Some Are Getting It…Sorta…


While reading this article on The Spearhead, I just encountered this valuable tidbit (H/T boxer) in regards to women possibly thinking outside the box (heh heh).  Turns out a group of women are seeing some threats to their power emerging on the horizon and wish to engage in an intercourse strike between April 28th and May 5th. You know, to make a point in regards to a current ‘war on women’ of course.


The one thing which underlies this dreck…I mean article is that at least some ladies are beginning to comprehend the power and leverage woman have at their disposal.

A woman’s sexuality IS power, it was one of the most effective methods of ‘encouragement’ in a woman’s arsenal…years ago. It was the goal men achieved by paying the price of matrimony years ago and they were happy to pay it.

Now, however not so much.

Chastity is a thing of the past, men of means can and will replace unwilling women, and men who don’t have the means aren’t getting sex regularly anyway. Let me fill y’all in on something, sometimes the men at the top do share some commonality with the men on the bottom. Bluntly, men of means have choices so they won’t put up with sh!t, men without means have no choice, so what does a ‘sexual strike’ do to these men anyway? Both men of means and without have nothing to lose, so in both scenarios, a woman’s power is greatly diminished regardless.

There will be the largest amount of men in the middle of the bell curve, however, I really wonder just how effective it will be, especially in this day and age. Going to keep my ear on the ground with this one, very curious to see how it all plays out!! I have to agree with Boxer’s sentiment; there may be a chance that their ‘strike’ may hit some men below the belt (pun intended), but from the pictorial representation provided…I’m thinking not!!

Just one more point to cover, a quote from the article;

This is (an) issue (which) impacts all of us. This strike is designed to make that point. Ask your man to speak up for your rights, because when we lose our reproductive choices, so do they,”


Men have already lost their reproductive rights and women have proven repeatedly that they WILL NOT speak for them or any other grievances men have. Why pray tell should men give a tinker’s damn about your rights? This is where movements such as the SPLC undermines even your credibility and in truth, highlights how you may not be that much different than they. When men have issues, we’re maligned and ignored, but suddenly women have an issue and it affects ‘all’ of us? That sends a clear and concise message that only women’s issues have merit and men’s don’t. Sorry, this isn’t the type of approach which will engage a man’s goodwill in terms of assistance. This, by the way, is precisely the reason why men are now starting to grumble. Men can see the selfish agenda behind so much of what is claimed to be ‘equality’ which is the source of their growing anger in this day and age. In addition, men’s issues are equally as important and ubiquitous in their scope as far as society and civilization is concerned and NEED to be addressed.

Did they ever stop to think about what the world would look like if men stopped…oh never mind. As my mother used to say; ‘Those who don’t hear, will feel.’


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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6 Responses to Some Are Getting It…Sorta…

  1. Anonymous age 69 says:

    My first thought was, this means the married guys will get sex at the end of the week. For a lot of married men, that will be a real surprise.

    Cutting men off who are always cut off would not seem to be very effective.

  2. Aurini says:

    I’m vaguely reminded of a post I read somewhere else, about how churches who blame men are preaching to the converted; the men in churches are the ones who are faithful. Cads like me don’t go to church. The women, on the other hand, very much are part of the problem, since women by innate disposition enjoy the church environment.

    Yes, take away sex from your committed, blue-pill husbands; it’s not going to affect my life in the least.

    “…when we lose our reproductive choices, so do they,”

    Umm… how? I have no reproductive choice aside from the condom – she holds all the cards. I may support your reproductive choices, but they have no bearing on my own. People like you already stripped them away (divorce custody).

    Quite frankly, if I were in a relationship and the girl told me she planned to do this, I’d straight out tell her I’d cheat on her if she did. There’s a reason it used to be called The Wifely Duty.

    • Omnipitron says:

      Exactly Aurini, men are losing our sympathies for women by and large simply because we see how we are being ‘rewarded’. Your example from the church is brilliant and illuminates things still further. Why would a man come to Christ when there is no benefit in doing so? Instead of being berated by heathens, he will be berated in the name of God.

      I have the exact same opinion in terms of women engaging in a foolish strike like this. She wants to strike, be my guest but it goes two ways. During the proposed dates I personally plan on having a few date nights with Mrs Omni JUST because of what these women are planning to do.

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