Tiger by the Tail


I wrote earlier about sniping your nose, and then gave what I felt was an object lesson of a woman who did just that. I guess one could say that if those two posts were about foolish selfishness on a micro level, then this would be the third part on a macro Level.  So we have yet another study which shows that women have now overtaken men as the breadwinners across the globe.

Congratulations should be in order…but don’t go patting yourself on the back quite yet!! You may not know it, but you have a tiger by the tail, don’t worry though that’s what the Manosphere is here for!!

See, there are other statistics that may shed some unwanted light on this newfound success that women so eagerly wish to throw in men’s faces that they may find…sobering.

So, women in school outnumber men by a third and yet they see this as cause for celebration? Not even close, this is a disaster, and many either don’t see, or don’t WISH to see what this means for the future.  Men and women mate for different reasons and no matter how much we want to confuse the facts with social theory or feminism, the reality remains.

It doesn’t matter what Feminism states; there will never be a situation where men en masse have no economic alternative but to marry a woman for economic survival. If you don’t believe me, just ask your sisters Latasha and Kadijah how well they’re doing on the “marry me or else front.” Most black men end up in jail and/or delinquent, most black women end up as single mothers with difficulty supporting themselves, but hey, at least more black women are getting a post secondary education right…right?

In other words, that’s your future; it’s our collective future. Bright isn’t it?

I know what you’re saying; “That won’t happen to me. We’re smarter than that. That won’t happen to (insert this race, generation here).  Time for a reality check; real world consequences don’t give a tinker’s damn about what you or I BELIEVE. They only deliver as per the costs that are available.  I’ll come out and basically say it; women can take men’s place in the economy and infrastructure sector like men can have babies. It only seems like you can at the moment, but if you doubt me, follow the money.

Where does the vast majority of tax revenue originate? The revenue, which pays for the infrastructure, heath care, and social services that women such as you so basically, need? If this post bothers you, go ahead and prove me wrong, look it up…I’ll wait. The only thing you’re going to find is that you may not be as independent as you’d like to believe, and you may wake up and find that you’ve enraged the Genie who made all your wishes come true.

The real reality is this ladies; there is nothing to celebrate whatsoever. Society has lost sight of the fact of what it is that both genders contribute to civilization, and that neither is interchangeable!! These articles only serve to show the ignorance of learned people who should know better considering the large about of resources and education they have available to them.

The article states that if you improve the status of females, you therefore improve the status of everyone.

Gotta wonder if a more erroneous statement has ever been made. Just a question folks, why is the West so ‘successful’ compared to the rest of the world? Would it be because of the fact that life was made better for MEN? Compare Mexico to America or Canada and see how well their men fare and it may brighten your eyes a little, just sayin’. Let’s see how the empowerment of ladies has affected other races shall we? The illegitimacy rate amongst blacks is 70%, amongst Latino’s it’s 50%, whites are still far behind at 30% but here’s the catch.

Guess whose on the hook to ensure that these little children don’t fall through the cracks of society?  You get three, and the first two don’t count, get it? Yet…so many White ladies are celebrating how these SAME statistics are now befalling their own race. You still see something to celebrate? Someone has to pay, if you’re a woman, I can tell you right now it won’t be financial, although you will wish it were!!

Congratulations are in order, right?

Disenfranchised men don’t acquiesce, they drop out. Out of society, out of civilization, out of everything. Women aren’t taking over anything, by the time they do, there will be nothing left to take over, simple as. So that’s the deal ladies, take it anyhow you want to take it, it won’t change a damn thing. Black Ladies couldn’t make it work and are now paying the price, what, pray tell, makes you think you’re ANY different?

Bottom line; women can do men’s jobs, just like men can give birth to  children.


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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5 Responses to Tiger by the Tail

  1. dicipres says:

    Great post. Although the circumstances facing black people are different and harsher due to historic and cultural reasons, we all face the same rapid changes to our culture, declining social power and freedoms and the falling apart of the institute of family.

    We all should stand united within the MR, we are too few and our opposition is too well organized, too government/academic funded and enjoy too much public support for us to fight among ourselves.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Thank you Dicipres and I agree with you. If it’s wrong that men can’t say anything when women treat them unfairly, how is it right when other races single out whites? It’s the very same conceptual issue being used in a different way and it needs to stop!! We have no other choice but to unite as best we can as far as Men’s Rights are concerned, because in not doing so we’re simply allowing Feminism to run roughshod over society.

  2. retrophoebia says:

    Those advocating equality of women in the career/education market don’t put any value on procreative and home-making activities. Ironically, this makes them compelled to compete with men on mens’ turf without realizing some fairly substantial sources of value (procreation and home-making) that women can provide better than men. So even the “ideal” situation–numerical parity in the workplace, in incomes, etc–is anti-feminist in the sense that it assigns no value to what women can do and are generally better at than men.

    Dalrock writes a lot about how feminists want into man-spaces. They’re just too busy looking at the greener grass on the other side of the fence to take pride in what they do, and do well.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Agreed Retrophoebia, and the ironic thing is that they can’t ‘out men’ men anyway so what do women gain outside of being able to leave a man who may legitimately be lackluster? We don’t assign any romantic value on their career pursuits and sadly women don’t seem to realize this, or want too. In some cases their careers of competing with men actually affects their SMP value negatively.

      Can you imagine the frustration some career women face even as they go out for a meal with their male co-workers? They sit there and talk shop while she notices them giving an appreciative eye to the 20 something waitress serving them. On paper, our heroine has this waitress beat in terms of academic success, but in reality, this waitress is younger and less busy which holds value to her co-workers so who ends up on top?

  3. Bianca M says:

    Thhanks for writing this

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