The Subverted Female ‘Support’ Network

Understand this; Masculinity Inc was simply the network of men working together to instruct the up and coming boys to take their place in society as the years passed. It was the men who came before who instilled the initial ‘man up’ mantra to the men who where coming after. You see women too had a network, which did the exact same thing for their young girls in order to make them valuable members of society. However, the difference is that while Masculinity Inc. has gone the way of the Dodo, the female support network is still in place. It’s just that it’s been subverted into a shadow of it’s former self.
Anyone whose spent some time on the manopshere will have a head on desk moment whenever they encounter an example of female solipsism and how horrific it works out for them by and large in regards to men and the SMP in general. However, how many really think about how women got by in the past, especially when the consequences in our low-tech history where so severe? Simply put, because women, namely older married women networked together in order to teach and train their younger counterparts. These women knew full well about the differences between men and women and the harsh penalties, which women could face if certain rules weren’t abided by. 
They where taught to look for the honest, loyal, and hard working man produced by Masculinity Inc. and to watch out for the charming but undependable lout. Yes the charming and exciting men spoke to a part deep in their psyche, but the practicality of choosing such a man held a heavy price. Men like those could charm the birds out of the trees, but would they be there for the long haul? Would those men simply deliver a song and dance and then leave them high and dry right after they got what they wanted? They where taught that chastity was one of their largest assets and while it seemed unfair for men to be able to whore around while they had to keep their legs closed, the older women repeatedly told them why and reminded them of the consequences of ‘being loose’. “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!” was a serious and stern rule, which was driven into their minds like a jackhammer.  
The older generation showed these young ladies just how to attract a man in the first place and what it was that men liked in women so they could use in to their advantage in the SMP. They where told about how their emerging beauty was transient, and their real value was going to be their character.
Appearance gets you in the door; your personality keeps you there.
They where told to keep their wits about them as the attention from men would no doubt be intoxicating, but to be very careful as all too quickly it will dim and all you will have left is your character. They where also shown the importance of compromise in marriage and supporting your family and the truth of the matter that women benefited from marriage far more than men ever did.
These basic rules where repeated to young women ad infinitum and then re-enforced by older women even after marriage and children. By doing so, then the younger women would take the over the mantle of stewardship and teach the younger ladies coming behind them. Furthermore, they made examples of the few women who ‘fell through the cracks’ to show ladies the consequences of poor choices in this regard. Slut shaming, and the threat of becoming a spinster where used as tools to keep ladies in check.
I do believe that women in the past most likely chafed under these rules, but they also didn’t have a choice in the matter. Women aren’t like men and as a result suffer differently under similar situations and that was made abundantly clear. Sure it may seem much better to be able to earn your own money, make all your own choices, or in a lot of cases, even marry the man you wanted (not that I’m a fan of marrying someone you didn’t love), but the chances of this happening in the past was probably very poor. Did any woman want to gamble with her future that way?
Bluntly, women of the past where told THE TRUTH about their situation, that they had much more to lose or gain in life. It was an ugly reality, but it was still a non-debatable truth nonetheless. What have we now?
Well, the Suffragettes tried to change the paradigm as they where annoyed by their lack of choices and Feminism has been carrying their mantra for the last 50 years. The ‘rules’ women used to instill into their young women where deemed ‘oppressive’ and not only where they thrown out but any woman who believed in them where vilified from this growing movement. In essence, the value of being part of the group now worked against the women of the old guard as belonging now meant keeping one’s mouth shut as Feminism waged a war against mankind and femininity. 
As these important guidelines and their enforcement was abandoned all together, new ones where installed and ‘the emancipated female’ was brought to bear. However these rules where shoddy at best and criminal at worst. Females being told to be just like men, because gender was nothing but a social construct and pliable. Abandonment of chastity, having all the fun you want and then find a man later if you so wish. Careers being the way to go and why be some man’s wife and watch him achieve all the glory when you could do so yourself? Family and children being over-rated, we see single men happy, you too can be just as happy as they, right? If you do want family and children, no worries, since men benefit from marriage far more than women, then there will ALWAYS be a man waiting in the wings when you’re ready.
Sadly, anyone with eyes can see this paradigm for what it really and truly is. It’s simply lies to make some feel better about the situation and built on nothing but sand.
We have older career women who have finally achieved their professional desires that are hard pressed to find a man, which suits their fancy due to their diminished SMV and the apex fallacy. They are now competing with women far younger so the deck is stacked against them.
We have professional women attempting to steal sperm in a clandestine attempt to become pregnant as their biological clocks tick down.
We see women grossly over estimating their fertility in the first place and being unprepared with the results later in life.
We have women who have thrown away decent husbands in their younger days who desperately look for partners well after their Wile E Coyote moments.
We have women who do wish to get married but haven’t a clue how to attract or even keep a man in the first place
We also see independent career women who do wish for marriage and partnership but can’t seem to compromise with decent men.
We see women chasing after exciting but undependable men while ignoring the ‘nice ones’ and usually receiving nothing but a notch on her belt for her efforts.
We see young, high mileage women wondering why some men may view them as pump and dump material but not worthy for marriage.
We also see young women who place all their work into their appearance and none into their personality or character in bids for men’s attention.
Lastly, we see women wondering where all the nice men have gone.
The largest issue with this the existing women’s ‘support’ network is that when illuminating facts which prove that this current approach is a complete failure are shown, this network disregards them wholesale or spins them into their favor which muddy’s the water’s further and confuses young women even more. Usually Feminism’s default solution is to place the blame on men somehow for the current issues women are facing. Essentially, women are being taught to swim by being given woefully erroneous information and then thrown into the water. Is it any wonder why so many more are drowning than before?
Listen, at the end of the day, I’m not a woman and I can’t personally relate to how constrictive the ‘old rules’ may have been in the past. It is very true that as a man, it’s very easy for me to say that the old way was right and women’s freedom to choose is wrong. However, the point, which needs to be driven home, is the critical finality of a woman’s situation, which the old rules tried to protect them from. An average 40-year-old woman who wishes for the family with the white picket fence and the Goodyear swing may find herself lonely and empty without the proper guidance. Add in the fact that many women are actually being told half-truths or outright lies and it’s no wonder they’re in a heap of trouble.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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12 Responses to The Subverted Female ‘Support’ Network

  1. So try to tell them what they need to know (NOT what they want, but what they NEED to know), and then see what happens…I'd just as well try to teach a pig to sing, and for the same reasons.This is their bed which they have spent the last forty-plus years making, so it is only right that they be made to lie in it…ALONE.Me? I'm Going My Own Way. And it is without Them.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    I hear what you're saying Bicycle, and the point is that we as men CAN'T tell them anything. This is supposed to come from women, the elder women they look up too. Right, wrong or indifferent women will listen to their own gender more than they will listen to men and it's knowledgeable women who are silent during this crucial time.I also can't blame you for going your own way. Since women can't nor won't see the issues their actions cause by and large, even after men voice their legitimate concerns, what choice is available to men?Personally, I believe there needs to be many more women going their way alone no matter the negative consequences they may face before they see the consequences for the most part.

  3. Dulantha says:

    Both masculinity and the femininity are essential in any society. Gender specifications are important for both maternity and paternity to exist in alive. Some of hypocritical fathers who have daughters damaged the balance between two genders in the society. These hypocrites did not let their wives to build up the female community with their daughters in a feminine way. They taught their daughters to deem their natural femininity as an obstruction for the life progress, and follow masculine way of life. That is how the gender hypocrisy destroying the society.

  4. Omnipitron says:

    Agreed Dulantha, both are desperately needed in order to make a healthy society. Trust me when I say that I have had my wife show me (inadvertently)that a woman's intuition is very necessary for a healthy family. This is why the female support network is so vital. At the end of the day, men cannot teach girls HOW to be women just like women can't teach boys how to be men.However, the Female support has to be teaching the correct doctrine. Both women AND men are being negatively affected by the false doctrine that Feminism is teaching currently and the bodies are piling up in the sewer as we speak. Men can't appreciate the contributions women make because they are too busy defending their own contributions to society.

  5. Legion says:

    A Happy Bicycle: I like that name.The only thing to do is tell the truth when someone is willing to listen: No, men don't want a coworker so why did you waste your life on a career; No, 40's and 50's are not sexy time for women (some women it's not even the 30's, but i'm older anyway) and men want someone more visually appealing – it gets worse, older men may have gone thru one women's menopause will not do that again; andNo, I'm not interested in what your coven of friends think and will not get serious with you as long as you have them.

  6. Dulantha says:

    @OmnipitronTotally correct………….Feminism is not based on the natural femininity of women and it is not for women who are feminine. The hypocritical men and all of people who have a complicated sexuality are behind it.

  7. Omnipitron says:

    "No, I'm not interested in what your coven of friends think…." @Legion I nearly spewed Egg nog on my keyboard reading this, good to see you my friend.@Dulantha, once more I completely agree.

  8. Legion says:

    Glad to heat I didn't cost you a keyboard.I'll be flying to see my son on Saturday and will spend a week with him……AT MY EX'S PLACE.I'll keep the humor light. Unfortuanely she was forced to take the entire time off on vacation, so it will be interesting. I didn't get raked through the courts as many men have been, but she still divorced me. Filing one month after I got laid off. Life stays strange for me at times.

  9. Legion says:

    ..and Merry Christmas all!As you know I\'m an atheist, so I tell people I honor the holidays for its most traditional of reasons:I'm glad the sun is not disappearing.Ba-dum-dumSadly, I won't be here all week.

  10. Omnipitron says:

    While I'm sad to hear you will be gone, I'm glad that you will be spending some time with your son. Happy Holidays my good man!

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