Jessica Valenti: Welcome to the Google Bomb!!

Jessica Valenti Has a Foul-Smelling Vagina: It’s Google Bomb Time Once Again


The statement above is a complete fabrication – I actually don’t know what Miss Valenti’s vagina smells like. It could smell like a fish market drowned in hurricane flood waters, or she could be sandblasting the salmon fumes out daily. That’s not the point.
Intrepid readers might remember that a little over two months ago, Paul Elam launched – a registry for false rape accusers, lady pedophiles, and other sterling examples of the female species. You may also recall that within days of its launching, the aforementioned feminist loudmouth Valenti went into a tizzy, frantically begging her Twitter followers for ways to scrub her personal info from the Intertubes. Now Paul is reporting that has been a massive success so far, ensuring that false rape accusers will no longer have anywhere to hide:

…Not that she is what really matters here. The important thing is that now, any woman making a false allegation is subject to have her misdeed follow her for the rest of her life.  Any prospective employer, or anyone else that invests in Googling her name, will find her listing and undeniable proof of the kind of person she really is.  And in an increasingly web savvy world, this will be the rule much more than the exception.
My prediction is that within 6 months to a year we will have our first litigation, maybe sooner, which is why I have secured an agreement for services with the Randazza Legal Group, a firm that specializes in First Amendment issues and internet law. The attorney I made contact with there is very supportive of the MRM.
We are going to go ahead with this full steam, damn the torpedos, and bring to bear the considerable expertise in making these things happen that AVfM is beginning to amass in earnest.  It is one of many FTSU efforts we are going to undertake, but I am particularly proud of this one.

I’m tired, I’m weary, and I could sleep for a thousand years, so I’ll cut to the chase.

<a href=’′ target=’_blank’><img src=’′ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>

If you want to help Fuck Their Shit Up, just copy that link and post it to your blog/website. Also be sure to let me know you’ve done it with a comment on this post, pingback, email, Facebook or Twitter private message. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go take a nap.

Yeah, I’ve been on a Velvet Underground kick for the past week. Deal with it.

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