Quick ‘story’ folks.
Here’s the deal.  In this day and age, many men don’t understand what it means to be the head of their household. As I’ve said before, I’m a married man who is taking care of someone else’s children so you can take from this what you will but I will post this anyway.
Now to the sitch, MEN LEAD. Consider this.
Listen gang, what would happen if you where looking through the classifieds and came across a hyper-exotic sports car for an unimaginable price? You cannot believe your luck and you contact the seller. Your heart leaps over the moon as he tells you that the car for sale still hasn’t been sold. After you pick your I Phone off the floor you tell him that you will take it!!
You’re so stoked that all day at work you are trying to keep from telling everyone that you have ‘won the lottery’ so to speak but you manage to keep things under you hat, but there is a sneaking suspicion that lingers in the back of your mind despite your exuberance.  “If it’s too good to be true…most likely it is!” However, you are so excited that you don’t care regardless. You grab a money order for the amount that the seller is asking for and straight after work, you head for your appointment with destiny.
Well, you arrive at the house in question, you see the seller’s abode with s ‘normal’ car in the front as your heart races as what is in the one car garage and your ticket to your dreams. You push the doorbell and your heart stops.
“OMG…OMG…I’ve always dreamed of having X car and GAWD…I’m going to have it…OMG!!!”
The seller opens the door and your life flashes before your eyes.
“Hello…are you Y” He asks.
You blubber out some sort of response and mention something about a money order for the FULL AMOUNT he had asked for.
“Great!!” he exclaims let’s take a look at it!
After doing your best not to pee your pants you silently follow him to his garage. Your heart stops (again, isn’t that a serious health issue?) as the garage door opens as you regard “Black Beauty” in all it’s glory but something is now screaming in the back of your head.
Anticlimactic, well…let’s see.
You may never have been around a super car before, however, you notice what may not be ‘right’ before you comprehend what IS right. This car seems awfully small for the super car of your dreams and your walk around it as your subconscious continually states “GET THE @$#@# OUT!!”. You can’t place what’s wrong but you never know due to your inexperience and you hope against hope that you are wrong.
“Can I take it for a spin?” happens to come out of your mouth before you even consider the consequences.
“Sure.” The seller states. “Hop in.” as he offers you the keys.
You take the keys hungrily as you jump into ‘the seat’ and salivate as what this well honed machine can do, or you pray that it will do.
After the seller takes shotgun, you turn the engine over and your spirit sinks.
‘WHAT THE #@#@$!!” Crosses your mind. A car like this should rattle you so bad that your grandfather should sit up in the cemetery, but you don’t feel that sort of ‘power’ as the car lurches to life. You try your best to control your grimace as you put the car in drive and command in into the street. Yes, you have never driven an exotic sports car in your life, BUT as much as you haven’t, you also expect mind blowing performance which would speak to a part of you which you always comprehend when reading old car magazines when you where younger.
As you meander your way onto the highway or interstate, the seller states something which you innately know.
“By the way, this is a KIT CAR, not really a real XXX car. I spent a lot of time on this project and it looks 90% like the real thing. It only has a 4-banger in it, but I have  worked on the engine so it moves much faster than other small displacement engines.”
AHEM!!! What do you do gang?
How many of you would be disappointed? How many of you would feel cheated because of this turn of events? How many of you men would feel like even though you where feeling exotic leather in your hands as your turned the wheel of this ‘car’ that you would feel like you where taken for a ride before you even turned on the ignition? What would you say to the seller? I’m willing to bet that you would suddenly make up a plausible excuse for the lack of funds for this ‘exotic’ and return it to his garage learning a valuable lesson about life…no?
This is the point gang…women feel this very same way when a man DOESN’T take charge. No matter what the Lamestream media states…MEN lead, WOMEN follow. When men do not take their natural place in the hierarchy…women feel the exact same way that our hero in the story would feel.
Stop apologizing for being a man, if there is one thing a man can learn from being on the manosphere, it’s that he…has…to…lead. No apologies, and damn it, stop apologizing for the very aspects of manhood that women actually find attractive!!!!


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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2 Responses to U LEAD!!!

  1. Adonis says:

    Major CO-Sign… Nothing else to add

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