Ride or get Rode on…

The very first time I had ever heard this saying was in a video game of all places. Def Jam Fight For New York was the title and the main antagonist; Crow, played by Snoop Dogg, was explaining his underhanded dealings to the player-controlled character. As any man can guess, this is the underlying law of nature, simply another way of stating the obvious; eat or be eaten as everyone is in a war for survival.
Every man for themselves, right?
Here is the deal; women are obsessed with power, nothing new to see here, but what I think we as men fail to realize is how this obsession in some cases manifests itself in life. Why do women seem to ignore or even enjoy male suffering at the direct hands of women by and large while ANY form of male success which simply makes women feel bad seems like a travesty? Any one on the Manosphere has encountered this sort of attitude from women. They will actively call out men as some may enjoy something as relatively harmless such as schadenfreude of a woman’s bad decisions in the SMP, but will say nothing when men are injured, disenfranchised, or maimed and find humor in such a horrific fate.
Why do women do this?
Ride or get Rode on is their attitude about the situation gang, do not forget this one simple fact. A man ‘hurting’ a woman is seen as a display of ‘male superiority’ and a reminder to them about the evil ‘Patriarchy’ while any woman’s victory over anything male related (no matter how horrific) is seen as ‘taking back their power’ or ‘sticking it to the man’, reason, fairness, or consequence need not apply. We’ve all understood the idea of NAWALT that yes, not all women will abuse the system and castrate their hubbies physically or financially, but how many women stand up to even disagree when any man has faced a gross miscarriage of justice? The crickets are the only audience from womankind during any sort of travesty men face, and then these same crickets become deafening when womynkind actually attack men for disagreeing with said injustice.
Take a look at this example from a support group for Catherine Becker on Facebook (H/T Scarecrow.)

Karin O’Connell wrote:
Catherine Kieu Becker is my hero!!!!! ♥ her!!! 🙂 its high time we girls send a message 2 all the boys out there!! U r not in control anymore!! U boys better b good or us girls r gunna go Catherine Kieu Becker on u all in a heartbeat!! 🙂

She’s so awesome 2 do what all us girls have secretely wanted 2 do sooooo many times in our lives!!! 🙂 (emphasis mine)

This is what I’m referring to exactly, women are reveling in their obvious power over men because this to them is proof positive that men no longer have the same dominance they once had over them. Remember gents, we men have rarely if ever exalted a serious negative situation which ever befell a woman. 
As I stated before, supremacy is womankind’s only means of protecting themselves from male domination, so men really need to understand this when dealing with Feminism.  This is an attitude that Western men need to recognize for what it is and realize that women will never change so long as it works to their benefit, or more importantly, DOESN’T work to their detriment. Feminism isn’t about equality, it’s about supremacy full stop.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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14 Responses to Ride or get Rode on…

  1. Thag Jones says:

    That quote is absolutely shameful. Women joking about this mutilation (I'm sure you saw the Sharon Osbourne video) make me sick – it's not funny! And they have male friends? Wonders never cease. It's odd how many of these people are also animal "rights" types and pro-abortion as well. Pretty weird alright. Ask any vegetarian (especially vegans) if they are also anti-abortion – fun experiment and quick way to their disqualification as rational human beings.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    I'll be honest Thag, I never watched the video, I knew I couldn't stomach it. I have a really hard time witnessing the apparent lack of empathy so many women have for men by and large. Whether comments on blogs or videos, I simply can't fathom how a person, ANY person could make light of something so atrocious.Some may call me soft, but this is the main reason why I don't visit certain blogs. Commenters like Lovelysoul or Momof4 as examples really have me shaking my head. How can a married SAHM with 4 kids oppose DNA testing to make things better for men? HOW??? I remember once when a homeless Dad was commenting on Amy's Blog about the lack of support for fathers with kids. His wife walked out on him and his kids and no shelters would accept all of them. The kids where fine, but he was SOL, against policy of course. Momof4 came right out and told him that she felt sorry for his kids, but not for him. Her opinion was that he should set the kids up in the shelter and do whatever he had to, ZERO empathy on her part whatsoever.I was stunned, this coming from a married mother of all people.Those are just two examples of so many and I simply cannot fathom how anyone with this attitude can expect people not to react negatively. I'm sure you remember Paul Bernardo? Do you have any idea how many guys I knew would have wanted a choice 10 minutes with that guy? No laughter, no funny comments about the fate of those girls, just anger and violence at his atrocious acts.I can't see how many men on the manosphere don't actually hurt deep down inside when they encounter this lack of empathy.

  3. Thag Jones says:

    On the Sharon Osbourne vid, Sara Gilbert (used to be on the Rosanne show) was the only one who said, "hey, this isn't really funny" – it was in a slightly weak way, but better than nothing. Funny thing about Paul Bernardo is that Karla Homolka was at least as culpable if not moreso, but guess which one of them is still in jail? Mind boggling that she found someone to marry and reproduce with after all that. How can a married SAHM with 4 kids oppose DNA testing to make things better for men?I really don't know. How do they do the test, is it just saliva from the baby and the father? If so, that's not particularly intrusive is it.

  4. Omnipitron says:

    In my opinion, being socially accepted by other women does mean quite a bit so I view Sara's reaction as a good sign.As for Karla Homolka, she set her sister up with this sicko, what sort of person does that? Years ago I had read "Lethal Marriage" and it does depict Bernardo as a controlling sociopath, but that is only one book on their marriage.The comments that I refer to are very old and it would take quite a bit for me to fish them up, but I do remember your point about DNA testing being easy to administer was being made by some of the other male commenters as well. I just remember Momof4 being against anything other than the status quo in regards to men and their current plight by and large. It never failed, even if Amy was making a point in regards to men not getting the shaft in the family courts, M4's opinion was that it would affect mothers negatively and therefore nothing should change.At the end of the day, I found it hard to try and empathize with women such as this.

  5. Thag Jones says:

    I was under the impression that Homolka was more or less the brains of the outfit, with a genius IQ. He does seem to be not the brightest – she played the abused woman card but I don't know if I buy it, considering she pretty much offered her own sister up as a "gift" and did disgusting things to her while she was unconscious as well, while Bernardo filmed it, according to what I've read. Who really knows but them though. As for the DNA test, it would only be negative for mothers who were screwing around really. The only way around it is to make it standard, so that no one has to feel they are being unjustly accused of being a slut nor husbands feel they are untrusting by having the test done, etc.. I can understand feeling kind of offended if a husband were to demand a test, or a husband not wanting to risk a nuclear argument over it, so if it's standard procedure, that gets rid of that problem. Of course, it's a sad statement on the whole culture that it would be necessary to implement standard DNA tests on all newborns, but there you have it; the decline and fall of western civilization!

  6. Omnipitron says:

    That's a good point Thag. I had read an article in the news where Bernardo stated that Homolka was 'Sicker than he was' but I simply dismissed it as blame shifting. There's a real good possibility that the book I read was simply spun to make him the bad guy, it's easier to digest that way for the masses."As for the DNA test, it would only be negative for mothers who were screwing around really."That's precisely what I and many other men where thinking, so I really can't see what the main issue was. If one has nothing to hide, what precisely is the big deal? Once it's standard procedure, then it's out of the parents to be hands. The way that some argue it though, you'd think that men where asking for their first born.I view men and women relations in the aggregate just like a married couple. How can a relationship withstand the test of time when one spouse continually ignores the needs and desires of the other? Relationships like this simply do not last that's what we are seeing now sadly.

  7. Adonis says:

    Good Evening Omni,Well today was misandry day at SingleBlackMale.org…You can take an hour or two & you can see what this 23 year old brain as come up with in his short life…Have fun…http://www.singleblackmale.org/2011/08/02/misandry-will-women-ever-admit-they-hate-men/

  8. Adonis says:

    On your post…Pretty much, when it comes to racism & misandry, I look to be immune to the lack of empathy…It really hurts sometimes when women could care less about men's issues… Just like it hurts when white people hate you for legitimate reason, but that you are a threat to their existence (Does anybody notice that the Black Man gets rode on harder than any other species of human… by White men… Interesting…The only way you can become immune to full-on misandry is mastery of Game & become Alpha as FUCK!!!"Those who seek to achieve things should show no mercy." – Kautilya, Indian Philosopher, Third Century B.C.Goodnight

  9. Legion says:

    "Well today was misandry day at SingleBlackMale.org…"Wow, you guys have thing organized.Adonis, on your last comment, I guessing you meant to have the word 'no' in that 2nd paragrah.Just trying to keep it light here folks. It is my real nature.

  10. Adonis says:

    @LegionYeah, I Kay been going a 1,000 MPHs on my mobile device… Chalk that up to the game…

  11. Omnipitron says:

    I'll be checking that out Adonis, bet on it!

  12. Omnipitron says:

    Adonis…read your comments on the blog you supplied….WORD!!! They hate how you said it but many realized you spoke the truth!!!!

  13. Adonis says:

    @OmniThat was alot of fun…But that post actually was a turning point for me & SBM…The truth will stand far longer I ever will…Enjoy

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