Words of Truth from Uncle Elmer

If you haven’t already read some of the gold this man is writing at Forbes, I highly suggest you take a gander. The man has no fear and enjoys illuminating the truth to the legions of hamster driven women that inhabit that place. He nails it every single time, so much so that he actually describes a friend of my wife’s very well. Now as I’ve said about this woman in the past, she isn’t a bad person, she actually has a great sense of humor and is fun to be around. She’s also VERY knowledgeable about sports when it comes to strategies and injury prevention. However, feminist brainwashing has affected her very thoroughly and she doesn’t see the extent nor even how this is affecting her life negatively.
See, we got into it very recently (we both had a little of the ‘silly juice’) and I finally had it with backing down to women when arguments start. I told her in no uncertain terms that women arguing with men about what men want is a stupid and foolish thing to do. At the end of the day, she wasn’t a man, so how did she think she can relate or KNOW us?
She always maintained that she did, and she wouldn’t budge whatsoever stating that it was me who was wrong.
As I’ve mentioned before, she’s a single mother and not because of Eat Pray Love either. Her ex was abusive and drank constantly so I can see where she had to make the very hard choice to leave him, taking the kids. She doesn’t keep them from him at all; she lets him see them whenever he asks (to be honest, she actually fights with him to take them, she has to push them on him sometimes, stating that his kids want to see him.) Not that I applaud single motherhood, but not every man is worth remaining married too, not every divorced dad is a victim of the family courts.
Back to the story; she has always been a bit of a tomboy, participating in male sports like wrestling and football with the guys, but here is where she falls off the wagon somewhat. She’s very competitive, virtually everything out of her mouth is about her accomplishments and how good she is at this, or how amazing she was at that. You really have to wonder about how good someone really is at one thing or another if they are constantly ringing their own bell, you know? She subscribes to the mantra that she can do whatever a guy can do no matter WHAT that may be, (which was why she got her back up so much when I mentioned that she didn’t know about men). I won’t lie, she actually looked at me right in the eye and stated that if she truly set her mind to it, she WOULD’VE made it to the NFL if she wanted to.
No, I’m not joking.
However, that’s just it, her competitive nature obviously helped her in secondary school sports and does help her in her profession (and she IS very good at her job) but her love life needs some improvement. Let’s take some choice quotes from Uncle Elmer to illustrate my point;
“A man wants a wife, not a co-worker.”
“Man, who once toiled alone in field and factory. sought in woman the exact opposite to soothe his wounded soul. He was willing to commit his paltry wages to her upkeep in exchange for a few simple rewards such as cooked food and a backrub.
Now that legions of women have eagerly sought out Paper Clip Sculptor positions at Pan-Encorpera and have been poisoned by a constant diet of diversity-based inspirational programming, modern woman has become just another Co-Worker.
For many men it’s a waking nightmare. Like when you work on the burger-flipping line and you finally lay down to sleep exhausted you dream you are back on the job cranking out squirt burgers. It’s no wonder they would rather jerk off to porn rather than expend the energy embroiled in a tug-of-war with a female that is just like the angry, competitive gals back at the office.”
Seeing the point here? While I love this friend and have seen how effective she is as a coach of many different sports and even a single mom who is raising two kids surprisingly well, she is still falling into a very deep abyss and her pride is keeping her from seeing the truth. She’s TOO competitive, taking the contest home with her and then placing potential partners into the ‘rival’ category instead of the ‘spouse’ category. She’s so busy trying to out-men other men that she has let many of her feminine attributes atrophy to ridiculously low levels. Her past bf’s have been lazy layabouts for the most part, but at the moment she actually has a really good dude and they are getting to know each other. Sadly I think that her ignorance about men and their motivations despite all her protestations otherwise will scare this man away as well, thinking that her attitude and moxie on the football field will win this man over.

This is the truth that Elmer points too excessively well, that no matter what Feminism states, no matter what the Media tells you, being a woman and trying to compete with men is a fools errand. It’s an un-winnable battle, and the stakes can be your long-term happiness.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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3 Responses to Words of Truth from Uncle Elmer

  1. Dulantha says:

    Feminism is not for real women who are feminine.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    Agreed. A strong woman doesn't have to be a aggressive nor competitive simply to show her value.

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