What if…

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Borrowing from Marvel Comics’ ‘What if’ series, in which a different angle is introduced into well-known story arcs to possibly see where the tangent would lead, let’s do something similar here. This time though, we go into the past…
WHAT IF… Patriarchy isn’t inherently natural to human beings, but nothing other than a construct, which harnessed our more primal and destructive natures?
WHAT IF… Rulers, Emperors, and/or Kings (The Powers that Be?) realized that survival of the fittest meant that we humans behaved just like the animals in our dominion, which would ultimately lead to chaos?
WHAT IF… The Powers that Be realized that by civilizing the masses, by giving each man a woman to take care and love him, they could create a civilization by harnessing a man’s excess output, which would innovate and raise itself from the level of mere beasts?
WHAT IF… The Powers that Be realized that by keeping said man and woman together it could create the best and healthiest breeding ground for future generations, thereby creating a self-sustaining society for the future?
WHAT IF… Patriarchy is nothing more than the closest thing to satisfying the brutal animalistic natures of both men and women while also fulfilling the needs of a successful large-scale society?
WHAT IF… Patriarchy simply toned down the survival of the fittest paradigm by adding rules and ethics into our everyday behaviors so that the previous fight to the death, now becomes nothing more than simply a highly regulated fencing match?
WHAT IF… Organized Religion was merely the tool in which some realized that mankind’s animal nature could be controlled for the greater good? By creating a set of rules and morals which didn’t succumb to mankind’s bias and laying out not only the groundwork for followers, but a means of self regulation by leaders and supporters? (I.E. Gotta attend Church, can’t have people thinking we’re heathens!!)
I say what if to all of these ideas simply because I have no way of proving them. Organized Religion and marriage predate written history so speculation is all I have at the moment. Also, I’m not a Christian, so I have no Religious Agenda to promote here at The Phantom Tollbooth, nor am I trying to say that the big guy upstairs doesn’t exist. I can’t prove nor disprove God’s existence in any way. There is only one thing I do know, and any man on the manosphere is aware of this as well. Society at the moment isn’t acting like a group of organized humans who have done incredible things, but more like instinctive animals in the Serengeti. The Alpha Male wins while the Beta male loses and pretty much most women get the shaft [pun intended ;)] while society circles the drain, regressing as the pillars of previous society have no one to take their place. This is, in my opinion, precisely the reason Patriarchy was ‘invented’ in the first place. To satisfy mankind’s more primal needs while also keeping men and women on the straight and narrow and therefore productive in society’s advancement and upkeep.
Just speculation is all.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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