Female Sexual Power

Okay, although I’d read this article quite a while ago on The Spearhead, I hadn’t had the time to post about it until recently. You see the premise which Henry Laasanen states is actually quite illuminating, in my opinion as it appears to me, I think some of his conclusions have been reached due to looking at only one aspect in regards to male and female interactions. One of his conclusions wasthat men need women more than women need men.
Now, I can see this conclusion making sense if Henry had decided to look ONLY at sex when considering male and female leverage, but unfortunately doing so does both men and women a disservice. To be honest, that statement got my back up, part of the issue with men nowadays is that they believe this myth to be true which is why they accept bullsh!t behavior from women right from the jump. Moreover, it also instills a false sense of superiority in women, which is entirely unjustified. It isn’t true, and I believe that Henry needs to widen his scope in order to assist in facilitating his premise.
Yes, if one looks Only at sexual relations, it’s fairly easy to see that women by and large have men over a barrel. No, women may not pursue sex to the level men regularly do and that can be an advantage since that means that women have some leverage over men in this regard. However, men and women do not trade sex in and of itself, there is far more going on than that.
In truth, Henry is making the very same mistake that our friendly neighborhood feminist’s are making,assuming that men and women are far more similar than they really are and basing conclusions on this faulty premise. As I’ve stated in the negotiation; what Henry is forgetting is that women trade sex, (what men want and are willing to pay for) for a man’s resources (what women want and are willing to trade for). You see, both genders are looking out for their own best interests and seeking out the best deal for what they can get. To say that men and women trade in only sex would be like saying that when people are looking for houses, they trade ONLY in real estate, no mortgages, no banks, no money, just a house for a house.

How well would that work?
Women know that men like sex well enough to pay for it,which is why they where able to trade men sex for commitment. It’s due to the value that men place on sexual relations to women that a man may engage in a sex chat with women, but women may not so readily do so themselves. What do they get out of it other than a power trip at the expense of the men they are talking to? However, just as Henry had stated that women don’t engage in that behavior, men also don’t spend billions of dollars a year on their appearance now do they?
Since women don’t value sex in the same way that men do,what is the return on a man investing on his appearance in a manner such as this?
See, when one looks at other aspects of the negotiation, it becomes fairly evident that the old adage that “women need men like fish need a bicycle” is wholly false. Even the tremendous power of the male sex drive can be described akin to a biblical parable, it giveth and it taketh away. Men are VERY willing to pay for sex with attractive women…and women can take advantage of that. However, the downside is that men are VERY willing to pay for sex with attractive women…and women can take advantage of that. That a 30 something businessman maybe willing to spoil a 20 something woman rotten only to shag her, but…this businessman will also be willing to spoil OTHER 20 something women rotten only to shag them when he is 40 something and the initial woman is now 30 something and no longer worth his time.
That is the true nature of women’s sexual power. It isn’t something for men to adapt to, mainly because men don’t have too. Game and/or MGTOW is all a man needs, we simply don’t need women in the same capacity that women need us. There will always be a younger/hotter woman and when one considers what both genders bring to the table in the negotiation, the ‘women don’t need men myth’ is busted pretty handily. The world would change tomorrow if more men realized the truth about their own power and leverage. In fact, Emma the Emo had a comment, which I think, really hit the nail on the head.
Furthermore, another issue I had with Henry’s article was the fact that yes; he did acknowledge that due to the aggregate  investment of men in society, women didn’t need individual men in the same capacity. Once more, by not looking at a larger picture, he misses out WHY men invest in society in the first place and even realizing that men can opt out if they so choose.
All in all, it was a very interesting article, only that some of the conclusions where in error.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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5 Responses to Female Sexual Power

  1. ScareCrow says:

    Remind me to read your blog more often…

  2. Legion says:

    ScareCrow, remember to read Omnipitron's blog more often.Yes we men have a tremendous sex drive. I'm glad mine is still healthy in my 50's. Gladder still I'm not so obsessed with sex as in my 20's.Yet, after sex what do men need women for? To buy tons of junk? To get bigger living spaces? To be a working servant for all her needs? Not a one.I guess I was lucky in divorce, she cared that we still raised our son properly and together. But all that other crap dissappeared and my stress level dropped away.No more marriage and no more live-in girlfriends (another story). These are lessons I learned before finding the manosphere. It just told me why I was right is all.

  3. Omnipitron says:

    That's just it, after I had read The Misandry Bubble, I realized this very truth about men and women. Essentially, by looking at the tatters of our society, one can piece together the methodology of our forefathers. Men by and large only need women for one thing alone, which was why soceity did their best to raise men NOT to take advantage of women and raised women to keep their legs closed.By doing this, it actually gave women power in the negotiation between the sexes and leverage to bargain for marriage. Outside of regular sexual intercourse, a man has little reason to deal with a woman, blunt, ugly, but truth nonetheless.This is why we see so many older women getting upset when they see a man of their age with a woman significantly younger as they have no means of competing with their younger cohorts. Case in point, a buddy I went to school with just got married last year. He's my age (36) and his smoking hot wife is at least 10 years younger. Consider how many women lost out right there? Consider another example, rapper Ice-T. He is 54, his wife of 11 years Co-Co is 32. Bottom line; women making marriage a bad deal is the most foolish thing they could ever do, and believing that they are just like men and can act exactly like we can is also a very foolish undertaking. By thinking that their power is absolute, they risk becoming old and alone as men take their power and invest it on younger and hotter women.

  4. Omnipitron says:

    One more thing I wanted to add;"Yes we men have a tremendous sex drive. I'm glad mine is still healthy in my 50's. Gladder still I'm not so obsessed with sex as in my 20's."I remember a comment TFH left on The Misandry Bubble which really had me thinking. He said that in the past there was an understanding between the genders where a woman didn't push her advantage of her youth when she married on the understanding that a man wouldn't push his advantage of status and wealth when they got older.When the sex drive is mitigated with knowledge, then the crap men were willing to accept from women cools considerably.

  5. Omnipitron says:

    Take it anyhow you want too, but SOMEONE's getting owned!! Apparently, someone doesn't LIKE what I have to say. Doesn't matter to me, the truth will come out regardless. I translated my post so that they could get the jist but one must remember that Google translator isn't perfect right?My answer in English;Interesting, while this may not be exact, I'll try to get this out anyway. I translated your post meaning to AVOID my post, not that it mattered anyway. Most of the traffic I received came from your own blog.Nice try.At the end of the day Henry, you are mistaken. Men and women do not relate the way you think they do, and you need to re-evaluate how they interact. Men and women DO NOT trade sex for sex, men trade women's sex for our resources, this has been the deal for eons and whether you wish to accept it or not is inconsequential. The truth cares little for what you wish to believe.By placing my blog in such a position, you are proving my position correct. Feminists wish to ignore the truth, you really wish to place yourself among them?This is an argument you can't win, don't try.

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