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Just couldn’t get a recent Heartiste post out of my head. He does a great job fisking this professional woman’s rant and it’s obviously well worth the read. However, it got me thinking about how we all need to be realistic in regards to our own Self Interests. As I’ve stated in my previous post on the topic, yes we all have to keep an eye on our fry since others won’t. Not only because others may mow our grass if we’re not careful but simply if they get there first due to our being unprepared by a miscalculation.

Folks, a few years ago, Mrs. Omni and I pulled a caper and snagged two netbooks as Christmas gifts for a song. However, due to the ridonkulus price, we needed to prepare ourselves adequately or risk others getting them all before we got a chance. We left for the store at the crack of stupid (we got there at 5:00am…holy EFF) and were no longer married and living together that particular morning. The limit was one per household and we needed two, so some subterfuge had to be employed.

I was yawning to beat the band during the 3.5-hour wait till the doors opened but our efforts weren’t in vain. Since my wife…er I mean my friend and I were 4th and 5th in line, we knew that our chances of success were pretty good. The point I wish to convey to you is that looking back towards the end of the ever-growing line, I realized full well that some of those very people were going home empty handed. The line had grown to over 100 people 30 minutes before the store opened, and there were plenty of signs stating that they could only guarantee 50 units being in stock!!

I also knew that other customers would show up even as early as 8:45 am only to be told; “Sorry, sold out!”

That’s the thing, which always stops me in my tracks in regards to men and women. The differences between our genders can result in drastically different consequences to situations. It seems like such a fundamental concept, something so literally elementary that we dudes take it for granted but for women it can and usually does cost them most of their world if not careful!! It boggles my mind that a man can live life with his head up his @$$ for two or more decades and then change if he so chooses. He can turn his life around and ‘play by the rules’ so to speak and opting into marriage if it strikes his fancy.

That’s the point; for a man at or after 35 it’s STILL a choice available to them. For a woman…not so much.

What I’m pretty much saying is that due to the self interests of others, if you don’t wish to ‘play by the rules’ others are indeed more than willing, and they will eat your lunch if you let them!! The woman in this rant obviously had her head filled with contemporary feminist crap and the only choice she has available now is posturing. Using bravado to assume a position that she still has the market value to dictate her relationship desires to men. She has no other choice; to accept the current reality of her situation is to accept that her ship has sailed permanently, which is a very uncomfortable proposition truth be told.

Your career in and of itself adds to you market value like knitting adds to a professional athletes skill set. That is of course unless you’re this kind of businesswoman, and truthfully your degree would simply be an added bonus.


I find it highly ironic that it’s men on the Manosphere who are trying (mostly in vain) to tell women what their female contemporaries used to rail into them. Just a warning; as some feminists wail on and on about fish and bicycles, reveling in your apparent (but fleeting) power over ‘males’ your younger contemporaries are jumping the broom and eating your lunch.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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