But I’m a NICE Sexist

Yes that’s right everyone, apparently our Federal Minister of Fisheries had decided to really put his foot in his mouth by making a sexist remark to a high school student. A rundown of events c/o CBC news;

“In Fredericton, MP and federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield, invited the media to a staged family conversation about the budget with Roland and Gina Moreno and their two daughters.

It was an opportunity to highlight the government’s emphasis on training young people for jobs the economy needs, but things went awkwardly off-script at the start as Ashfield sampled baked goods and chatted with eldest daughter Grace Moreno, a local high school student leader.Grace, you’re a great cook,” Ashfield said. “You’re going to make a wonderful wife for somebody.”

I know, what an appalling thing to say to a young woman!! The unmitigated gall of this supposed learned man and exemplar of society!!

Thankfully we had two people decide to stand up to this man for his very large breach of public etiquette especially in this enlightened day and age. Political Analyst Lisa Kirbie was quoted as saying;

“In what universe is it acceptable to tell a young woman that she’s going to make someone a great wife one day,”

Agreed Lisa, what universe would THAT be? She’s not alone; we also have NDP Member of Parliament, Megan Leslie ALSO chiming in with;

“His comments were disrespectful. Come on…’Grace, you’re a great cook, you’re going to make a wonderful wife for somebody.’ In other words, there-there, stop planning for your future.”

Thankfully someone has seen this compliment for exactly what it is and bringing this to everyone’s attention! Mr. Ashfield tried to save face from his thoughtless blunder but simply deflected things instead;

“Mr. Speaker, obviously the opposition has little to find in fault in our budget…if this is the only type of question it could ask.”

Trying to escape the heat Mr. Ashfield? You must know by now that the federal budget is nothing compared to a sexist comment hidden under the thinly veiled guise as a compliment! It doesn’t matter that you may have been sincere and had no ulterior motives or plans when you uttered such domineering wickedness!! Don’t you know that marriage for women is oppression, how could you have said such a thing? Well, we have a little insight into what this man was thinking after his office sent this message to Yahoo! Canada News.

“I would like to thank the Moreno family for taking the time to discuss Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2013. The family’s insightful comments and feedback are valuable to me and our Government as we continue to build a strong and prosperous nation.

“My comments to Grace Moreno have been taken out of context and were simply meant to compliment her on her genuine hospitality.

“Ms. Moreno is a gifted and active young member of her high school and our greater community. And she has a great future ahead of her.

“I am proud of our youth and I appreciate the contributions that she and other youth continue to make to our community and country.”

Sorry, this message is too little, too late Mr. Ashfield. It appears more re-education is necessary in order to rid this world of these outdated opinions and stereotypes. However, I’d have more confidence that we could wash away this Sexism for good if there wasn’t a large portion of the commentariat agreeing that this was blown out of proportion. If anything, from their comments it seems people would like us to be less politically correct, gosh I wonder why.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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12 Responses to But I’m a NICE Sexist

  1. Rob says:

    What is acceptable for someone to say changes every 10 years or so, and the older you get, the less likely you will be to keep your vocabulary in perfect sync. Go easy on the guy, he was trying to make a genuine compliment, I highly doubt it was his intention to say that there’s nothing more in your future than being an unemployed housewife.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Hello Rob and welcome to the blog. I apologize if my point was a little unclear as this was supposed to be Satire. I was more aghast at the reactions of Lisa Kirbie and Megan Leslie than I ever was about Mr. Ashfield. I just wanted to point out how ridiculously over the top these two ladies became for what was no more than an innocent compliment.

      “What is acceptable for someone to say changes every 10 years or so, and the older you get, the less likely you will be to keep your vocabulary in perfect sync.”

      This is a VERY good point. Many younger men would have realized that something so seemingly innocuous may cause a sh!tstorm in today’s PC world. Sadly Mr Ashfield may not have been as aware. Once more, steering this back to the prime reason for this blog post, Mr Ashfield shouldn’t have to be any more aware in my opinion!!

  2. ScareCrow says:

    I wonder – what would have been the reaction if he told the young girl that she would make a crappy housewife someday?

    I’d wager the same reaction…

    • Omnipitron says:

      You know it. That’s the issue with the PC thought police. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing since we’re damned either way.

      Toasted Ice anyone?

  3. Michael Steane says:

    It was a compliment and most women who have not been brainwashed by PC nonsense would recognise this. He could alternatively have said “you can put your career first and realise you have made the wrong decision when your bio clock kicks in, like so many 30 something women are doing.” Would that have been better.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Notice how Grace Moreno had little to say about this brouhaha? To re-use one of my comments from Reddit, has anyone noticed just how many bridal-marriage magazines are marketed to women? Drop by any book store and you’ll notice that they’ll take up a shelf all to themselves. YET, just TRY and find ONE magazine marketed to men. Here’s another one, when a woman get’s engaged she’ll show off her brand new ring to her friends and co workers so they can drool over it with envy.

      Here’s a question…just how many magazines are marketed to men? Just how many men will squeal like a pig out of jealously when one of their buddies goes down on one knee and tells them about it? The truth of the matter? Women crave marriage MUCH more than men EVER will, so let’s dispel this utter bullsh!t about how telling a woman how she would be a good wife is something to look down their nose at!!

      I have YET to hear about how any store reduces the prices of men’s wedding tuxedos which results in a stampede. Time to condense the nonsense in my opinion!!!

  4. nwoslave says:

    Should have told her she’d make a great lesbian partner some day. In todays world, woman + gay is practically omnipotent.

    • Omnipitron says:

      This is what SHOULD be told to many women in this day and age. Sadly, they probably wouldn’t listen as negatives such as the one you have accurately described only seem to happen to other people. Here’s hoping that the Moreno’s are smarter than the average in this case.

  5. CL says:

    Maybe he should have told her not to bother with cooking, since she’s going to have a great career someday and she’ll eat microwaved crap anyway because she won’t have time to cook, and that cat food comes already made so she won’t need to cook that either.

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