Who Am I?

I read this comment on The Spearhead which of course got to me.


If the MRM does become more prominent I expect some fairly broad satirisation of the men’s rights movement in a way feminism never was.

It already is being done so wherever MRM is mentioned on the Internet.
We are all being characterized as bitter loosers who are all 40 year old virgins who live in thier mom’s basement and can’t get a woman.

Right and sadly I believe Taqman is right on the money with his comment. Allow me to tell you ladies who I am. I’m a 36 year old, happily married black man with two stepchildren living in Canada. I have a full time job and pay my own mortgage living 30 minutes away from my parents. In fact it’s been my full time job, which has played a part in keeping me away from blogging in the last little while. I have had dates in the past, and to be honest, I still turn down female advances even now after all these years.
However, I’m vehemently against feminism and I find it highly destructive. Men’s Rights are a very serious issue, and you would do well not to dismiss it. More importantly, there is a growing number of Men’s Rights Agitators who are married and still stating the same things as the men on The Spearhead.

The last thing you want are happily married men to warn other men NOT to get married, seriously.
You can take this information anyway you want to take it, I really don’t care, because as you dismiss me as a liar, I will continue on with my married life, recording my stepson’s football games when I get off work earlier enough, and talk to my step daughter about boys. I will simply smile as more and more women look at me and ask where the others like me are hiding. It isn’t politically correct to tell you the truth; one may take it the wrong way don’tcha know?
Whatever makes you feel better.


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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2 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Legion says:

    My parents are dead. My son is in college. And I'm not going to waste a plugged nickel or a minute of my time on slut/hag women. You women have earned having men drive by you in the middle of nowhere when your car breaks down.Happily divorced. My stress level dropped thru the basement floor. I didn't start the divorce, but am happy it was done.Other than that, I hope your having a good day, Omnipitron.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    Thanks Legion, things are going well. Your comment is exactly what I mean to show people in contemporary society. When a man is happy that he is divorced it doesn't bode well for society.I really don't think men have ever really like the idea of marriage, but there was an incentive program to ensure men 'manned up' and took the plunge.Even a man who is happily divorced is simply one very large step away from "Happily Never Married" which too many women fail to comprehend the danger in men thinking this way.

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