Seems there is a little bit of an issue growing in the Manosphere. Apparently the Pick Up Artist (PUA) camp is having a disagreement with the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and the Men’s Right’s Agitators (MRA) groups. So now MRA’s and MGTOW’s who want nothing to do with women whatsoever are labeled ‘losers’ and PUA’s are labeled ‘pussy beggars’.
Feel free to ignore my opinion, as my position in the Manosphere would be seen as highly suspect. Yes, I’m a married man raising another man’s children so that would call into question my sanity, however, I have only one question to both camps as they hurl insults to each other.
Does it matter?
Does it really matter that MGTOW want to avoid women to any possible extent available? Does it matter that PUA’s study how best to gain the confidence of women in order to bed them and nothing more? Both camps are still adhering to the same core principle at the end of the day which is; not marrying so who cares what approach is employed? Doesn’t anyone recognize that the best way to ‘stick it to the woMAN’ is simply the avoidance of matrimony by men? In TFH’s Misandry Bubble the crux behind the upcoming decline is simply the shortfall of income generated by married men as they simply maintain their families. What so many single men don’t grasp is just how little men really need to survive and just how much even an average single Joe can produce once he get’s hitched and starts having little ones.
I’m sure that there are many readers of the Manosphere who hope to all that is good and holy that TFH is right while they sit in their 2 bedroom condos, or their 1 bedroom/bachelor apartments. Heck, they may be wondering if Feminism will finally crush everything that they hold dear while they peruse the Manosphere on their IPhones in their small rented rooms taking the bus to their decent, but not outstanding, jobs.This is the one thing many single men don’t realize, by refusing to marry and increasing your production, you’re hurting Feminism in it’s most vulnerable spot…IT’S WALLET.
The reality is simply this; the equality that women exalt and some men fear is nothing but a fallacy, propped up by an overly large government, which transfers money from family men to women. Due to current laws and policies, it seems that women are equal to men in virtually every single way….but as TFH clearly points out, it only SEEMS that way. If the government loses money and services which women clearly depend on get cut back, or eliminated the fallacy of women’s equality starts to lose serious steam.
A man, who doesn’t marry, is usually a man who doesn’t produce enough to profit the system.  Understand, a man who doesn’t marry is Starving the Beast, who really cares what approach is taken? However, I will state one thing about PUA, it is they who are throwing Feminists under the bus.
What need does a man have for a woman besides sex really? Today women look at marriage as a victory for themselves but they don’t fathom the reality that marriage doesn’t have the same sort of effect on men.  In the past, since men where bigger, stronger, and tougher, the hard and dirty jobs (read; most types of labor) simply where better suited for men. Women didn’t want to engage in many occupations times past and even if they did, they couldn’t hold a candle to their male compatriots. In fact, even some of today’s women are having a hardtime keeping up with men.  If a man wanted to get something done, he went to another man. Women held no value in the world of work, but sex is something that men wanted from women, and badly I may add. Women in the past where very adept in seeing the situation for what it was, and protection of their interests was (and still is) their primary concern. They realized that a man could achieve their biological imperative (sex) without committing to a woman’s biological imperative (family and children) so steps had to be taken to ensure they weren’t victimized.
This is where women realized that chastity was leverage they could use against men to gain what they NEEDED from them.
What of the PUA? In reality, the PUA is exactly what feminists don’t want!! In my humble opinion, MGTOW is a tragedy (but sadly a necessity) to men, but PUA are a tragedy to women. Since the abolition of chastity as a Patriarchal form of oppression, women have thrown away their most powerful form of leverage with two hands. Here is the point of this blog post; what does a man lose if his girlfriend (who has been putting out) gives him the, “Marry me or else?” and he turns her down? In the past, she wouldn’t have been putting out, and he would be hard pressed to decline her offer, now however, he loses nothing as many men are realizing the horrors of marriage and realize that their gf’s are relatively easy to replace.
Oops, I guess that part wasn’t disclosed in the Feminist manual?
Heck, a woman can even withdraw sex from her man in a bid for power and since other women still have their open sign lit up, he can leave her and find another, in essence, women have no real leverage to influence a man to commit to her. PUA simply are the embodiment of that new reality in the Sexual Market Place.
Once more, I will state my position on matrimony, that I am a happily married man but I also sadly realize that I’m fast becoming the exception and not the rule. Marriage 2.0 can be very dangerous to men and I simply cannot endorse it currently. Moreover, yes, I happen to have a stepdaughter and I’m anxious about the upcoming tribulation, but I also understand how the evolution of the PUA is simply the male adaptation to feminists tampering of matrimony. At the end of the day; PUA’s, MRA’s, and MGTOW are all on the same team. They all are forgoing marriage and that’s hitting Femmie’s where it hurts.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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27 Responses to PUA, MRA, MGTOW, CIA, FBI, KGB….IGA?

  1. Keoni Galt says:

    Good post Omnipitron, and I agree. I think there are some folks who are actually agitators purposely trying to sabotage the growing awareness of men's issues by trying to instigate turmoil between the PUA/MGTOW/MRA factions.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    Thanks Keoni, that means a lot. I personally believe that Solidarity is a very large factor in the MRM's proposed effectiveness. What impression can society get from MRA's when there is so much mudslinging between it's members?We have to get on the same page and even if we don't agree on every single topic, at the very least we can't undermine ourselves by slagging other members.

  3. Christian J. says:

    Great article O, some interesting interpretations and good points. Bearing in mind that even with the variation of functions that men indulge in it is as a result of feminists interference just like you mentioned..Women will turn against feminists as they have completely screwed up their lives but they are a bit slow realising that..

  4. Aurini says:

    The signs of MRM victory are obvious, for those who know how to see them.My suspicion over the PUA/MGTOW divide? Russia and USA upon defeating the Axis. The war is won, though not over – who will dominate post-bellum?Not that either will, mind you – but it's instincts we're talking about, not rationalism.

  5. Adonis says:

    Why is PUAs & MGTOWs disagreeing with each other…What is the beef… It is not like they are competing for women…Explain homie…ANd I rather be a PUA than a MGTOW… But either path is fine with me…

  6. Quartermain says:

    For the record I'm a zeta man or a MGHOW, but I don't feel like it's my place to dictate to either side what they should do.I'm a middle aged man so I don't have my hormones pushing me in the PUA direction.When those arguments arise between MRA and PUA, I just stay out of it. Let 'em argue, I say. If it gets too boring or ridiculous, I move on.

  7. Legion says:

    I guess I'm a cranky old man then. Old enough that MGTOW is good for me, but cranky enough that I snapped a comment back on one of the pinheads dissing me (generically).Unforetunately, if they keep it up I'm not going to let it go. They are obviously too stupid to understand their own site that celebrates when their pump-and-dumps get too old and are ignored by all men. WE are the ones ignoring them. I'll let them know to pull their heads from their ass if they want to keep it going.I read this yesterday, so yes, this is my reasoned response. Don't crap on me.

  8. Quartermain says:

    Legion,What you described comes under the heading of too boring and ridiculous.Those PUA's minds never grew since they left high school. People like that are worthy of contempt.You know what, I just may take a side against the PUA. When a dirt bag disses you like that, they need to be taken to the woodshed.

  9. Fidelbogen says:

    I was recently a player in that "war" myself, having flung a few barbs at certain horse's asses who were commenting at Roissy's blog.My sentiments in a nutshell: if anybody, for any reason whatsoever, disses anybody else because they supposedly "can't get laid" . . .. . then that person is an moron with a 12-year-old mind. And a tool of the feminists, if not an actual feminist.Full stop.And. . I am seeing far too many such people in the PUA camp.Not necessarily "pussy beggars", but certainly "pussy worshippers" — which is the root of all evil as far as combatting feminism is concerned.The feminists would much rather that men would be pussy worshippers, for such men are effectively under the control of women — hence, indirectly under the control of feminism as well.The feminist adage of "fish without a bicycle" was meant for women only. It was not intended to apply to men.

  10. Quartermain says:

    FidelbogenI find the game, PUA, pump and dump stuff to be dull. As I said at the Spearhead Roissy thread:So how is feeding the delusions of toxic women that they’re it, even in a pump and dump, helping things? Meanwhile she is just going to have fun, fun, fun, fun, fun until daddy takes the T-bird away.It's better that the MRA and PUA stay apart.

  11. Legion says:

    I would have to add: Leave religion out of the MRA discussions. I hit High C again as soon as one asshole mocke and threatened me. I'm going to keep taunting the christianists there. Let's see how quickly they forgive and forget me.I have already lectured them on turning the other cheek.

  12. Legion says:

    There as in The spearhead.

  13. Anonymous says:

    FidelbogenWhat was the thread when you took them on? I'm trying to find it.

  14. Omnipitron says:

    A lot of excellent comments here and Fidelbogen, I think you nailed it. That is the biggest reason why I don't post too much on Roissy's or PUA blogs. I'm sure that I will be derided for my choice in marriage and in truth, I have no leg to stand on. If I state I'm happily married (which I am), they may call it rationalization, if I state that I'm not, then I'm an idiot for marrying a single mother.I see no reason to walk into a sh!tstorm so it's simply best to avoid it.Adonis, I believe this whole kerfuffle is because there is some respect that men may bestow upon another man who can get laid regularly. Being a 'reformed' Beta I can remember the days when I was awe over the lads who could regularly 'pull' beautiful women. The reason why I'm stumped by this current debate is that MGTOW is understandable considering the circumstances.Single Dad sometimes posts alarmist messages on The Spearhead in regards to not trusting women, but after a young girl tried to falsely accuse my nephew of assault, he doesn't seem to alarmist anymore. I simply can't fault those men who say EFF IT and ignore women, the negative repercussions which can befall men are getting too great.

  15. Omnipitron says:

    I also wanted to add one more thing, as far as I'm concerened, so long as a man doesn't marry he is going his own way. I don't consider the PUA any better than the MGTOW, both represent the very same thing, they don't need to commit to a women in order to survive. When a man such as Zed states he has sworn off women, some may deride him, but it is recognized that he has made a choice. When a woman says the same thing, many believe that she simply couldn't find or keep a man. Anna Pasternak and Liz Jones are examples of this.

  16. Quartermain says:

    Mr. Price is sick of the present sh!t storm and letting us know it. Don't blame him really. When I see those sh!t storms, I think "Isn't this what youtube is for?

  17. Legion says:

    Quartermain, I hope you don't mean me. The latest topic on catholic priests turned turned into a real beatdown of atheists.I apoligize to Omnipitron because I don't want to bring that mess here. I'm just at the point where I'll ignore that site if the christians remain attack dogs.

  18. Quartermain says:

    Legion,The comment from anonymous about respecting you (at Spearhead) was from me, so no, I wasn't refering to you in the above comment.Something screwy happened with my computer and the comment came out as anonymous.I was thinking of firepower and boxer.

  19. Legion says:

    Quartermain, thanks for that. It's good to know someone listens to others. I never got a single response to my repeated questions from the others. I think my phrase of christians-from-hell was aptly used on that site.I'm giving them a rest for a while. It's a good site, but I go balistic when dumped on. I was married for over 18 years so it comes natural to me now.

  20. Quartermain says:

    Legion,It's possible too, that they maybe just yanking your chain.

  21. Omnipitron says:

    No worries Legion, I sometimes have an issue with the religious right myself. There are only a small amount of Believers I respect due to the fact that they don't try to push their views on others. It's actually maddening just how many 'Christians' don't follow their own advice.If I'm not mistaken, aren't Christians supposed to be the ones to pick you up when you are down NOT the ones which push you down initially?

  22. Legion says:

    It's not that they were religious right, it's that they defended christianity without giving a damn about it's ideals. As an old altar boy I knew what they lacked.

  23. Omnipitron says:

    Ah, I understand. Forgive me if I'm overstepping my bounds, I was a believer in the past, but not so much anymore. Is it possible that some are getting caught up with the ideals and not realizing exactly what the scripture is trying to say?I don't mean you Legion, for you to remind others about 'turning the other cheek' means that you fathom what the message truly was but others do not.

  24. Legion says:

    I understand the message and contemplated years and went agnostic. I let decades pass and contemplated things again. Each of these times reading the bible. I realized I had no faith. I do not despair, I just do not believe. Yet I know.When joking, I say I went soul searching for many years. Finding no soul within me, I knew I was an atheist.I was wondering why they tolerated and attacked me when their religious faith was against it. No one understood. Some even pointed out that being christian didn't mean laying down and taking it. I was too tired to mock them with the Eight Beatitudes (sic) from the sermon on the Mount.I am just truly amazed at their ?? I guess disconnect from christianity. Even at my age I can live and learn.

  25. Quartermain says:

    It's no wonder to me why Chief Joseph doesn't like to discuss religion.That thread has run it's course (I hope).At least you Omni, and you Legion can discuss these things rationality. Many others can't.Time to take a break from commenting on the Spear head for a while.The PUA's are getting annoying, and lot of them are sounding more like high school kids than adults. Really need to take a break.

  26. johnnyshornofplenty says:

    Solid post. I'm adding you to my blogroll.

  27. Omnipitron says:

    Much obliged Johnny, much obliged.

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