Young, Wild, And Free


Been a while since my last post, work has been busy, y’all know how it is. I don’t listen to the radio much but I came across this song and it really got me thinking. Could this be a future anthem for young men these days? Maybe this could be adopted by the MGTOW group as I think it’s very adequate stating men’s positions (besides the liberal use of weed that is). So many of the lyrics state what I’m sure many an MRA is thinking these days as the cost/benefit ratio of marriage and ‘growing up’ has been completely blown out of whack for men by and large.

I guess the question, which needs to be asked, is what does this current society have to offer their young men? You know, the men who will be taking the mantle from us elders once our failing hands can no longer support society? What are we willing to offer them in exchange for them to grow up, shed the irresponsibility of their youth and become a pillar of society? Marriage is a minefield nowadays best left for either the bravest or the most stupid of men and in truth, it offer’s them little or nothing in return for their hard work. Men aren’t stupid; they’re not seeing the return on the investment from many of their older cohorts and are second-guessing their future options. When we also consider that marriage is only a consolation with men right from the jump, then we need to realize that responsibility is losing some very serious steam.

How many men are growing up without a positive father figure in the first place? Wasn’t it fathers, and other responsible men who took the mantle of mentor? Wasn’t it these older, and more experienced men who set an example and trained them in the ‘dangers’ of being lackadaisical? I guess this sort of teaching doesn’t happen in a vacuum then huh? Oh we have many people who wish for men to grow up and take their place, but that message is getting stale. Men are realizing that their issues, which directly affect their desire to ‘man up’, will largely be ignored despite the very real perils which, befall them.

This article is yet another example of the glossing over of the issues facing men in marriage 2.0. Personally I loved how many MRA’s weighed in on Cathy Meyer’s article and brutally gave her and other ladies the 411. It’s time that more men stood up and told the truth, many don’t wish to hear it, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other young bucks reading. The most important aspect of that article there wasn’t the slanted angle Cathy Meyer took, but the behavior of the female commenters there. Men need to see this more often so they can realize just what they’re up against in terms of society’s opinion on men’s issues and their plight.

So with no mentoring and a lack of positive benefits AND definite detriments for investing in a society, what is left for young men other than to be young, wild, and free? Folks, men don’t need women to survive, since investing in society offers men nothing but heartache, we may have to consider something. I don’t think the issue is why should a young man be irresponsible, but why not?

In the end, I think all many can do is continue to watch the downward slide as our younger men, no longer burdened with responsibility, continue to join in the chorus and party like they can live forever. X Box, PlayStation, booze, drugs and loose women sadly offer more than responsibility to a dying system ever will. If we want men to start ‘growing up’ we’ll need to give them a reason to.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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4 Responses to Young, Wild, And Free

  1. Legion says:

    Still the same sad conditions in this society. My son is warned against marriage, but i will reinforce it. would have loved grandchildren some day, bu tit isn’t worth ruining his life to make me happy.

    Hope he finds some way to handle the women of this society without getting taken to the cleaners or diseased.

    • Omnipitron says:

      That’s the truly sad thing about this whole situation. We need to realize the very sad thing about being male in a Western Country. Consider your warning to your son Legion; you had to tell him NOT to invest in society!! How sick is that?The very thing that civilization needs to continue has now become hazardous to the very people needed to keep it running!!

      It’s very upsetting that it’s come to this, but if you wish to keep your son happy and healthy, what other choice do you have?

  2. dicipres says:

    Very true. The decline actually has many benefits.

  3. Legion says:

    We have no choice but to let society eat it self. They really have declared war on men in Western civilization. You read Dalrock and know the rot is right thru most religious organizations too. My son should not have to become destroyed by society to do his part to preserve it.

    Society is not worth saving. I will not remarry. I will keep my son from marying. I will try to convince his friends not to marry.

    This includes military sevice. I have great respect for those who do or have served (my brother and sil included) but don’t want my son to sacrifice for the people in society.

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