The Negotiation: Part 2

Part 2

This one’s very easy, and anyone remotely aware of the Manosphere must be aware of this by now. Men and women are willing to trade what the other gender finds valuable and have been doing this for Millenia. To expand on these characteristics, let’s list some here to gain some insight;

Men value;
Fertility and health; which equals, youth and beauty.
Women Value;
Resources; experience, knowledge, confidence (which can be construed as a measure of how well someone will be able to produce during lean times) and loyalty.
We even have a ranking system, a classic 10-point scale to quickly gauge a prospective man or woman’s value to determine if they are even worth pursuing just from their outermost accoutrements. Dude driving a Porsche and wearing a Rolex is the male counterpart of a woman who resembles an elite level actress or model.  The higher a prospect scores on this scale, the better his value in terms of the assets the other gender desires and therefore, the more they can ask for during the negotiation. As we already see in the reality on the ground, Rich and successful men tend to pursue beautiful women, and beautiful women tend to pursue the rich and powerful men.

Pretty cut and dry, nothing new here and at this point everything seems very equal. Both parties have something the other wants and equally, so why all the animosity, why the need for feminism?

There is a very serious external factor affecting even this stage of the negotiation, which so many men seem to realize, but not consciously.
A) A man’s value to a woman (resources, confidence, experience) is under his direct control.

B) A woman’s value to a man (fertility) is under indirect control at best.

Let me put it to you like this; man sits down to try and open up negotiations with a woman and gets shutdown fairly quickly. He only ranks a 5 on the 10-point scale, while his prospective mate is a dead ringer for Heather Morris. Why did she decline his offer? Simply this; at her status she can indeed demand more in the Sexual Marketplace and would most likely have many higher status males also attempting to initiate negotiations with her so why should she accept his offer? So what can our hero do? Well, he can make himself over and improve his status is what. He can learn game to understand the female psyche; he can work out and enroll in combat arts to improve his self-esteem and discipline, and he can seek out mentors in his profession to improve his skill set and therefore his value to his employer. All in all, he can return to the table with his improved status and ask for another assessment if he so chose.
Once more, this is all old news to men really, nothing to see here right?
What of women though? The issue which women, and especially feminist chafe under is that their largest ace in the hole which men value in them is nothing more than a gamble they may have won or lost the second they where conceived. A woman can’t choose (there’s that word again, choice!!) to be a 10, that all happens thanks to the genetic lottery their parents rolled at conception. To turn things around, a woman now sits down with an up and coming law student at the negotiation table. This man is a decent looking; confident, and ambitious intern currently articling at a prestigious law firm. The girl in question is a 5, like the dude in our previous example and she too gets shut down for the very same reason. However, what is available to her in order to increase her status in this negotiation or others? Sadly, she is limited to superficial changes like exercise and/or diet, style of dress, better or more skillfully applied makeup, or even plastic surgery but these are all indirect modes of control at best. They simply augment the appearance which was bestowed naturally which is why their affect is so limited. Surgery is expensive and can have serious unwanted consequences to our heroine in question so it may not even be a viable choice. So what does she do? I guess another question for her is what else can she do but lower her standards?
Can you see at this very early stage of the negotiation why women get so butt hurt about men and their ‘preoccupation’ with a woman’s appearance? Hey, us guys do get a little hot under the collar when it comes to some women and their ‘gold digging’ ways, but we can choose to make more money, to us it’s simply a choice (look at that, we have a choice) to improve our status. Guys can look at a woman and say (nah, b!tch ain’t worth it) and keep going with their lives, however since a woman’s appearance is capped, they are powerless to pursue males of certain tiers so the choice has been taken from them outright.
Bluntly, if men want a certain kind of girl, men have the control to improve their status and pursue her, women do not have this sort of control over their lives and in some cases whole tiers of men are completely out of their reach before the game even started.
See how this affects the negotiation even now? This, my friends, is why feminists try like holy hell to downplay the role of appearance in the dating market. It’s to even the odds between attractive and unattractive women and to cow men into giving up part of their leverage in the negotiation. So right here, men have tremendous leverage over women which affects the price both genders can set or accept from the other. All women want to marry an affluent, Brad Pitt type who will make all her dreams come true, just as many men dream of girlfriends who resemble elite level models or actresses. 
The issue is that men can CHOOSE to improve themselves with nothing but sweat equity, but to women, all the hard work in the world won’t change their status and deep down they do understand this. I once spoke about the former bum who became a billionaire and married a beautiful former playboy playmate, that’s one hell of a turn around. While he is an extreme example, I’m still waiting on the ugly duckling of a woman to turn herself around and become such a slamming hottie that movie stars and affluent businessmen are breaking down her door to marry her.
 However, this isn’t all; there is much more to this whole situation tomorrow.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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6 Responses to The Negotiation: Part 2

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  2. Omnipitron says:

    LOL, well that will definitely ruin Christmas for some. We all pursue what it is we want now don't we?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Zero Tolerance Man's blog got hacked, but he has started a new blog at:American Woman Bitch by the Zero Tolerance ManZero Tolerance Man has the most powerful anti-feminist blog on the net, because he is directly attacking feminist women and showing what worthless cunts they truly are.Here is from his "Why Did I create this website" page:Because most American women are worthless toilet bowl turds. They are nothing but parasites feeding off the hard work of men. Are men better than women in the USA? ABSOLUTELY. The only thing American women are good for is nagging, complaining, and spending men’s money. Most are not even worth fucking. They suck in bed and thus, have absolutely no value to the good men of the USA.Please send a link to this blog to all your friends.

  4. Legion says:

    Hi Omnipitron, missed a fews days because Dalorock has been on fire for some time and I can barely get through the comments.I like the comparison of the negotiation table. We men can always improve our situation, but a women, after 25, is in a declining situation for the SMP or MMP. After a women is 25 years old, you really have to wonder what your getting. If I'm not MGTOW I will at least not remarry or have another girlfriend live with me.Anonymous, I checked out the blog and will look into it from time to time. I hope he gets a better color scheme because that does not appeal to my engineering aesthetics.Omnipitron, finally, have a good weekend. It's Thankgiving for me. Sorry I don't know about Canadian traditions.

  5. Omnipitron says:

    It's all good Legion, thanks for stopping by. Dalrock has been on point recently and it's always worth reading the discussions he starts. My Thanksgiving was in October so I've already lost the Turkey weight ;)."I like the comparison of the negotiation table. We men can always improve our situation, but a women, after 25, is in a declining situation for the SMP or MMP. After a women is 25 years old, you really have to wonder what your getting. If I'm not MGTOW I will at least not remarry or have another girlfriend live with me."I appreciate the feedback and that is exactly the situation women do face. Anyone in any situation who wishes to negotiate anything MUST have something that the other party values. If they don't then they are simply out of the running, no matter what it is they desire.As a man, you still have something of value to women out there, you choose not to market it out of the knowledge you have with women. As an example; a family friend of mine has finally leveled with my wife that she, at 39 won't have kids nor get married. The single and sole reason for this is that she has nothing of value that a man of means can't get at a better and cheaper price elsewhere.Have a great Holiday Weekend my man and give your son my warmest regards.

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