Killing Credibility

“The tremendous thing about all this is of course that once again it’s shown if you rise and rise to the level of incompetence you’ll fall.
In this case it’s all the more sweet as we all knew it was coming and are now watching this great train wreck in slow motion.
The only deaths occurring here thank goodness are the foot soldiers of this woman’s horror show and the woman’s show itself.
Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention that the other death is her credibility and future peddling of a product specifically designed to make bad the lives of good and poor souls.
So sit back mateys and enjoy the show.”
Which got me thinking.
So, Mary N Kellet killed her credibility when she obviously overlooked evidence which proved the innocence of men that she decided push to trial anyway, still attempting to reach a guilty verdict regardless of the proof of their innocence. Put another way, she was wrong, there was adequate substantiation of this, but she still had an agenda she wanted pursued and followed it regardless of the information presented. If she was TRULY about the EQUAL disbursement of the Law, then the very idea of these actions wouldn’t even have passed through her mind!!
To all the feminists out there who argue foolishness in the face of Statistics which blatantly prove you wrong about things like fatherless homes and it’s relationship with crime, marriage and divorce theft, and ANY net positives which feminism has bestowed upon the Western World. Do you know who you look like when you foolishly argue in the face of cold hard legitimate stats?
H/T Scarecrow  for the pic
There’s a good chance she may get disbarred for her obvious abuse of her position and miscarriage of justice IN THE LIGHT OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE STATING THAT SHE WAS WRONG!!! How much are you willing to kill YOUR credibility in the face of easily garnered statistics proving Feminism wrong as well?
Here’s 5 bucks, go buy yourself a clue.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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