Now THAT’s Quality

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Sometimes what happens at my part time job is truly surreal, stuff so utterly ridonkulous that if I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t ever believe it.
Episode one; The Real Girlfriends Of A Toronto Suburb
As people where filing out from the bar a young couple, a thugged out white dude and his surprisingly attractive girlfriend, happened to get into a lover’s quarrel. They are regulars at the bar and relatively well known, and they cause little issue until last night. Turns out Thug boy looks for his gf and finds her on the dance floor grinding up on some random guy. Buddy snaps, and tells her straight up that it’s over and she can have this dude if she wants. My man straightaway heads off the dance floor and starts chatting to some random girl of his own. Couldn’t have been that hard, thugs are in high demand nowadays. Just a few minutes later, his ‘gf’ follows him and sees the reverse of what Thug boy had just encountered and she snaps herself. 
Only this time she had decided to punch (not slap, I mean closed fisted PUNCH) Thug boy three times right in his face!!
He didn’t even flinch and she stormed out of the club before she got escorted out. A bouncer actually told him that he ‘Took it like a champ’, yeah she was a girl, but she was laying into him VERY hard. 

What’s that saying…what’s good for the goose….. 

Episode Two; Jerry Springer T.O. style
Just a few minutes after the last episode ended, our bouncers flew out of the bar to stop a girlfight. At times I’ve assisted in altercations so I followed them to assess the matter. There where two separate groups arguing between each other with two ladies per side apparently in the heat of things. Both groups where desperately trying to hold these ladies in place before fisticuffs began and you had to hear the argument to believe it.
“Why don’t you take care of your OWN kids?”
“I do take care of my ONE kid, he lives with me, where are your TWO?”
I shook my head and went back inside, I wanted nothing more to do with that sh!t. A few minutes later I happened to notice the familiar red and blue flashing lights only a police cruiser with it’s cherries on creates. I go back outside thinking that perhaps this potential girl fight had incensed some men into escalating the altercation. Nope, it was still only the ladies, only this time they where being taken downtown. I asked one bouncer what started the whole altercation…simply because one had said that the other didn’t care for their children that night!!
Sorry, I should also mention that both sets of women in this altercation are regulars at the bar, so NO ONE had any right to say anything.
Ain’t empowerment grand!!!

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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