A Epidemic of Laryngitis?


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I’m sure everyone’s heard of Laryngitis, an illness which can render someone either completely mute, or leaving them sounding like Tone Loc whispering. Now, is it possible for someone to both have laryngitis while being able to speak? Came across an interesting quote from Crella in regards to a woman’s regretful choice, which really got me thinking about this very topic.

“‘Lost their “voices”? Is she fucking kidding? We are bombarded by their endless whinging about everything from imaginary workplace discrimination (sob) to how much they regret mismanaging their relationships (double plus sob).’

Yes, that ‘s a classic, isn’t it? Until recently Femisting’s home page had a comment about giving women a voice. When have they not had one!?”” (emphasis mine)

Very good question isn’t it? Don’t women have even more say now than they’ve ever had in history? In fact, one could say that they have much more than even men in this day and age, no? I have a hypothesis, that when contemporary women mean they wish to have a voice, they really mean they simply would like a choice.

Seems fair enough, and considering the distinct lack of choices women had in the past, it appears a reasonable enough request. For them to have more choices, for them to have a voice in regards to their own lives instead of being told what they can and can’t do. So what’s the issue now, why is it that Jill Bennett was so aggrieved about losing her voice during the end of her 10 year relationship?

In my opinion as it appears to me, it simply seems to be the frustration of having no say in the prior lack of commitment and later exit of her aggrieved boyfriend. So this really means that when some women wish to have a voice, or a choice, would much of the bellyaching they seem to be doing now is trying to have their cake and eat it too as Towgunner points out so eloquently?

Choices have consequences, use your voice and make your choices wisely. That is part of responsibility!!

At this point, however, this apparent ‘laryngitis epidemic’ seems to be happening while women are still largely controlling the mainstream media which is interesting to say the least. They have a voice, but still maintain that they don’t which I find very ironic considering where Feminism could eventually lead. You see, normally I don’t post too much about what exactly the end of feminism could look like. Mainly because my crystal ball is no less broken than anyone else’s’.  However, to any one of you who’s read the Misandry Bubble and understood TFH’s concepts, has anyone really considered what the end result for women truly could be?  Will it not be women virtually losing their voices completely?

As I’ve stated in the past, I speak in concepts; it may appear to be hyperbole, but that’s simply how I’ve learned to keep myself grounded (weird, I know). The main concepts affecting men and women’s relationships I see behind The Misandry Bubble finally bursting will be;

  1. Due to economic shortfall from men not manning up and starting families, many jobs will possibly be lost by both men and women
  1. Governments may have to scale back their many programs due to the lack of their previous tax base since younger men aren’t marrying in the same numbers to replace their outgoing counterparts

These two points are meant to show the possibility that Government backed security, which women sometimes require as a surrogate husband, will be greatly weakened in the future. In addition the comfy lifestyle  which we are all accustomed, will most likely come to an end. At this point, we need to consider what this means to many women during this time.

  1. Stable marriage minded men would be in a better position to pick a wife as they should be rare (and valuable) while marriage minded women will be plentiful, and unfortunately not as valuable
  1. Due to the devolvement of slut shaming and chastity, women will have little to no leverage in negotiating with a man to marry them and will have to accept far less WHILE giving far more than they would have in the past

This is the ugly truth that I believe we are headed for at the conclusion of TFH’s Misandry Bubble. Where marriage once more goes from a luxury some women feel entitled too, to a necessity that women will have to fight for or face severe consequences.

So, what sort of world does this ascribe to women? How many choices does one think women will have if (and yes it is a big if) the Misandry Bubble Blows up in this manner?  Technically speaking, women would STILL have the legal power they do now, but what about the choices available to them? Would the government even be able to enforce these rules in women’s favor?

At the end of the day, my personal belief is that the Misandry Bubble, which IS the logical conclusion of Feminism, will in actuality leave women far worse off than when the suffragettes marched years ago!! The world will have regressed to a point where Patriarchy would have saved women’s interests, but will have to face the world without chastity and men’s commitment.  If they think they have no voice now, just wait until we all have 2020 vision!!

For the record, I just wanted to add this. While I do want to see feminism burn to the ground for the hateful movement that it is, I’m really not looking forward to the eventual issues we all will have to face. It will be fun for no one, but women will suffer immensely because of this. I’m not looking forward to the most crushing of situations for women, which could be possible during this time. Having to find a suitor to marry simply to increase the odds of survival, yet having to compete for a small amount of stable men against a much larger amount of women. For men it could be brutal, for women; it could be catastrophic. Ladies and gentleman, this is what Patriarchy, while not perfect whatsoever, was trying to protect women and society FROM!! I don’t agree with everything the old ways of the past stood for and some changes would be necessary in the future, but the past could very well have been better than the dark future, which awaits us all.


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