Pricing Yourself Out of The Market


This post from Fat Girl Jihad has got me thinking that a basic lesson in market value is in order to try and tame the savage beasts on the interwebz.

Here’s the scoop.

Listen, if you wish to sell your house, your trusted real estate agent will undoubtedly take your asking price into consideration before listing. However, if they were worth their salt, they would ALSO have done some homework beforehand. In other words, they will have looked into the most recent sales on your street and/or neighborhood comparing that with similar houses to find a baseline asking price. They do this so you can ask a fair price as dictated by the market, not too low, but also NOT too high!!

Not too high is the point of this post gang.

So let’s say you’re neighborhood has given you a baseline of about $300,000 for your house. Since every house is different, every price point will of course vary however, what happens if one decides their house is worth substantially more than the baseline? What if the homeowner in this case decides to list for nothing under $700,000? Their reasoning of course is because of the additions that have been added (hot tub, pool, extensive basement renovation, you get the idea) and they now feel that anyone would be LUCKY to get THIS house.

Follow what I’m saying?

What do you think will happen? Simply put, the people who would love the house can’t afford the seller’s asking price and they move on to another one. However, what of the people who could afford the asking price, well, they won’t even look at the house twice because they can afford other houses in that price range which offer better amenities for their hard earned cash.

It even seems foolish that this has to be explained to people, but anyone who disagrees with that post needs this lesson in pricing101 apparently.

The reality; the house will sit on the market until one of two things happen. The seller reduces their asinine asking price, or they take their house off the market, simple as. It seems that most may have more common sense involving real estate that people do in the sexual market place, it’s sad but true nonetheless. So many speak about what they ‘deserve’ out of some such situation, but they do so with little to no consideration of the investment and return of actions. There is a reason why the richest, most successful men tend to have the most beautiful wives, AND, that the most attractive women tend to have the most successful and solvent husbands.

Is it a cruel and harsh reality to face for both men and women? You bet, and I’ll be the first to agree to it. Yet, I have to ask anyone reading this post what’s worse in the long run? Being realistic about your market value and working within those boundaries, or following the ‘feel good’ guru’s in the world who state that ‘you should get EVERYTHING you wish’ and sit on the market with a house that no one can either afford or want to buy as valuable time slips away?

The main reason why I state this is because I’ve two female friends who have vastly overestimated their own value in this manner and as a result have scared away some decent buyers to their detriment. Friend number one who is desperate to have children is currently seeing an unemployed (but still arrogant) man who doesn’t wish to have any and has undergone the snippety snip on top of everything else. Friend number two actually had a great guy at one point in time, but as I had figured she would, her moxie didn’t seem to endear her to him.

It isn’t just a good marketing strategy to have a good bead on our market value, as it assists others from eating our lunch. It also makes sure that we don’t turn away reasonable and achievable opportunities for pipe dreams which will NEVER occur. In blunt real estate terms, the woman in the FGJ article is a $300,000 3/2 house asking for over $10 million yet is surprised that all she gets are “losers” and “perverts”.

Due to the ugly truth behind the negotiation, the day will come when the offers this woman even used to get stop coming.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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6 Responses to Pricing Yourself Out of The Market

  1. Legion says:

    Thank goodness you have the stomach to read these articles for me. I have tried to read what some of these women write, but it is usuallyr impossible to understand them and laughable at the same time. Plus, just my pinging their site gives them a boost. I don’t want that.

    Yes, women, we are listening to you. (Well, not me of course. It’s an editorial we.) We have been stuck listened only for too many decades. If I don’t get to speak, I don’t bother to listen. Goodbye all.

    Your opinions only count out to the surface of your skin. You don’t have to obey us. We certainly know better know than to believe and obey you. There are not too many available good women my age, but I can do without better than I can do with a women less than good. Like it or not, live with the way men are. We are visual creatures. Give us something to work with along with femine grace and kindness.

    Or enjoy your cats.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Agreed, there’s nothing to debate when it comes to human nature. Arguing this concept is akin to arguing with the sun about how unfair sunburns are. You only have two choices, apply lotion or abstain, nothing else is available. The truth is that women believe that they’re in a position similar to the Godfather, they have an offer that men can’t refuse.

      The truth is that we can, and if we’re educated enough we will. You Legion, like so many other men, abstain from relationships by choice. Your female cohorts abstain by circumstance although they are loathe to admit it.

  2. Gentsworth says:

    Understanding such principles (on pricing, market values, economics, etc) requires one to look at BOTH sides of the coin. You can not just look at the arrangement from your point of view, you have to consider how other people (especially potential buyers) are going to see you prospect.

    This, of course, is a foreign concept to most women. Considering that the massive majority of them have grown up being told that they’re nothing less than “princesses” and that they “deserve the very best” their whole lives.

    Of course, try bringing this up to most people, as a way of explaining women’s inferiority when it comes to handling business, and you get labeled a “misogynist” or something. It’s no big deal, as the real world will eventually (and harshly) show them the error of their ways.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Precisely Gentsworth, sadly in this day and age too many women seem to believe that their worth is so high that any man is lucky to have them. My two female friends have subscribed to that mentality to their detriment. It’s interesting to think that so many haven’t put it together that if any man is lucky to have a woman, wouldn’t they also be lucky to get one who maybe younger and more attractive?

      By not looking at the other side of the coin, you have situations where women lose out. Sadly, since they would rather point the finger than listen to constructive and honest criticism, they increase the odds they end up like the woman at Fat Girl Jihad.

    • Badger says:

      This article is the bomb, but you Gentsworth have the coolest avatar I’ve seen in a while.

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