Why Patriarchy?

What did it do, what purpose did it serve? Was it only to oppress women and subjugate them to a man’s will, or was it something else? As I’ve alluded to in a previous post, I believe that what we’ve come to know as Patriarchy wasn’t meant to oppress or subjugate women, but to harness the creative resources of men.

This is just from my perspective, feel free to analyze as you see fit!

By watching the decline of the Western World and comparing it to The Misandry Bubble, in addition to considering what’s currently ‘wrong’ one can possibly see what our forefathers were trying to protect society from. This however is the crux of the issue, that despite all our innovations in technology, social services, and even civilization itself, the truth is that men and women’s roles still haven’t changed drastically even after millennia. To give you a picture of what men and women’s relationship remains EVEN to this day, one only has to take a look at a Semi driving down the road.

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Bluntly, men are the tractors, women are the trailers, men do the heavy work and women (plus civilization) benefit from it. This paradigm still hasn’t changed in society; moreover, I highly doubt it ever will so long as what the genders need from each other remains the same.

Sure we have all sorts of innovations which allow women to work in the public sphere, and in truth, changes to laws in the Government now see women as equals whom can now serve as politicians and business owners. I see that, however, that doesn’t change the fact that this very privilege to do so comes at the hard work men now and in the past invested into our infrastructure.

Why is it that women didn’t work in male dominated fields in the past? Consider it, why would a successful farmer hire a woman to plow his fields knowing full well she would be ill equipped to do it? Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, as soon as one basic need is satisfied, another higher need is discovered. At one point in time, surviving till the end of the day took the combined effort of a man and a woman, which was the lowest need on the pyramid. Now, however, survival for most is a foregone conclusion, which has allowed for more ‘Actualization’ to be had by the inhabitants. Has anyone wondered why your ancestors seemed to grow up so fast while we could be ‘kidults’ until the age of 30? Short answer, due to the difficulties in life they faced at the time.

One’s grandfather most likely was growing up in a very agrarian society, farming was the norm, technology was apparent but still needed the hard work and muscle only a man could provide and the threat of death was still fairly present. So it didn’t make any sense to hire a woman to do a job that only a man could complete, and due to the differences in the nature of both men and women, other steps had to be implemented. Folks, in the past a woman’s sole source of economic support and therefore her livelihood came from her marrying a man. Parents didn’t want to see their daughters in poverty, which was why they literally pushed them out of the house in order to find a good husband and thus increase her chance of success in life.

Two support networks had come into play in order to create and maintain Patriarchy both for women and for men. Yes, it does suck that women had to ‘play nice’ in order to achieve the only means of support available to them, but not too provided disastrous consequences for those who didn’t abide by the rules. The male support network would also instruct their young charges in how to respect women, they knew full well the leverage men had over women and they also knew that it was ESSENTIAL that it was controlled and not abused. A man could get what he wanted from a woman and then bounce in the morning leaving her with nothing but a notch on her belt so chastity was ingrained in BOTH genders. In addition, men who didn’t wish to ‘grow up and get married’ were in some cases looked down upon by society as being irresponsible and therefore selfish.

Yeah that’s right, men did some shaming of their own.

Can one NOT see why Patriarchy existed? Yes it was to provide men incentive for opting into society by giving them something to LOSE by not doing so, but also to protect the interests of women IN that society. Imagine what the Black Community would look like without the social services provided by the Government in present day, THAT horror show was what our ancestors were trying to avoid!! Patriarchy didn’t work 100%, let’s be realistic, but it worked by and large far better than this society does. Men and women are different, and the truth is that Feminists aren’t wrong when they state that there are inequalities both genders face. However, the inequalities they are trying to alleviate are completely out of their hands and unravel the fabric of the very benefits they sought to achieve. Bluntly, women and men aren’t interchangeable in many of the most basic ways available; men do not have children, and women simply can’t work in the same capacities that men can.

Moreover, when one realizes that married men are the engines of civilization, AND that they can opt out, it only makes sense to consider their needs to keep them wanting to opt into society. Once more, I’m not for pigeonholing women, not by a long shot, but I am realistic about the truth of the situation. I’ve no qualms for making the world fairer for women, but the current trends of making things less fair for men at the same time is nothing short of foolishness.

Consider present day; take a run of the mill warehouse filled with varying merchandise. In the past, it would have been run solely by men, however due to affirmative action, and many devices such as dollies, forklifts, and electric pallet trucks, women can now work very effectively besides their male counter parts. If those devices didn’t exist, sure the scale of the warehouse itself would need to be scaled back, but the effectiveness of a woman’s involvement would also be severely crippled. Now the shop foreman and the site manager would be in the same boat as the farmer of the past, looking for some muscle to help on his acres of farmland.

In an office environment, I can see where females gain quite a bit of ground, however, one must consider what an employer sees when they consider a male and female candidate for a job opening. When they look at a man, they see a mule that will (hopefully) work his tail off providing some use to the company. When they look at a woman, they do see the same thing, but also a person who will take maternity leave over the course of her career who will then need to be replaced while gone, or others will need to take up the slack.

The reality is, female independence is nothing but a fallacy, it only seems that way due to male investment in society. It’s due to current social norms and laws which level’s the playing field allowing women admission and this fact seems to be either ignored or forgotten about by and large. If any company were to hire mostly men, it could be reasoned that they may be more effective, but employment laws offer penalties, which makes this approach undesirable.

I’m sure many feminists will disagree, (like I care) but without Patriarchy, women are left with little leverage over men and essentially at men’s mercy in the event of an economic crash. They can no longer use the ‘Marry me or else no more nooky’ ultimatum as a man of means will easily replace her with a younger and more willing model. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one needs to simply look at the Black Community to see just how much leverage Black Women have over their men. They have none, and no manner to make them commit if a man doesn’t wish to. The large hue and cry we hear regularly from Black women is the lack of good Black men, now we’re starting to hear the very same thing from Whites…don’t worry though, good thing Patriarchy or anything resembling it is a thing of the past!!!

As I’ve said before, I’m not for dismissing women only into the roles of ‘housewife’ or ‘mother’ if they wish to be something else. Heck, I work and serve a great many women and some of them are razor sharp. I would vouch for quite a few of them, as they are assets to their respective companies and to the industry as a whole. I bet I’m not the only man who feels this way about some women in the workforce. The thing is that present society has given freedoms to most people so that a great life can be had by anyone if they so choose. Hell, imagine people not able to have sex despite being married because they simply want no more children, this was obviously a reality for our ancestors while they slaved away to keep themselves alive. What I’m saying is to realize that due to the fact men do the heavy lifting in society, women have more choices and freedoms now than at anytime in previous history.

I’m not saying women should ONLY be housewives, what I’m saying is that the married man on the other side of her street is one of many who work to make sure that she can do whatever she wishes. It’s simply stupidity to make men by and large second guess doing so as in time, those freedoms and choices can also become unavailable. Maslow’s hierarchy also works in reverse, time to realize that sh!t!!


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