False Teaching

The very first time I heard the term false teaching was in Church when I was 13. I of course nodded my head during the sermon and agreed that it was bad. I’m no longer a Christian nor do I attend church, but I can still tell you that the sermon hit the nail on the head. In general, the false teaching is simply another word for the propaganda both Western Men and Women are being subject too in contemporary society. Anyone on the Manosphere can name most of the worst ‘lessons’ off the top of their heads;

 Men are always evil vs. women are always good.

 Men and women are interchangeable as they are exactly the same save plumbing.

 Men are oppressors vs. women are oppressed.

The divisive nature of this propaganda is very effective as all one needs to do is watch the decline of society as a gauge. This post isn’t an attempt to sort through all the propaganda, but only to focus on one lie, which negatively affects women in just one way.  Listen, for all the vitriol I spew here on The Phantom Tollbooth, I rail on and on about predominantly one very basic thing. The critical finality of women’s unique characteristics as opposed to men and how quickly it can and does arrive in their lives, changing it drastically.

Folks, as I’ve said in another post, it really does boggle my mind the differences between men and women. It amazes me that men have so much more time on their hands to screw up and then rectify their live paths that sadly women don’t have available to them. This is also why when people start filling women’s heads full of tripe that I have to shake my head. Due to the time limit women have to face and the finality of their situation thereafter, they really don’t have the time for erroneous bullsh!t!!

During this wonderful propaganda film, slideshow about celebrity mothers who had their first children after 40, some women actually commented about the reality of the situation. Rightly so, the mainstream media holds aloft these women as heroines for having children at a time most (read; the medical world, THINK about that for a second) would consider too late and sadly the media eats their success up like candy. Surprise, surprise, they got down voted, for speaking the truth about the situation on top of arguments undermining their position.

The value of the hamster is more powerful that reality, but the sad truth is that even super hamster can’t overpower Mother Nature!! Rationalizations are no match for biology.

This is the message I wish to send females considering motherhood; judge well where you get your information from, due to the fact of the presence of people who would barefaced lie to you in order to salve their own egos. Ladies…this isn’t a joke, the last thing you wish to find out is that you overestimated your chances of fertility when it’s too late!! Sure there’s a chance that you can have a bouncing baby boy in your 40’s, but there’s a greater chance that you will have missed the boat. You really want to gamble with your future happiness in a manner such as this?

To quote a post from a trusted source;

 Do you know how hard it is to want a baby and not be able to make your body produce one?  I’ll tell you – it’s hard.  It’s brutal.  It rips your heart out.  It’ll make you rage.  You will not be able to walk down the street without noticing how many babies and toddlers and little children are running about.

Is that a gamble one wishes to take? Grerp is more reasonable than most, but negative situations can still arise and throw monkey wrenches the size of mack trucks into our plans if one isn’t careful.

I’ll come right out and say it, consider the truth about women’s delicate time limit in a manner of what they wish to accomplish. I’m appalled that people would wish to lie to them in this manner. Listen; I don’t get a toaster for this, okay? I’m not in some sort of Patriarchal Pyramid scheme (PATWAY?) were I have to subvert random females in order to move up the ranks. The truth is that whether women listen to me and have a happy healthy baby or don’t have a child at all literally makes no difference to me whatsoever.

So consider that point while some ruminate over my post. I don’t gain or lose a damn thing whether they listen or not, however, what do they have to lose?


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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5 Responses to False Teaching

  1. Aurini says:

    A good friend of mine is a wonderful woman… but she’s also 37 and unmarried.

    She’s beginning to notice the her market value is plummetting and it’s heartbreaking for me to see. Lieing to women during their prime years is such an incredible act of cruelty.

  2. Legion says:

    No wonder why I enjoy it here. We do have much in common. Oh, if you want in to the Patriarch Pyrimid, I know someone who can get you in. I’m out of it until I remarry (ROFLMAO).

    I have a niece that turned 30. Her mother realizes she can be ‘prickly’. We are sarcastic to each other in our upbring, but that doesn’t translate to starting a good relationship. I hope something good happens for her

    Women want to be on their own? They got it. For all the good it does them.

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