Female MRA’s?

Girl Writes What is a female blogger who has her own youtubechannel and speaks about men’s issues and the troubles with Feminism. She alsoposts regularly at a Voice For Men which is run by Paul Elam. This my friendsis great news because as I have stated before in terms of rapport in regards tomen and women attempting to reach their younger counterparts, she will be ableto reach many more women then we could ever hope to ourselves.
Sure, many women won’t listen and will simply disregard heridea’s, but that doesn’t change the fact that as a woman, she will be far moreeffective in getting the message out. As NWOslave points out on The Spearhead;
“The sad part is, if a man says the same thing, as men havedone thousands of times he’ll be universally declared a misogynist. When awoman says the same thing men have been saying for decades, it suddenly hasrelevance and her words are deserving of further contemplation.”
Yes it is sad, but a truth nonetheless.
However, many doubt the integrity of women such as GirlWrites What and to be honest, I simply can’t blame anyone who does. While shedoes seem on the level, men have been sh!t on for so long and seen too manywolves in sheep’s clothing so they aren’t very quick in trusting women at thispoint in time. Greyghost had an amazing comment which may be blunt but I dohave to agree with.
‘I see this woman as a NAWALT example for the blue pillers.At the same time she is also another source for the MRM message.
That being said she is a woman and she is and will always be on team woman nodoubt about that. That is normal and natural for any women.(that is why game isso effective and explain the irrational behavior) This is no enlightenment andthere is no way it can be changed. If it is in her selfish interest to treat aman well a child or give a damn anything she will. That is normal. And that isthe best you are going to get and can be expected from a woman period.’
In my opinion as it appears to me, the purity of purpose ofa woman joining the MRM ranks simply due to the injustice men face may be too much to expect. However, solong as women realize that their own interests are being undermined throughfeminism can we not reach the same destination? I’m not saying to jump on GWW’sbandwagon, or that of any other female MRA who ‘joins the ranks’ so to speak.Far from it, let her prove her worth and earn that trust herself. All I’msaying is that women will start to fill MRA ranks once it becomes more clearthat Feminism is hurting their own well being especially if they are youngenough to achieve their goals or they have children facing the unequal playing field which has become contemporary society.
One more thing to realize about the two support networksbetween men and women is that more and more men are waking up from the matrixand are now questioning the current paradigm at large. An increasing amount ofmen are administering the red pill themselves and due to the loss of the formermale support network, there are less and less ‘voices’ to get men to grow upand take responsibility. Actually, it’s now becoming obvious why Feminismhates the MRM as much as they do.
MRA’s are taking the place of Masculinity Inc and just as wehave no rapport with women, they have none with men.
This is simply the deal, even if purity of purpose isn’tapparent and some women only operate out of self-preservation by joining theMRM ranks, by stating the truth of the matter they will help far more than theycan hurt. If they turn out to simply be turncoats, then we can reject them andstill continue on our own way.
One more thing to any lady who is reading this and wonderingabout men’s rights. The earlier you join, the better you will be received.Allow me to tell you something I learned while reading about infidelity online.When reconciliation is attempted, the chances of success are increased thesooner the wandering spouse (WS) accepts their errors and ‘owns their sh!t’.The harder the betrayed spouse (BS) has to work and the longer they have towait in order to get the WS to this point, the smaller the chances ofreconciliation. Essentially, when admitting fault is done sooner, it appears tothe BS that the WS wants to change for the greater good of the relationship andthe family.
However, and I’ve seen a few examples of this, when the WSnow turns around ONLY when the BS is literally about to leave them, then itonly seems that they have changed their tune simply to cover their own @$$. Inmy opinion as it appears to me, there will come a time when denouncing feminismwill be seen as a necessity in order to gain the trust of some men. If you jointhe ranks at that time, it will be very plain to many a man that you are onlydoing so out of blatant self-preservation because your back is against thewall.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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15 Responses to Female MRA’s?

  1. Legion says:

    I read that article and thread too. I must confess that after listening to her for a couple minutes it just annoyed me. Also, someone else in the comments asked if she had been petioning the USA Congress to revoke the VAWA law and reverse the divorce courts siding with women. Of course not.Given women's self serving nature, only those women who do so can be believed that, maybe, this time, a women is on our side.What a women says means nothing. Look at what they do.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    Agreed, which is why I don't blame men for not trusting women too quickly, especially since the Susan Walsh debacle. I personally believe in time you will see women start to petition, but ONLY when NOT doing so would hurt their interests.

  3. Dulantha says:

    This shows the real situation of feminism. Actually the majority of female population is not accepting feminism. Some of them have no idea about what is feminism. We must promote anti feminist women while promoting men's activities too.

  4. Aurini says:

    She's been active for sometime on reddit/MR, as well as blogging; I'm inclined to trust her, though I haven't read too deeply into her writing.

  5. Adonis says:

    What happened with Susan Walsh Omni?

  6. Omnipitron says:

    Hey Adonis, been awhile my man. Well, to make a long story short, she made a ridiculous comment on her blog in regards to Frivolous Divorce being overblown in the 'echo chamber' that is the manopshere. Dalrock challenged it on his blog with stats to prove that it wasn't overblown and Susan's response was to dig herself deeper instead of admitting that she was wrong.She reacted exactly like many women or feminists do in the face of information which runs counter to their position. That in and of itself obviously isn't kosher, but when the topic itself is an issue which directly affects men, it really isn't kewl!!Wrote a post about it here;http://omnipitron.blogspot.com/2011/12/being-correct-right-and-possible.htmlIt has the link to Dalrock's post which destroys Susan Walsh's and another link to her article which has the offending comment in the first place.

  7. Omnipitron says:

    That's good to hear Aurini. The best endorsement that a female MRA can ever get will be from a man. To me she does seem on the up and up which is why I posted about her. It's just a shame that men have to keep their wits about them since so many females who claim they are on our side, really aren't.

  8. Adonis says:

    I understand Omni… Susan Walsh is team woman… I still fucks with her, just like I fucks with the Spearhead, Roissy, etc…White MRA's are team white man and mostly want to reconcile with there own… Black men vs. BW ain't in that equation. So, in a way, I appreciate SW making herself more pronounced. No harm, no foul. But please give her credit for being a little more understanding & acknowledging with a man's plight than the average woman.I don't trust people as far as I can throw them… I still like SWIn other news… Check this sh*t out Gold digging 101 Interracial Hysteria , I commented as "Si On Da" being that they can't handle Adonis too wellA guy named DarkOneSun09 on youtube's wife left him… I had to comment… Read my comment Here is his side of the story… I am furious with his naïveté She failed me I wish his wife would comment, but I understand why she would not…I hope this goes through moderation… Enjoy

  9. Adonis says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Omnipitron says:

    LOL, I don't have moderation on my blog my man, it's a sign of my current lack of popularity. Hey, listen, I do see what Susan Walsh is trying to do, and I do resepect your stance. To me, your stance means more than some of the blanket white knighting that I see on the Manosphere. You didn't agree with her position in that blog post, but you brought up her good points.That I can respect.The reason why I have issue with her is that after her 'issue' I have to wonder exactly how far it runs? Is she really trying to figure out the best situation for men and women, or only women? This is just me, but after years of trying to understand women, I've seen too many women either outright ignore, or downplay the issues men face.Saying that the manopshere is an echo chamber really downplayed men's issues, we get our heads kicked in pretty much every single day.What bugs me is that due to the current situation, men are seperating themselves even more than normal. Personally, I do believe that all creeds of men may never see eye to on all situations, but dammit, different races of men can at least learn to RESPECT each other. However, in the current social paradigm, all men are at odds as they try to keep their heads above water during this bullsh!t we call feminism.How can you extend your arm to another man when you're trying to cover your own @$$? Another point, how do you cover your own @$$ when you don't even realize that the woman in your life (your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, girlfriend) is plotting against you? Or, won't defend you when you have been wrongfully maligned?

  11. Omnipitron says:

    Also not saying you're a white knight dude, just saying that I respect your reply and not simply stating that "Susan Walsh is the sh!t".

  12. Adonis says:

    @OmniYou articulated that beautifully… And we see eye to eye…As men, unfortunately, we have to throw out shit tests of our own… To see where everyone stands…So, as Wiz Khalifa says "All haters expose themselves, so it's best to leave them alone" from "The Statement"…I totally get where you & the Manosphere are coming from… And for the most part, you & I are very justified in the stance we take… Personally, I would like to rise above that… And live life fully among all the hostility…If I am "White Knighting", that is a detriment to all involved, so I will correct that… Especially when being an alpha male is much more effective & free-er way of living… I guess as men, getting most women to understand us is a lost cause, so I take it where I can get it… Thanks again for the update

  13. Tim says:

    Male MRAs are great there's another one Christy0misty, while she is inactive as of late she has done many MRA videos that are worth the watch.What I love about the MRM is that its open to either sex. A woman who can see through feminism is open to join the movement, while in feminism its strictly a girl club and when men are involved, they are on a leash

  14. Omnipitron says:

    Thanks for dropping by and I will look her up Tim.

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