Self Worth DAMMIT;

Gonna rant here, it will be long, you’ve been warned!!!
Men, it’s time to find your self worth. It has been under attack for the last 40 plus years thanks to our friendly neighborhood feminists, but it’s high time men in the aggregate grew a goddamn backbone. If any single men are reading this blog and born in a Western Country then you are just like me many moons ago. See I had thought that since women no longer need men like they did that I had better learn to be nice to one in order to marry and settle down. We no longer had the upper hand in terms of resources so being just a man no longer seemed to be good enough.
On top of this; if you are between the ages of 20-30 and especially a white male, you have been exposed to boundless propaganda, which has given you a very distinct but erroneous impression of how men and women really operate. You most likely view women as always correct, intuitive and strong willed people who have overcome hardships in their past and thanks to contemporary culture have risen up to claim their birthright. Some of you may even view women as being smarter than men due to their academic success and their prevalence in post secondary education.
It’s time for you to get your balls back, gentlemen! It’s time to start looking at things from a different perspective. I need to bust the sh!t out of a myth for you. Let’s look at a comment Carnivore made on a post Christian J just put up.
“CJ, I hear ya, but even more obvious – take a drive in any city or town – block after block of buildings, roads, bridges, electric lines, water lines, gas lines, telephone, cable TV and on and on it goes – all designed and built and maintained by MEN.Drive in the country – mile after mile of paved roads sometimes through difficult terrain. All designed and built and maintained by MEN.It’s all so easy to take for granted. Oh and BTW, women need men like a fish needs a bicycle. Yeah, right.”

Yes, that’s right, you need to read that part again. Carnivore is right on the money, men build and maintain infrastructure so well that even us MEN take it for granted. By and large we don’t even see what it is that we contribute to society on a regular basis so when the media states that we are useless, we literally bow our heads and agree. We need to get our collective heads out of our @$$ES and realize what the f$ck the deal is!! If you haven’t already, take a gander at the grand daddy of all MRA posts; The Misandry Bubble by The Fifth Horseman. It’s a very long read, but well worth the effort. What you need to realize is this one very simply fact;
Men by and large need VERY little to survive, we can get by on exceptionally little and just on our very wee lonesome, a piddly @$$ job, a crappy set of wheels (or no wheels depending on where you live), and a cramped apartment can do us well once we set up our PS3 that is. My buddy ER rents a single room…that’s it, it’s all he needs. This is what your homework assignment is my good buddies, if you are single; simply look around your digs, where do you live? Count up your assets, where do you work? What sort of expenses do you have, more importantly, how many complications do you have in your life.Compare that to your single male friends and you will find the pattern largely remains true. Now, compare what you have found to that of your married friends or even your father and you will see a very large and distinct difference.
Their job, much larger earnings, their houses or homes at all, much larger and more expensive (my grammar sucks, deal with it). Their vehicles, same thing, their taxes, oh yeah, much more going to Uncle Sam, The Great Canadian Beaver, or Jolly Old England. What I’m trying to say is that infrastructure in virtually ALL of its forms are maintained by the works of married men!! By getting married, men contribute to society and allow it to grow and innovate brand new improvements. Men on their own seldom toil to this level themselves, but with a family to support, they will move mountains.
The crux of the Misandry Bubble is that without a man’s contribution…YOUR contribution, everything crumbles. Everything, get it? As of right now, men not only have no incentive to get off their duffs,but have a very serious reason NOT to get married due to the biased family courts and marriage laws. Make no mistake, the denigration of men spells doom for any society and yes, it has happened before in the past and those societies went the way of the dodo.
Time to recognize your value to society and to yourself,grow a backbone, you have every reason to do so!!
If you look at the all the parts of the negotiation betweenthe sexes, you will see that women where at a distinct disadvantage in terms of leverage. If you are a newbie to the manopshere by chance, then hang around some; you will learn in time, if you’re a veteran, I may shake your tree a little bit. Many MRA’s (Men’s Rights Agitators) maintain that patriarchy was to control female hypergamy.
I highly doubt that.
In my opinion, Patriarchy was used to harness MALES and their tremendous power to create wealth. It was by keeping MEN under control that civilizations have been built and technologies have been forged. Controlling females was simply ONE means of engaging men’s incentive and therefore their works. Men are the ones to be controlled and engaged…NOT WOMEN.Why you ask, once more one needs to look at the negotiation to see the truth. Men can opt out of civilization, thereby creating a huge loss in possible resources; it’s merely a choice to them. Women, have no choice,they have to opt in or they die. Since this is the case, what is to be gained by catering to women since they have no other option? Not only did this engage men to use their excess labor, it also PROTECTED women’s interest as well. Ever wonder why Patriarchal societies accommodate men to extremes other societies consider excessive (not that I agree in some cases)? Simple really, they recognize the great need to have men to continue to invest in society and giving them incentive to carry on is the name of the game!!
Forget this fish and bicycle crap, women can replace us just like us guys can have babies. Believe it, and if you don’t then you best get there!! It’s sad to say that men need to learn the value of masculinity and just what puts steam in our step from the internet, but what’s done is done and we have no other recourse.
That’s why you have some men who have the guts like ER or Brutus NOT to accept a woman’s crap. They realize that THEY are the prize for whatever reason, and the fact that you can make a woman’s dreams come true is a bl@@dy good one in my opinion. My mother said it a long time ago, and she was right, I just didn’t see it at the time. This is a man’s world, it always has been, and always will be. The ONLY reason why sh!t’s hitting the fan now is because of the fact that certain ‘men’ on top are allowing it (and benefiting from it). If you desire to get married, then you need to change your attitude. Do not date women thinking you are somehow lucky to even find one willing to marry you, this will work as well as the Hindenburg’s maiden voyage. No my friends, you need to conduct yourself with your future contribution well in sight. YOU as a man who may marry are going to be the one to make all the dreams come true for some lucky girl…YOU. Why the hell are you lucky to find her pray tell? Just what is so amazing about her that when you are older and more valuable that she will still be a good deal? Why do you have to jump through a trillion hoops to prove yourself to someone who simply believes they merely have to show up?
You need to ask your proposed why she is good enough for you and what it is that she plans to contribute in any relationship with you. Marriage can be a minefield for men and you have every reason to ask. There where checks and balances men used to get and you best make sure you do your due diligence. If you don’t like the answer, BOUNCE. Mark my words, you will…let me say this again…you WILL find another. There are far too many men accepting women far below them and this sh!t needs to stop. You as a man can afford to wait, you don’t like what you see, you don’t need to purchase today. Don’t like what she’s selling, then come back in a day, a year, 5 years, hey, YOU’VE got time. If you’re a man who wishes to get married in this climate, you need to thoroughly screen any woman you deem worthy of your attention. Once you ascertain your value and stop thinking of yourself as lucky to even have a woman, it will be easier to do so once you have a valid reason. 
I was lucky, I didn’t know my worth and found a good woman,most who don’t realize their worth end up much worse than I. I have to state that I’m a stepfather, so you should take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I still believe that too many men don’t recognize their own value and therefore, do not DEMAND as much as they should from the dating market.
At the end of the day, take this information any way you want to. If you want political action, or to become an MRA, maybe learn game it doesn’t matter, whatever floats your boat. All I want you and every man who ever reads this post to understand is this; that even if you never learn game (although I strongly suggest you do), DO NOT EVER ACCEPT A WOMAN’S CRAP BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. You do have a choice, which is exactly what they DON’T WANT you to think. Why you ask? Due to the fact that if you think that you have no choice, you will ignore all the choices that they don’t have nor see the manipulations they’re attempting with you.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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3 Responses to Self Worth DAMMIT;

  1. Aurini says:

    "Great Canadian Beaver" – I'm stealing that.By the way, have you seen this site: ? Conflates nicely with your Negotiation series; his basic premise is that Feminism is nothing but an *extension* of Chivalry, or Gynocentrism as he calls it. And that the solution – much as you advocate here – is to end *all* female privilege.Protect your wife, sisters, and mother – all other women have to either earn your protection, or earn their own way.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    I'll take a look at that link, thanks for dropping by my good man, and thanks for following. All the best for 2012!!

  3. Aurini says:

    You as well, brother!

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