Being Correct, Right, and the Possible Implications

Been a recent dustup in the manosphere, which has ruffled more than a few feathers. If you haven’t heard about the sitch, then I suggest you head over to Dalrock’s but to be honest, big D stated that he didn’t want to start open season on anyone so I suggest you get your information from the source. Bluntly, a statement was made and a request for stats to disprove this assertion was also put forth. D grabbed his trusty stats like he always did and met the challenge adequately. Things went off the rails after that however as the person in question didn’t even acknowledge the information, but avoided and counter attacked in a fashion reminiscent of our friendly neighborhood feminists.
In the face of substantial evidence that the assertion made was woefully in error, our ‘person of interest’ decided that shaming, re-framing, victim language, and manipulation was much more prudent than simply acknowledging the error of their ways. I’m personally disappointed due to the fact that I had respect for this person in the past. I didn’t think they would ever engage in behavior such as this, heck, human beings, male or female are going to be wrong sometimes. We are biased and our sense of logic is flawed. However, the main thing about humanity is that once it has been established that someone seeks the correct information in life and their dealings, we then have faith in them despite our human shortcomings.
Why you ask?
Due to something that I believe many people overlook in their lives. Simply put, when a person is incorrect, and the proper information or procedure is made clear to them, the fact that they adopt the new information shows something about said person. That since they seek the CORRECT information in their lives and dealings, that in the event they are mistaken, they will correct their course, and change direction. So one can have faith that even if someone is ever wrong in their dealings, no matter if they are umpires at a little league baseball game, or the leader of a nation, that once they are shown the correct pathway (or the one that seems the most correct at the time in regards to the people involved and their situation) they will do the best they can with what they have.
To some, to be right, or considered to have the right position in a debate or disagreement, is synonymous with having the most correct information available. However, it must be seen that some wish to be right no matter the consequences. It’s possible that these people see debates and differing viewpoints as a war to be won and ‘to the victor  goes the spoils’ (had that backwards) so some wish to win no matter the cost.
Even if the price is their own credibility.
See, these people want to win so badly that they dismiss readily available evidence which is contrary to their position, however, once data is no longer on their side, they will have to resort to other tactics in order to get that tick in their win column. It’s more than disappointing that some stoop to that level or even the fact that this person whom I once respected has engaged in the same tactics. I know some may not see this as a very large issue or may even think that I’m overreacting about this, sorry gang; I personally believe this situation is much worse than just a person trying to hide from their mistake.

You see, this approach that this person has decided to adopt is precisely the same as our friendly neighborhood feminists do in the face of data, which undermines their cause of the moment. Consider it, the feminist machine is still harping over and over about the unnecessary need of a father in the lives of children despite the fact that data is readily available which proves their value after all. Allowing fathers to be in their children’s lives would be a boon to society and assist in taming the craziness we see in contemporary Western culture. Yet we see shaming, misdirection, re-framing, manipulation, and character assassination being routinely used to bolster their incorrect assumption rather than an adjustment to their position WHICH WOULD HELP SOCIETY.  Basically ignoring the information despite it’s validity.

No my friends, today this person made an erroneous statement and refused to take it back after the very proof she requested was made, but we all forget that Feminism by and large adopts this very same approach every single day. Since some simply don’t want to acknowledge the fact that fathers are necessary, we see more young boys growing into thugs and more girls growing into thug lovers. Folks, this is just ONE example of the many issues facing men, marriage, and ultimately women themselves that some just DON’T want to accept.

In my humble opinion, this sort of approach by anyone giving ‘advice’ is unacceptable.

This is why the West is going downhill gang.   When people we believed to have sound judgment enough to realize their mistakes and change in the face of evidence stubbornly refuse to give ground be they a blogger or a special interest group. No my friends, when people show this sort of behavior, man or woman, the best policy may be to always second guess their motivations or simply dismiss them outright. If they are correct, I bet money someone else will share their conclusion, if they are wrong, you have saved yourself some time.

I do have to state that the person of interest is a woman, although men will engage in this behavior as well. At the end of the day I work with a great many women whom I have great admiration for and I’m also glad that I work with and for them. However I can’t help but think that behavior such as this could have been the reason why our forefathers didn’t think it a good idea for women to be in positions of power and responsibility.

How can you have any sort of faith in a person who will protect themselves and their own interests in the face evidence, which undermines their credibility?


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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8 Responses to Being Correct, Right, and the Possible Implications

  1. Legion says:

    Just finished up the comment thread at Dalrocks again. I honestly tried walsh's site once and couldn't be bothered because my time is too precious to waste it on a women whose viewpoint is just getting sluts to be more conniving to men.Most men have to realize how worthless she is in our lives. I don't think Dalrock will reference her again.Getting up in 4 hours. Happy new Year too.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    I agree with you in terms of SW's viewpoint. She's lost a ton of credibility and now she's little better than the feminists she derides. This is also the reason why I removed her from my blogroll. I'm a little fish compared to her so she won't miss me to be honest, but it's the principle of the matter.I won't support a person who cares little to nothing about the contemporary male situation in the Western World.Hope your Christmas is good and thank you for the New Years wishes. All the best to you in 2012.

  3. Umslopogaas says:

    @Omnipitron et al:"I won't support a person who cares little to nothing about the contemporary male situation in the Western World."Actually I don't think that she cares *nothing* about us at all.It's more of a relative thing: The feminists hate us and would probably like nothing more than to eliminate 90% of us…while SW – while certainly batting for 'Team Woman' – understands that requires men for her 'smart marriage' project.Thus she is perhaps 30% on our side and 70% trying to pull the wool over our collective eyes.That said I agree with you her recent evasive / shaming tactics are problematic and have significantly reduced her credibility.I don't, however, believe these are feminist tactics so much as *female* tactics. It's simply one of their traits.Which why you correctly concluded that in more civilized times (i.e. the past) women were banned from the public sphere….*for this very reason*.

  4. Dulantha says:

    Feminists are lying about the human sexuality. Paternity is an advanced human feature. Fathers must be there in a family. Masculinity of men is a paternal inheritance. That is true according to the biology and the psychology. Mothers cannot build up the masculinity of boys,feminists know this well. On the other hand boys of fatherless families can be easily abused sexually by gays, feminists know this too. Primary aim of feminism is complicating the human sexuality. Feminists are working hard for deforming the natural sexuality, it is not a secret and it is a main part of their hidden agenda.

  5. Omnipitron says:

    @Umslopogaas good point, this approach isn't limited simply to feminists. We just see it much more from them due to the fact they are defending their political agenda far more often.Another insidious aspect of female behavior is their support of team woman despite their erroneous position. Now instead of one female defending themselves, we now have a gaggle all in support of her position.@Dulantha, This is the main belief that I hold in terms of feminists and females as well. Most know the truth, but since it doesn't jibe with their adopted agenda or worldview, they would rather spin and manipulate despite it's possible negative repercussions.

  6. Yohami says:

    "this sort of approach by anyone giving ‘advice’ is unacceptable."That.

  7. Dulantha says:

    @OmnipitronFeminists are great hypocrites too.

  8. Omnipitron says:

    'Feminists are great hypocrites too.'Dulantha, yes they are, sadly they don't want to realize it and as a result, they don't even comprehend what they are losing.

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