The Negotiation: Part 3

THE TRADE; Gender Value Dichotomy
We’ve already discussed how women are somewhat powerless in the direct management of their assets in the negotiation, but I wanted to split this up into two sections because I tend to run off at the mouth. As well as having no direct control over their assets, there is yet another aspect which plays into the favor of men at women’s expense.

A) A man’s value to a woman (resources, confidence, experience) increases over time.

B) A woman’s value to a man (fertility) decreases over time.

I’ve said this many times but I really don’t think anyone grasps the enormity of this particular situation. This isn’t even as if men improve with age while women remain the same which would be a completely different animal. Ask anyone in negotiations, a situation like that one would still give the upper hand to one side as they could ask for a higher price from the other party as time went on. The other party however, still has their value intact so they can still ‘shop around’ so to speak if their chosen prospect begins asking too high a price.

This is a different situation altogether, one improving while the other regresses? Basically put, in this negotiation, men have the upper hand even more so than in my last post. They can afford to wait and push for a better deal if they so choose as their position may either stay the same, or it improves. For women this means that they have substantially LESS time to negotiate for a better deal from men and they aren’t in any sort of position to ask for the world and a bag of chips too. Time WILL undermine their bargaining position and if not careful they could find themselves negotiating for less and less as the men they turned down years ago are now far out of her reach.

If you consider, if men decide to extend an offer, any negotiator can tell you that under circumstances such as these that they don’t have to offer as high a bid to their proposed, due to such leverage in their favor. They know they can offer a much lower bid to women and that they really don’t have much wiggle room in order to try and wait men out or even ask for too high a counter offer. However it needs to be stated that men do tend to accept a much lower bid then they should because they simply don’t comprehend the power they bring to these negotiations. If women wait too long, men can (and will) close negotiations and move onto yet another prospect.  This is yet another bone of contention for women; for men there is a greater chance of another prospect (possibly younger and more fertile as well) wishing to ‘do business’ with them is the same true for these women?


Sure, we have a new ‘cougar movement’ which is spreading across the West like wildfire, but sadly it doesn’t take nature into account. An older man/younger woman coupling tends to be more natural than a younger male/older woman couple. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes seem to work much better (at least on the outside) rather than Ashton and Demi Moore. Let’s consider potential rivals for example when taking into account these couples. Katie Holmes isn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination, and I bet money that she is still getting attention from many men even now! Well, here’s a question, how do you think that these potential rivals stack up to old Maverick? Willing to bet that in the assets women find attractive they are poor choices at best and simply f&cking crazy to pursue at worst.

(EDIT; I feel compelled to insult your intelligence by reminding you of the assets women find attractive. The star of Risky Business has a net worth of $250 million USD. Gotta wonder how many men have that sort of scratch to even compete with Maverick, huh?)

On top of everything else, Tom and Katie have nature on their side.
Now with Demi and Ashton, we can see what has happened. I’m sure there would be a line up of guys who would love to be with Demi Moore. The woman is gorgeous, no lie. However, the guys who would love to pursue Demi don’t stack up well against Ashton, this goes without saying. Why is this? Due to the fact that the guys who DO stack up well against Ashton are pursuing women far younger than Demi. However, while she is gorgeous, we need to qualify this statement. She’s ridiculous for a 49 year old woman, but her rivals are all 20 something YOUNG women. The assets, which Ash found attractive, are dwindling, sad but true. While he is apparently still on the rise and attracting more attention as his career ascends. As time goes on, Ash will attract more and hotter women and their marriage would have been stressed regardless.
Bluntly, Ashton and Demi had nature working against them.
The ‘winner’ C/O
I have nothing against Demi Moore, and frankly I’m sad this whole thing happened to her. Truth be known I was rooting for the both of them years ago when the initially got hitched, but wasn’t surprised to hear about troubles in their marriage. The bottom line is that nature doesn’t care one whit about what we believe or want and the best thing to do is to align ourselves with nature, because not many are strong enough to fight Mother Nature’s inclinations be they male or female.
Jus sayin.

edit; just to put things into perspective for you guys, try this on for size. When The Donald married Ivana Trump in 1977, Melania Knauss was 7 years old. Think about that for a second, seriously!

How aggressive are single 35-year-old men in the contemporary dating market opposed to their younger rivals? How about their female counterparts? Cougars tend to be aggressive because they have to be in order to steal away a young man’s attention from younger females. Women still in their ‘hot spot’ (15-25) simply wait for the man of their dreams to approach them, while declining the offers of the rest who don’t measure up. Cougars have to ‘go on the prowl’ and ‘hunt’ these men because these young’uns won’t naturally approach them. I don’t care how great you as a cougar think you are, as I’ve heard on the internet, you can’t out 20 a 20 year old.
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
So here we are back at the negotiation, and now I want you to consider everything we have discussed this far. Men on one side, women on the other trying to strike a deal which is mutually beneficial. Men are bargaining with their resources, women with their fertility, but here is the deal. Men can improve their status and therefore their asking price in this negotiation. In fact, so long as a man is halfway ambitious his value will improve as time goes on. As for the woman, she can only marginally improve her value in this negotiation; in fact, it was her base appearance, which she had no initial control over, which allowed her to even assess this man in the first place. She is aware (or she damn well should be) that if she drags this on too long, or even asks too high a price he could improve to the point of ceasing these talks and start again with another, younger women.
She is also acutely aware that she may have to accept whatever price he states due to the nature of her own leverage in this situation. He can afford to leave the table, depending on the status of the guy in question; she may not be able too.
Not exactly equal now is it? Still not done yet folks, tune in next week when you’ll hear Miss Piggy say…okay forget that, tomorrow we’ll talk about Biological Imperative, that one’s a doozy.


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