Lie to me

I’m willing to bet that manosphere denizens are familiar with womankind’s (and sometimes men but not quite as often) need for support when discussing a limitation of their lives, a problem if you will. What I’m trying to get at is when women admit to a flaw about themselves, but they only do so to a pre-selected audience and only at the precise time. Why do they do this, the answer is simple. See, these women (and some men) aren’t seeking a truthful response to their ‘issue’ in reality, not at all. They are simply seeking enablers to lie to them, to feed their rationalization hamsters with external output therefore making their excuses more real and bolstering up their worldview.
See, some may get clever and speak about their situation in a way, which could confound their subject so they get caught up in another topic all together. Due to confusing the subject matter, at that point their condition becomes a discussion of other topics, possibly allowing our ‘ailing’ subject a reprieve. This article is a good example of this; some people could easily get caught up in Squeaky’s longevity rather than the fact that she referred to her 24 year old feline as her ‘soulmate’. While I can’t speak of the author’s motivations (although I do have my suspicions), my mind has to wonder at the true impetus of this article. Now in addition, occasionally some will make themselves seem so pathetic in their ‘faults’ that some people, the pre-selected people of course, can come rushing to their aid with affirmations of their accomplishments and laud over them with utopian promises of the future. The ‘rest’ being ignored of course don’tcha know!! Then, they may even go as far as to make light of their current plight so that people can naturally tell them just how great they are, and how badly they have miscalculated their own self worth. Possibly their supporters even going as far as saying how great a joke it was that they’ve presented themselves in this manner.
See, all this is at the end of the day is simply people reaching out for others to tell them that it’s still okay no matter how badly things have been effed up. In truth, every single person on this planet will seek out affirmation in this regard. Depending on the situation, these affirmations really can assist someone who is truly looking for a solution to their situation and to make a fresh start. I heard it said that the one, who is complaining about the fact that they have no shoes, then stops complaining once they meet the person with no feet. Yes it could always be worse, and maybe your sitch isn’t quite so bad, but then one needs to put steps into play to rectify their situation.
This is where lying starts coming into play you see. Understand some don’t wish a solution, for whatever reason an answer to their problem may force them to look at themselves, their actions, and their past in a manner, which would make them uncomfortable. It may be easier not to in the long run depending on the situation at hand. Or perhaps they are at a stage in life where no viable solution exists. Take this article about 50 being the new34 (H/T Christian J) for example, you see these women droning on about how great their lives are at this advanced stage and how so many things have changed for the better in this great era of change.
In reality, once more we look to Christian J as he destroys the hamster wheel these women and their male yes-men construct for themselves at this ‘beneficial’ time in their lives with cold hard facts. The author of this article is 60 years old, here’s a question, what woman in their right mind is going to question an article such as this? Even a 20 something woman would simply dismiss it as something they don’t have to worry about at the moment rather than debate the merits of its authenticity. Women don’t wish to disturb the herd, and more importantly, they want to be able to think they have some SMP value at that sort of age. The more women drone on about this, the more they feel that they may be correct in this assumption despite the evidence otherwise.
Allow me to regale you with a quote from one of my fave’s on the Manosphere, that CL (formerly Thag Jones) “Would rather be told an Ugly Truth than a pretty lie.” That right there is someone who wishes for a solution to a problem, not enablers telling her how great her situation is no matter how dire.  That’s the thing though, at the end of the day, people who seek enablers out are still seeking a lie. Nothing but enabling by people who know better and most likely a group of people whom also wish to share in the continuance of this lie to bolster their own positions as well.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the issue with lies in certain situations is that one has to run from the truth. If you start running from the truth no matter how ugly, you’ll have to keep running and it’s very tiring in the long run…pun intended. 


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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