Rhyme and Reason


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Why does ‘The Phantom Tollbooth’ exist? Why do I spend time away from my ADHD addled life to blather on about my perspective on the decline of Western Society? Well at first I thought that I had the reason why I was doing what I did and in truth, over this past year things have changed somewhat. See the reason why I called my blog the Phantom Tollbooth was because of the movie of the same name starring Butch Patrick years ago.

Brief plot-line; a young boy goes on a journey when a tollbooth (literally) flies into his house and takes him to a faraway place. In this new land, he becomes a hero by rescuing the princesses Rhyme and Reason from their captivity and thus they go about their business, restoring this land to its previous logical state. While the story is very intriguing, it was the very beginning and end which caught my attention.

You see our hero, Milo, was on the phone with his close friend lamenting about the lack of Rhyme or Reason in the world when the tollbooth made it’s appearance. Due to curiosity, he investigated it which lead to the reconciliation of his perspective, although he didn’t realize it at the time. After he returned from his adventure and the tollbooth left his abode, he got on the phone with his friend with a new determination about life. The funny thing, his friend was also on the phone with Milo as the tollbooth made a visit to him thereafter.

Folks, here is the abstract lesson to be learned from this fictional tale. If I ask you how many worlds exist, you will undoubtedly tell me one. Sorry, wrong answer. The truth is that there are over 7 Billion, one ‘world’ for every man woman and child on this planet!! What I’m getting at of course is personal perception, and the key to this life is that one needs to make sure that our perceptions work for us. The amazing thing about The Phantom Tollbooth movie is that while Milo’s perception had been reconciled due to his adventures, his friend’s was still in flux which was why the Tollbooth visited him right after Milo.

That is the crux of this blog post, which so many worlds need to be reconciled at this point. Am I the one to do it, hardly, but I can only offer my opinion as I try to reconcile my own perception of this world. This is why I have so many links on my blogroll, if there is anything I’ve learned in my myopic days in Network Marketing, is that sometimes to get the message across, to certain people, it needs to be said in a different way. On the manosphere, many of the same themes get repeated over and over, but possibly things being said differently may get a man or a woman to see the light and change their approach.

See, in my opinion as it appears to me, I’m actually against women having no choices in their lives. I disagree with women ONLY being housewives and simply being barefoot and pregnant. Heck, I can even see why women chafe under Patriarchy. However, as I‘ve stated in my previous post, there are choices which need to be made by both genders in terms of the unique consequences they have to face. I’m not against women having careers and receiving professional accolades, I’m down with that in every single way! However, the bottom line is that IF you as a woman ALSO wish to enjoy a good marriage and motherhood, at one point you are going to have to put those professional dreams on hold and pursue your maternal goals while the getting is good.

Listen, the truth can be very ugly, no lie there, but no matter how repulsive reality may be, it doesn’t change the fact that these statistics can and will change your life for the worse if one isn’t careful. The ugly truth is that a professional 30 something woman doesn’t have the same pull in the sexual marketplace than a 20 something woman, whether she’s educated or not. Bottom line, I’ve some female friends who didn’t abide by the rules so to speak and they are now paying the price. They would love to be married or even have  a serious boyfriend, but due to their worlds lacking Rhyme or Reason, they missed the brass ring. The bottom line is that the world doesn’t care what it is that we like or care about, it simply does what it does like the scorpion and the frog.

Human nature isn’t up for debate, and the more we try to fight, the more we prove that human nature will ultimately win.

On another note, some may wonder why as a black man I have certain sites which deride black people on my blogroll. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where it hurts to read the posts made on these blogs but at the same time I read them just the same. The reason being is because that contemporary society affects certain races in different ways and it needs to be discussed before its too late!! Listen, Black people have ridden the Feminist train to their detriment for the last 40 plus years…but SO have Whites!! Other races most likely have also suffered from the effects of this myopic worldview so I simply think it folly to consider only my own race in the after effects of Feminism.

Where all getting screwed, whether you see it or not is irrelevant!!

Bottom line; Whites are getting crapped on as well, it sucks sh!t that White men can’t even open their mouths to complain about the bullsh!t that they have to deal with without being labeled a racist and I for one don’t think it’s right!! I’m now seeing the crap which affected my own race beginning to spread amongst White People and I find this troubling. There was no one available to warn us Blacks about the upcoming tribulation facing us; I feel it’s my duty to warn as many other races who will listen about what could affect them!!

At the end of the day, maybe my approach isn’t going to win me many friends, but it doesn’t change the fact that both men and women are getting crapped on by Feminism. This situation isn’t going to stop until both genders realize what is being lost by not standing up and to fight for their own perception and their worldview.

Good Luck, we’re all going to need it!!


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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2 Responses to Rhyme and Reason

  1. Aurini says:

    We need more Black voices with the strength of chracter to confront uncomfortable issues like this.

    I’ve been struggling with a post for a while now, I can’t figure out how to phrase it exactly… but in a nutshell, I worry that current anti-racist, Black entitlement system is setting us up for a race war. Singularity2050, in regards to feminism, said we can have a rebalancing… or we can have a destructive unravelling. Similarly, I could see the elites doing a complete 180 on their attitudes to race – going from hating the ‘racist redneck’ to outright hatred of Blacks and Immigrants.

    No sane person wants to see that.

    • Omnipitron says:

      I agree Aurini, and I worry about a possible race war as well. I said it on Scarecrow’s blog and I’ll say it here as well. I’m amazed at just how much White men are derided in Western Society and culture, even made to look like bumbling idiots in commercials for crying out loud!! You can only kick a dog so many times before it realizes you’re a threat and decides to defend itself.

      Everyone seems to be after Whites, so what could happen if ya’ll finally say ‘ENOUGH!’ I personally don’t blame White people in general for getting p!ssed off at the current situation.

      To me, it isn’t as question about IF it will happen, but WHEN. One simply can’t benefit at the expense of another, if we know that this crap is happening, then we need to put a stop to it!! How is telling a White man he can’t have a job because of his skin color any better than telling an immigrant or a Black the same thing? Let me guess, it isn’t ‘racist’ when the people who are considered advantaged lose a little here and there, right?

      Bullsh!t!! Racism will always be around, of course I see that, but this current entitlement complex is adding fuel to a fire which will ignite and cause an epic conflagration no one has ever encountered before!! One can’t solve racism or favoritism by tying the hands of the people who busted their asses initially to carry others. If my voice lends any credence to the real issues White people are facing today, damn right I’m going to use it!!

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