Right is Wrong…Wrong is Right

Just read this particular post on the Spearhead and I really can’t help but have tremendous sympathy for a hero who was rewarded with nothing but punishment. Take this man right here; Richard Jewel, who encountered a suspicious looking backpack during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The man noticed something he didn’t like, did his job as best as he could which saved lives as he literally encountered a ticking time bomb…and was vilified for his efforts.
He became the laugh of the moment, being ridiculed by even the likes of Rush Limbaugh before his vindication and being cleared of any wrongdoing for doing the right thing…doing his JOB!!!
Yet, why not compare this Hero who undoubtedly saved lives to Casey Anthony who is still living under suspicion? Tell me one thing folks, why would a man want to risk his well being to preserve the welfare of others if the chance that he will be vilified for his act of altruism is equal or greater than the chance that he could be rewarded for it? Did this man seek a reward, or was he simply doing his job? How many people who walked by that square in Atlanta fifteen years ago who now have moved past this issue have forgotten about the man who made it all possible? How many of them spoke up to save this man’s good name when it was being besmirched at the time? I never even heard of this man or his heroism until I read that thread and to be honest, it really hurt to see a man who did his duty punished for it so thoroughly.
To the peeps who where at that faithful square 15 years ago, you may want to take a second look at what happened to this gentleman, you are alive today because a man stood up and wouldn’t back down because of something he didn’t think was right, something he merely suspected and acted upon. This man got publicly shamed and vilified for doing it.  How much is your life worth to you, how much is another person’s life worth to them? Consider that when the next time someone will do the same thing considering what happened to this selfless hero, yeah?

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3 Responses to Right is Wrong…Wrong is Right

  1. Legion says:

    I remember this guy Jewel and what the fBI put him through. He wanted to become a police officierI realized what a pack of dumbshits all the police chiefs in Georgia were, since they had this hero who had been ivestigated by the FBI with a microscope up his ass and was declared clean. He even tolerated the investigation. What were the police chiefs thinking? That he was too clean and would arrest the lot of them for what they did wrong?Every police department in Georgia missed a great oppurtunity in not grabbing this guy for themselves.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    No kidding Legion, I just think that for such a heroic act, he really deserved so much better than being punished for it.

  3. Quartermain says:

    And people wonder why I don't trust the TV news.The idiot box is getting more idiotic.Rush Limbaugh reminds of a drunk I threw out of my cab.

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