Masculinity Incorporated.

I’ve seen this sort of comment on manosphere blogs only a few times but they irk the sh!t out of me.
“I’m worried about my daughter, I raised her right but what sort of man out there is good enough to marry her.”
“My daughter isn’t like the current sort of entitled women of the West. The issue however, are the guys who act like thugs or pu$$ies.”
Sigh. I’ve encountered this from both genders so don’t think I’m pointing fingers at anyone other than the uninformed (or those running from reality).
Ladies and Gentlemen; I have some really bad news for you and your daughters…thanks to Feminism, The Man Factory had gone into receivership long ago and was shut down. Yes that’s right, Masculinity Inc. was forced into bankruptcy, the workers laid off, the assembly lines stopped, the managers fired, and the CEO reassigned. This is why there is a dearth of ‘good men’ out there in the world and why some of you are now so worried about whom ‘Precious’ is going to marry.
Why do you act so surprised?

You are so worried that your lovely little girl won’t marry a strapping young man, yet you wonder how on God’s Green Earth a man was produced in the first place…a REAL man that is? Did you really wonder if they just sprouted out from the ground all on their own like grass or rain from the heavens? As an FYI, water doesn’t magically come from your taps you know; there is a complex network of….oh eff it, never mind. I just find it very hard to believe that any reader of the manosphere, male or female, would be so obtuse to think that morally upstanding men will magically appear as soon as it’s time for their daughters to date and then marry.
Men aren’t born per se…they are MADE. The many hard working employees on the assembly line shaped young boys into moral and upstanding adults. They where shown the value of treating a woman the right way and shunning the evils of the negative excesses of life. Which are very tempting but also very damaging. They where rewarded for good and honest behavior, which may not have been glamorous, but they where taught to see past the glitz and find the reward in good honest work. “Sure that sexy maven got your motor running in the worst way, but what sort of wife would she make?” Was one of the most deeply set lines of code rooted into the subconscious of boys while Masculinity Inc. was in full production. “Only The Best For Society” was their motto and by George where they going to achieve this vision.
Masculinity Inc. produced many men in the past, hardworking, loyal, moral men who stood by their families by and large. Yes, there where indeed some models whom where definitely defective and it was a shame that these faulty models did in some cases negatively affect some unsuspecting buyers. This cannot be overstated, the price that some women had to pay at the hands of the defective men where horrific indeed and should never go unnoticed. The goal of Masculinity Inc. was to minimize the amount of ‘defective’ men produced, the abusers, cheaters, and lazy irresponsible layabouts who chose to waste away their productive efforts on fruitless lusts, which didn’t benefit their families or society.   
They where more harm then good to anyone or anything, this does have to be recognized for what it was.
However, the largest success of Masculinity Inc. wasn’t limited to the training and programming the young men in the past received as their maturation process occurred, but also a strong reinforcement from society at large was embedded to continue the conditioning obtained from the factory. Thus, ‘good men’ where rewarded for being such and defective models where punished to maintain numbers. No one wanted more defective models or a decrease in  ‘good’ models right?
Then something happened…that ‘innocent’ new order which was coming over the horizon…FEMINISM had happened. It started out innocently enough and the CEO of Masculinity Inc. decided that perhaps their product needed a little ‘tweaking’ in light of this new ‘enlightened’ way of thinking. Women simply wanted equality and their request seemed more than fair.  Perhaps Masculinity Inc. needed to make some adjustments to their ‘training’ process in order to alleviate the obvious ‘oppression’ so many women felt. So sensitivity and empathy where now encoded and masculinity was…‘toned down’ a tad.
It wasn’t enough, and more changes ‘needed’ to be made. Masculinity Inc. had a ‘Sensitivity Consultant’ hired and many more changes to the product line lay in store for the company. What started out as a ‘brave new frontier’ of equality and a more nurturing male presence constructed by Masculinity Inc. turned into the very thing, which forced the great company to close their doors years later.  This consultant had enough power to veto anything and everything, which didn’t jive with the new ‘emancipated female and supporting male’ ideal, and many of Masculinity Inc.’s corporate standards where outright, removed or supplanted with softened and unfortunately utterly useless new values and models.
Soon a much larger and more powerful incarnation of the ‘Emancipated Female’ emerged which had powerful government backing, and stated that Masculinity Inc. was incapable of changing adequately enough for the ‘new’ females ideals and unfortunately, Masculinity Inc. which was already suffering huge losses and ever climbing corporate debt was forced to close it’s doors. All that remains are the fragmented former workers and associates of this once great global corporation which did it’s best to produce hardworking young men to replace their older cohorts. Now it’s nothing more than a fond memory. These former workers try to continue on in the old conventions but they face mountains of red tape as many had signed a competition clause NOT to continue in the old M.I, traditions after the dissolution of the company.
No stone was left unturned to ensure that Masculinity Inc. was all but destroyed. Many former workers wondered what exactly the issue was when it came to what this company represented.

What’s the point of all this to all those wistful but foolish people wondering where all the ‘good men have gone?’. Masculinity Inc. was simply MEN teaching the young boys of their culture how to be men. Fathers, Scout Leaders, MALE teachers, Coaches, MALE church leaders, and even older teens that where farther along in the maturation process ALL lent a helping hand in shaping the younger male generation. They where doing one thing which women fail catastrophically to do…TEACH BOYS HOW TO BE MEN, and there isn’t even ONE valid study which proves that women can do it….NOT ONE. 
These men where actually rewarded for participating in the positive upbringing of boys and where punished for not doing so. Masculinity Inc. went the way of the Do-Do because fathers have been ripped from their children, and a perverted form of Femi-Masculinity, which the indoctrinated believe is somehow superior even though as the years pass it becomes fairly obvious that it is inferior at best and criminal at worst, has supplanted masculinity in virtually every way shape and form. Many men grow up to be shadows of their potential as positive Male Role Models are scarce and genuine Masculinity is not just ignored, but vilified to the highest level. If you are a man and you wish to associate with the young, it’s fairly obvious you are a pedophile so you best keep to yourself and follow the female’s lead when it comes to the young, both female and male. Of course male role models are displayed as insufferable idiots who are lucky to even deserve female attention and young uninitiated men view this as normal.
Why wouldn’t they, what exactly is ‘normal’ to them when you consider the void that is left with Masculinity Inc’s demise?
Many men are now polarized in their development, they are either embittered ‘nice guys’ who may even go their own way or they have turned to the Dark Side and become players and PUA’s. Players are now rewarded with sex and lots of it with beautiful women; ‘Good Men’ are punished for their desire to actually cater to a woman’s needs. The reward and punishment prototype, which was Masculinity Inc’s calling card, has been perverted and distorted to further female ‘enlightenment’ at the expense of the ‘good man’ mold which was in such demand in the past.
You wonder where all the ‘good men’ have gone? The factory shut it’s doors and production has been stalled ever since then. Sadly the morons with children who WISH their females marry a good man don’t wish it reopened amongst the governing bodies who ensure that it doesn’t. Which is the reason why I say this to every woman, every PERSON who is ‘concerned’ about the needs of their daughters. If you care one whit about the future of your precious, you are simply flushing it down the toilet when you ignore men and their current needs. Bluntly, if you care about your daughter, then you need to care about men. These ideals are NOT mutually exclusive and it’s high time many realized this new reality. Money doesn’t grow on trees…neither do ‘MEN’.


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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8 Responses to Masculinity Incorporated.

  1. Adonis says:

    Good point… Women can be VERY short-sighted… The needs of men have been ignored for too long…Only now that marriage is in the toilet & men are about to FLUSH it that women realize that there is a problem…Enjoy

  2. Omnipitron says:

    That's just it Adonis, many women care only about how this is going to affect their family. I actually got into it once with a so called "Christian" woman who was worried about her daughter's future. She was very vocal in shaming a self admitted PUA even after people pointed it out that she wasn't helping the situation whatsoever.The best way to combat this situation wasn't to shame current PUA, but to ensure that MORE aren't created. Do you think she would listen?Nah.She just defended her right to p!ss up a rope, obviously it made her feel better, right?

  3. Adonis says:

    Maaaaaaan… Leave women & their short-sighted hamsters alone…

  4. Omnipitron says:

    LOL, you know it, don't really have a choice now do we? If one wants to burn their hand no matter how much you warn them, well, what else can you do?

  5. Legion says:

    My son heads off to college next month. You can be sure I have repeated to him that colleges are enemy territory. I let him know repeatedly that he can go to jail if accused and cannot prove himself innocent of charges. I let him know of the North Dakotan man who got barred from all North Dakota state colleges because of a false accusation from a coed that the police and prosecuting attorney declared as false.I told him that he has to flush his own condums so his seman can't be taken. He had to make sure his condums didn't get pinholed by some female. Never heard anything like that from my father.If your daughter needs a good man, keep her away from my son because odds are she can't stay decent herself.Too bad if another woman crosses pathes with me either.

  6. Legion says:

    Thank you, adonis.Sounded like she had a dose of satan's seman. I'll tell my son this one and wait for the usual look of discomfort when I discuss sexual deteils with him.

  7. Omnipitron says:

    LegionGood advice for your son in regards to University and once more it's a shame that men find ourselves in this predicament. I admit that I have never been to a post secondary institution for very long. I attended college for a year bu didn't finish due to financial reasons. At about the time I encountered the Toronto Slutwalks, I mentioned it to our Accountant and was shocked when he related a story of feminism's saturation of universities similar to anything I have read on the manosphere.I live in Canada…and our accountant is closing in on 40. You gave your son a much needed heads up, imagine how many others who are going to be ambushed once they hit campus? Its sad that he has to feel uncomfortable with this burden of knowledge, but forewarned is fore-armed.

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