The Chinstrap Paradox

A chinstrap seems very much like a negative term for the very few women I respect on the Manosphere which is why I don’t use it too often. I can easily see why a woman, any woman would think it a derogatory expression so I tend to keep it mum. For a quick recap, a chinstrap is what I happen to call a woman who straps on a helmet of accountability and objectivity for herself and recognizes the limitations of “The Sisterhood” of Feminism. The reason why I revere Chinstraps so much is that it’s a conscious CHOICE to strap on that helmet, a choice which actually can have negative consequences.
It would be far easier to simply go with the flow and accept the ‘benefits’ that come with even being a “Typical Western Woman” much less a feminist but they say no, making the conscious choice to be accountable and to point out the obvious failings of Feminism. They realize the accompanying issues which come along with it for men and society and therefore in time, for themselves. The Paradox is this as I have stated in the past, these very strong women are very much the exception which proves the rule as most women would rather join the crickets while men are continually marched off to the gas chambers for family court and false rape allegations or actually go on the warpath attacking men for even being angry at the current state of circumstances.
Christian J had stated this once; that the vast majority of women don’t give a flying rip about men and their plight so long as their interests are satisfied. Sadly, just reading comments on the Manopshere from the blogs where women may visit regularly or even mainstream media outlets continues to prove this opinion correct.  There is little to no empathy from them, little to no consideration of what it would be like if the situation where reversed and how they would feel. So many women don’t wish to even acknowledge the plight men face in the world. So many women will actually rub salt in the wounds men are already trying to heal by pointing the finger of blame onto them once more. 
And blame them for what pray tell, actually marrying or speaking to a woman? That’s all that’s left these days as men have been blamed for everything else under the sun in the past and tried to change, draining virtually every ounce of masculinity left in the male populace.
Why is it only a very small amount of the female population will actually listen and understand the obvious attack on masculinity that is currently the Western World and try to empathize to the wails and cries of men? Why on God’s green earth would a woman state that due to men’s anger they wouldn’t want to assist men in their quest for equal rights? Don’t these women have sons, brothers, male co-workers, boyfriend’s, husbands…fathers? Don’t they for a second consider that when a man states his all too common tale of woe due to Divorce Theft, or the circus called family court, or a false rape allegation that what happened to this unknown man on the internet could also happen to her loved one whomever it may be?
So many women are so upset and love to throw out the infernal NAWALT dodge. Ladies, if you cared as much as you say you do, then stop acting in a way, which proves ‘NAWALT’ as a dodge correct. If you don’t want men to keep getting angry at women for what’s going on, how about raising your voices up in stopping the ‘sisterhood’ in their selfish and unrelenting drive which is destroying the men you meet in real life and on the internet.  If you continue to blame men for issues that are clearly on the doorstep of you or your ‘empowered sisters’ then when men say that women are our enemies, you have simply proven them right.
I thank the few Chinstraps that I know for having the cojones to step up to the plate and call it like it was. Susan Walsh, Thag Jones, Grerp, Crella, Kai, Laura Grace Robins, I salute you ladies for not succumbing to the obvious power that feminism wields. Sadly, when men in the past didn’t wish to give women agency, all one has to do is look around and see the very small amount of women who choose to use it responsibly opposed to the vast majority who choose to abuse the privilege to see why this was so.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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