When Good Men Go ‘Bad’

Earlier today a co-worker, ER, sidled up to me with hisandroid phone in his hand.
“Wanna see the latest one?” He says with a small smirk.
“Sure!” I said with a smile.
He plays with his phone and then shows me the Facebook pageof a very cute woman, I’d peg her as a 7. He seems somewhat enthused about her,as he described her attributes, but not overly so, he didn’t overdo it, thenagain he never does…anymore. See ER always gets this way when he first meets agirl, he has high standards, and as soon as a girl p!sses him off, he bouncesbecause he simply doesn’t have the patience to deal with it. Moreover, he knowsone more thing; he doesn’t HAVE to deal with it.
ER wasn’t always this way, trust me on this one.
See, about 5 years ago when ER first joined the company, hewas a very geeky twenty something who was horrifically beta in every way. Don’tworry, even he would call himself a geek, but he is a lot more confident whenhe says it now. He did posses some alpha traits in that despite his thinstature, he had taken strict martial arts training when younger and is a verymean fighter, but you would have to pull that information out of him like adentist pulls teeth. He doesn’t brag about that sort of thing, which makes youwonder just how dangerous he really is. Well, years ago he caught his seriousgirlfriend cheating on him, literally walked in on it (not physical, yet) andbroke up with her but sadly had gone from the frying pan straight into the firesoon after! His rebound put him through a vicious roller coaster and sadly,during a point in his life where he would have sorely needed some support.
Let’s just say that ER and I have had many talks about hissitch over the years and that dude was tested by some very serious infernos.
Well, to be honest, after he let this three alarm fire hecalled a girlfriend go, something about him had changed drastically. He hadtold me that he simply no longer cared, that he used to live to make womenhappy, and now he honestly didn’t give a flying sh!t any longer, now it wasabout him. All of a sudden, ER went from being in a monogamous relationship andbeing treated like crap, to showing me pictures of various women he was dating,and MANY of them too. Let’s just say that this greater beta has embraced hisinner alpha and it has done wonders for the guy.
Let me tell you this bit of information; just like my former manager I spoke of (who has moved on to greener pastures with a better positionoutside my company) he has never spent ANY time on an MRA site, but he graspsthe contemporary male situation VERY well regardless. We’ve had manydiscussions on the topic of women and relationships and you’d think he’d pouredover virtually every site on the Manosphere with the level of information he has.Don’t get me wrong, when he’s in a committed relationship, he’s faithfulthrough and through, but when he isn’t, you are nothing but a notch on his beltUNLESS you prove otherwise.
Actually, I should restate that; you are nothing but a notchbut he will keep you there with the chance of becoming more UNLESS you provethat you are unworthy. You should see how many have been unworthy; like I saidhe has high standards and realizes that this is HIS game.
The bottom line, the crap that he would have gladly acceptedyears ago, doesn’t even register on his radar now. In truth, his dating lifereads like something out of the Manosphere’s dos and don’ts for women. Womengiving it up too early and begging him to come back the night after, olderwomen chasing after him like an addict for their next fix and it goes on and on.He’s a young man in his early 30’s who has had women indirectly show him just howpowerful he really is in the dating market, and now he is taking advantage ofit. He was the sort of guy who lived to make a woman happy, now he goes throughthem with an attitude similar to a manager at a job interview. He wasn’t like this before ladies; guess who made him thatway?
Consider that the next time you lament over where “The Nice Guys Have Gone.” They’re still there honey, they just changed their approach.

About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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