The Negotiation: Part 4

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THE TRADE; Biological Imperative
I apologize for the delay in getting these last posts out, work has been quite demanding as of late. At any rate…back to the matter at hand!!
We’ve discussed at length how the dynamics of the negotiation places women at a very severe disadvantage to men when discussing mutually beneficial arrangements. This last bit here is the coup de grace in terms of the negotiation and why feminists are so bent in regards to men.
What is a woman’s biological imperative? Simply put, to have babies and raise them successfully to adulthood.
What is a man’s biological imperative? Simply put’ SEX.

Here is the largest issue society faces today; a woman’s biological imperative is very resource heavy and difficult to satisfy. It takes years of investment in order to properly meet a woman’s B.I. adequately. What about a man’s though? What does it take to meet his successfully? Well, let’s do this, here is a picture of both a man and a woman’s replacement in regards to their respective B.I.’s
A woman’s biological replacement for men
A man’s biological replacement for women
The funny thing about these pictures is that women have long poked fun at a man’s need to ‘self gratify’ with Fistine and Palmela, shaming us that we aren’t real men if we need to stoop to that level. Sorry ladies, the jake’s on you. It isn’t men who get all bent about pornography. That would be y’all, because you view it as a threat to your leverage over men. Bluntly, to replace a man, the government has set up an expensive and monolithic bureaucracy which simply ensures that women can still achieve their B.I. in men’s absence. It’s expensive, unwieldy, and these days, has grown unsustainable. A man’s replacement for a woman is cheap (the cost of a computer, internet, and electricity) and ubiquitous.
Let’s put this another way; a woman can’t live without meeting a man’s B.I., but a man can live without meeting a woman’s. This is why Men Going Their Own Way is possible for men, because men don’t need women in our lives to exist, men only need them for one thing and one thing alone and in this day an age, there are many women who willingly give it up no strings attached. It’s women who need men and badly I may add. The whole statement of “Women need men like fish need a bicycle.” Is nothing more than posturing to ignore the truth of the matter. Women need men like fish need WATER, it’s men who need women like a fish needs a bicycle, which is why there is all this talk of women worried about men not manning up.
Anyone notice that there are no equal ‘grow up’ articles in the mainstream media about women from men? Yes us guys know that we can’t say such things, to be sure that has a very quieting affect, but the reality is that men are also very pragmatic and our needs are so small that we simply don’t need women in our lives to meet them. The easier avenue to follow is simply PUA, or MGTOW. While men refusing responsibility undermines society, men inherently lose nothing by opting out. It simply doesn’t hurt men the same way it hurts women by refusing marriage. This is one large reason why there isn’t a social movement from men to get women to act in accordance to previous social regulations in order to ensure marriage. To be honest, marriage was never seen by men as something beneficial, there is a reason why men sometimes referred to their wives as ‘the ball and chain’. Marriage was a victory for women, but a concession for men since it meant giving up some freedom in order to assist wifey attain her most valued possession.
This by the way is why Alpha’s like Roissy make fun of Beta males and below. Due to the simple fact that men pay a huge price to get sporadically what men such as these get for free. Alphas inherently know about the leverage men have over women and willingly exploit it. Beta’s and below don’t, which is why we tend to tolerate so much bad behavior from women.
Let me tell you this, there is no reason…I REPEAT NO REASON to EVER accept any sort of crap from the woman in your life. She can be replaced much easier than you ever will to her, if anyone is entitled to anything, it’s a guy, NOT most women. Please note, I’m not advocating men turn around and act like PUA’s. My statement is only to tell men not to sit down and accept sh!t from the women they are seeing in their lives. We need to collectively grow a backbone; we have every reason to do so.
Let’s go back to the negotiation table folks to see how this plays out. So, here we have once more, a man and a woman sitting either side of each other and trying to make sure they get the best possible deal out of this. These are the characteristics women have to deal with;
1)      Since women have indirect control over their assets, this means the type of man they can even initially assess may be much lower than they want. They have no means of increasing their value so this affects their asking price significantly. 
2)      So long as her prospect is at least halfway ambitious, his value will increase over time, while hers has a very short shelf life and will ultimately decrease. This also means that she doesn’t have quite as much time to haggle with the price as doing so works to his benefit, but to her expense and even what sort of price she can ask in the first place

3)      The biggest one; this situation benefits her quite a bit more than it will ever benefit him so this too also means she can’t set a price for as quite as much as she would like. It also means that he can set a much higher price that she will have little choice but to accept.
This is what I was referring to about women and the Patriarchy. What women are so upset with is the sum total of biological advantages that men have over women and their leverage in this negotiation as a result. Due to these advantages, women have very little choice but to acquiesce to the demands of men or perish. This is why they have to act and dress a certain way because “Men don’t like certain types of girls.” The decline in society we witness right now is proof positive about said advantages. There is nothing men need from women so large that we will accept “End of Men” scenario’s just to survive so we opt out and watch the world burn. Women CAN’T go on strike, who does that benefit exactly? How many Liz Jones’ and Kate Bolick’s are happy with their past choices hmmm? Think about Titanic, where Rose Bucater had to choose a life with a man she didn’t love simply because he could ensure her survival and she realized just how hard it can be to live as a woman.
That was a woman’s life in a nutshell, in the past, that was what the suffragettes where fighting to change. Although, the truth of the matter is that you simply can’t change nature.


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