Relationships and ‘Noisy Crickets’

Just a little rattled this week, looks like I have yet ANOTHER rant to purge from my system!!

Here’s the deal; the members of the ‘fairer sex’ which disappoint me the most aren’t feminists believe it or not. Many others and I have come to accept their hamster driven fascism simply as a way of life. No, the members of the fairer sex which has me simply shaking my head are the deludes of women who encounter MRA’s online and seem to keep quiet in the face of indisputable proof that Feminism is damaging society.

Although, these wonderful “Noisy Crickets” will more often than not get their backs up at the fact that guys are more than p!ssed at the current situation. “Trashing feminists makes you no better than they are” is their war cry and you’d think they’d studied at the same college or something. Maybe a major in Blameshifting 101? Well you know what, you crickets are right, trashing feminists doesn’t make the orneriest of angry men any better and the very antagonism men display is indeed undermining any traction that Men’s Rights tries to procure. We do need as much as we can possibly get, that is for sure.

However, let’s take a look at something here.

What is the key to relationship magic? Besides similar and matching interests and personalities good communication and empathy between the couple, is very important correct?   Understanding the needs of your partner and doing your best to meet them, yeah?

Let’s take a couple, for the sake of ease will call them Jack and Jill. Now, Jill has an issue with their relationship and seeks resolution with Jack. It doesn’t matter what the issue is be it lack of physical/emotional intimacy, lack of quality time together, or personality clashes, Jill has an issue with how parts of the relationship are being conducted and she’s looking for a solution. I mean, this wasn’t an issue when they first met, in fact Jill was told that by seeing Jack that this particular need would be satisfied in spades. Jill of course is seeking a compromise on the issue, relationships are all about compromise and she, being a reasonable sort of person, just wishes to made her position known so she can BOTH work to rectify the problem, right?
Okay, so let me ask you this…how satisfied would Jill be if Jack dismissed her issues? Would she be frustrated at all, maybe a little angry and disappointed on top of it, right? Now let me ask you this, what if that issue, whatever it may be was an recurring issue between Jack and Jill? That for years this issue, whatever it may be, was a bone of contention between the two of them. Now let’s be honest, the issue isn’t the fact that this situation is taking place after all this time, the issue is that Jill has aired her disappointment about said issue and Jack knows full well how much this hurts her and what it would mean to Jill if it where to stop or simply occur less often if it where a negative action, or occur more often if it’s a positive action she seeks.
Still, after years of bringing up these issues, years of discussions and heart to hearts with Jack, this issue still hasn’t been rectified. Could you not understand that Jill’s frustration is nearly boiling over, as she can’t comprehend the lack of compassion or empathy from Jack during this whole situation? She’s tried to meet Jack halfway whenever he’s had concerns, why is this issue such an obstacle? Let me ask you yet another question; how frustrated and disappointed is Jill now at this point in the relationship? Jill’s traversed all the ‘proper channels’ as far as relationships go and it seems that they’ve hit a roadblock. Nothing Jill says or does will get Jack to budge.
Jill’s done her share of reciprocating to Jack, but he just doesn’t seem to want to return the favor. Now, here is a question; what if Jill finally lays it all on the line, that she isn’t happy, that she’s been over looked for years and that this issue that she brought up way back when has been eating at her ever since. She tells Jack that she’s done her share, when she was the issue you tried to fix things, why doesn’t Jack want to reciprocate?
Now peeps, imagine if Jack leveled his eyes at Jill…and then told her that they can’t see why she could possibly be upset. Everything’s okay for him, what could the problem actually be?
Tell me that there wouldn’t be a gaggle of women right outside the door to whisk Jill away and have an intervention for her to dump this piece of using garbage. They would tell her that she is so much better than this, that she deserves a more suitable boyfriend that would be more sensitive to her needs than Jack has been all these years. They would bring up all the instances that Jill had bent over backward to alleviate Jacks issues, but how many times had Jack budged to compromise with Jill? Yeah, they use story after story and bring up argument after argument in order to fire Jill up to show that she needs to get angry at this situation. If anyone has a right to be p!ssed, it’s Jill.
So she goes back, takes a deep breath at the door as she demands reciprocation or she walks. She sees that she is so much more than what she is getting and in truth, she is accepting much less than she deserves at the moment. Yeah, well she walks into their house and she lets him have it, 4 years of pent of frustration, 4 years of anger and disappointment. 4 years worth of unfair treatment and lack of empathy on his part which she had to suffer through. He listens with a cocked eyebrow and finally once Jill is finished he simply states one thing.
“Maybe you need to re-evaluate what it is that YOU have done wrong?”
So let me ask you yet another question, how many women would accept that sort of crap? How many of you would absolutely go postal on this selfish jerk of a dude who has taken everything you have given out like it was owed to him and reciprocated only when it suited his fancy? How angry would you be that he fed you or a friend of yours the song and dance about how good he was only to be snowed?
Would you be mad?
Do you think you have a right to be mad?
For the last 40 years men have bent over for you backwards (feminism) because they where told that they had been insensitive to your needs. Don’t even play that you achieved ‘equality’ all on your own. Men helped you do it, just like whites helped blacks achieve freedom. They listened, realized that you ladies had a point, and made some social changes, only to have you spit in our faces once these changes had taken place.
See, the relations between men and women of the West are akin to the LTR between a single man and woman. However, man/woman relations are at an all time low…are you seriously going to point the finger at men for these current issues? Jack was an @$$hole, well, I flipped the script, guess what ladies; you’re acting JUST LIKE JACK.
Men are facing false rape allegations
A biased family court
Divorce theft
Affirmative Action
An attack on Masculinity
This is why I take umbrage against anyone who states that men are to blame for their own anger and need to “re evaluate their role” Just like in a relationship, one may be wrong and needs to listen to make it better for the good of both of them, well it’s women who are acting out of turn and men are suffering for it. It isn’t men, who need to change their behavior for the good of the ‘relationship’, sorry, have a good day. These are definite and indisputable facts BTW, in the relations between men and women, you have a lot to answer for ladies, it isn’t men who are screwing the pooch this time. And yet you have the audacity to point the finger at men and tell them to “re evaluate their role”. After such an asinine statement, what do you think Jill’s friends would say to her? I bet three words could sum in all up.
“DUMP HIS @$$!”

However, men right now are suffering, men tell women exactly what the deal is…and instead are outright ignored or attacked for it. Jill would even have my support to tell Jack to take a long walk off a short pier and pack her stuff never to look back. Guess what, what precisely is MGTOW?
It’s exactly the same thing. The only difference is that the “Noisy Crickets” are blaming men for doing exactly what women would do in the very same situation…and Men know it.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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4 Responses to Relationships and ‘Noisy Crickets’

  1. Legion says:

    My ex used to be annoyed because I didn't talk about things. I told her over and over again it doesn't matter what I say, she ignores me. She forgets what I say and even denies I said anything. I would say under those circumstances, there is no point for me to talk about anything.If she said she would start listening to me, you can imagine the milliseconds that lasted. Needless to say, it helps explained why dshe is my ex. She intiated divorce and I said I agree. There was no relationship to work on.My son was almost 16. Fortunately our house didn't sell until he was past 17. Now he's at college. Nothing left for the two of us to meet over and talk about and I feel fine.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    That's my point exactly Legion, what was left for you to do but leave? She wasn't meeting you halfway and I already remember you stating that you where doing your best so what other alternative did you have?Effort is the name of the game and when one is met with little to no effort from their partners, what does one expect? Just like I'd heard in Church, when one is pointing their finger, just how many are pointing back at them?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amen.No further words could do justice.

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