Ironic Legacy

Some very good comments where left on my post on Irony by Aurini and regular commenter Legion the other day which really illuminates the issue on warning feminists.
 ‘*Sigh* Now if only you could convince girls of this before they turned 30…

But that’s a Grandmother’s job; our Grandmother’s were as absent for our sisters, as our Fathers were for us.’

 “It’s nice of you to warn feminists, but remember, “Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.””
I agree gentlemen, warning feminists in the error of their ways is completely different from warning typical North American women, and men are ill suited for the task to be honest. The run of the mill NAW sees negative situations befalling her older sisters simply as an Urban Legend, it would never happen to them.

However, feminists happen to be different animal completely. They have completely bought and reinforce the paradigm that typical and natural human behaviors in both men and women are aberrant and should be avoided at all costs!! Their whole platform is built upon this premise so warning them of their probable futures simply triggers the defence of their whole ideology.

As my mother stated to me in the past, those who don’t hear will feel.

I wrote that post for one reason; because I could literally hear the joy in my mother’s voice as she told me about my brothers’ daughter, my new niece, her grand daughter. She has never spoken about her job that way EVER, in all the 36 years I’ve been on this planet.

Do you understand?

Let me relate to you another story.

Pulling into my house a while back I happened to see a neighbor sitting on his stoop. He’s been retired for years and roughly the age of my parents (in their 70’s). Anyhow, another car pulls up behind me, stopping right in front of their house. At that moment, my neighbor stands up and the back doors open and out spill two young children, racing up the driveway. The front door opens behind my neighbor and his wife emerges and gives both of these kids’ large hugs. He stood there beaming at them until they stopped hugging his wife and then place him in a huge double-barreled bear hug.

I smiled as the proud parents then emerged from the car, all smiles as their kids are fawned over by their grandparents. I walked into my house never having said a word to them as I didn’t want to trouble their tableau, but it hit me like a ton of bricks at what sort of legacy some men and women will leave behind after them. I’ve spoken to my neighbor on occasion and he’s never mentioned his job or accomplishments either. It’s fairly easy to see what their largest accomplishment is by anyone who has eyes. Feminists won’t listen until it’s too late and they realize that whatever most accomplish in the professional realm pales dramatically to motherhood and then grandchildren. This is the sad irony about their failed social experiment, that by embracing the male role, they give up the very things which ultimately will make most of them very happy!!


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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