. wingwoman says:

    I only know woman who divorced for serious reasons (all of them cheated, and a few did drugs etc). Know many people both men and woman stay in bad marriages for various reasons. It’s not a one way street on suffering. As to courts it’s mostly a problem with lawyer and judge ultimately the judge has a lot of wiggle room with what happens.

    In all fairness, you don’t know your friend didn’t abuse his spouse if you weren’t there. You probably only get to hear his complaints thus one side of the story. Dudes should have worn a condom. It’s not rocket science.

    Not all Western Men have problems, some of them manage to pick fine. In most cases it seems people pick wrong and continue making bad choices. Not being judgmental because some people hide their flaws well until they have their hooks in (*been there, was smart enough not to marry that*).

    • Omnipitron says:

      While I thank you for commenting Wingwoman, I have to disagree with your trying to ‘neuatralize’ my position, in essence taking things back to a neutral state where men and women are on equal footing. I never stated that there aren’t men who victimize women in marriage, but the unadulterated fact which I linked to is that 75% of women initiate divorce. Are you trying to state that 3/4 of all husbands are bad marriage material?

      Sorry, doesn’t wash.

      “In all fairness, you don’t know your friend didn’t abuse his spouse if you weren’t there.”

      No I wasn’t there, this is a decent point, (I’m also a little surprised that you jumped the gun on this one so quickly assuming he was guilty). As I’ve stated, I’ve met the woman and also worked a great deal with others who spent some time with her. Many knew exactly what the deal was and didn’t even get half the information I did. His parents where on the phone during the situation and where pissed at what happened. If we want to chalk this up to chances, then it’s a 90/10 that he was screwed over given what has been learned.

      BTW, she even admitted to his parents that she wasn’t assaulted THAT VERY NIGHT. I’ve a nephew who had gone through this very same thing happen to him, luckily my former brother in law was there to witness it or else he may have been up the creek too.

      “Dudes should have worn a condom. It’s not rocket science.”

      This is the truth, and the very reason men are going their own way and forgoing marriage, cohabitation, and sometimes women all together.

      “Not all Western Men have problems, some of them manage to pick fine. In most cases it seems people pick wrong and continue making bad choices. Not being judgmental because some people hide their flaws well until they have their hooks in (*been there, was smart enough not to marry that*).”

      Not all, but sadly most (remember that 75% stat?). There is a reason why there is what some would call a marriage strike happening amongst men. If you doubt me then carry yourself over to a blog run by a man named Dalrock and he will set you straight. Men by and large do wish to marry and have children, but by and large it has become too dangerous for them to do so. Yes, as a woman you have your own issues to deal with, but at the end of the day, if you leave your marriage, you WILL get custody of the kids, and a good portion of your exes income. No one is listening to what men have to say in regards to our own issues, which is why so many men have decided to simply turn their backs on the institution.

      Now, are you going to listen to what I’ve just said or try to state that things are still kosher and in some way balanced. I appreciate the fact that you posted, but I will tell you this. Men have long since gotten tired of the same old song and dance “We have it bad too.” We listened to you Wingwoman, are you going to listen to us, or be like so many out there and blame us or imagine that our issues don’t exist?

      I and other men in Western Countries aren’t holding our breaths.

  12. d says:

    Maybe it’s something in the water where I live, but of the last three divorcees I’ve dated, they all had the same or higher incomes than their husbands and their biggest concern was whether she would have to pay alimony to him. The latest is fighting to get him out of the house that she owns – he couldn’t be on the mortgage because of bad credit (risky real estate investments that went bad). In that last one, the guy asked for the divorce after cheating on her. Since then he’s been sending her needy emails begging forgiveness.

    Just a couple data points that don’t negate the larger point. However, I’d like to see these stats broken down by socioeconomic class. Supposedly the upper classes are much less likely to divorce.

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