Power, Control, Equality, and Supremacy

We hear those words used quite a bit from Feminists and the media at large now don’t we?  Of course this constant focus on power and control from women has us men shaking our heads. We didn’t consciously attempt to control or oppress women as a class and our earlier forefathers worked to assist women become more independent.  As I have stated before, they still rail on about their victim status and the abolition of male privilege.  What they are focused on is the constant lack of power and control they posses in the battle of the sexes. Men usually don’t see or comprehend this situation because our livelihood isn’t solely based on women, our desires and needs also shape our fears and concerns and they just happen to be unique for each gender.  To bluntly summarize the key points;
The assets which women find attractive in men grow over time, the assets men find attractive in women peak very early and diminish after a while.
It is fairly easy for a man to achieve his biological imperative (sex) without obligation to a woman’s (commitment), but a woman cannot so easily meet hers without obliging a man’s.
The largest; a man can survive without meeting said woman’s B.I., but (in the past) most women faced a much more dire fate not meeting a man’s.
These points place women at a severe disadvantage in the SMP and in the past, women had no other choice but to groom themselves to appease men, no other choice but to marry and obey them, and no other choice but to assume the subservient role in society or die. Women had only the choices available to them which where bestowed upon them by men; this is what they chafed under and this is the oppression of which they speak.  
Bottom line, the patriarchy of which women often deride is simply the sum total of disadvantages biology places on women. Men never openly oppressed women, as men we need to understand this fact right now; they were never subjugated by anything else but Mother Nature. They had no inherent control over their lives; it all revolved around men for their happiness and in most cases their very survival. This is why women speak so much in regards to oppression, power, and being controlled; they felt (and still feel) this way due to the dynamics between the sexes.
Us guys are in the dark about it because to us, power and control are overt things we deliberately plan if we seek to control something or someone. We don’t fathom the control women are under or the apparent lack of power they have in the world. Men say rape is about sex, women say it’s about control and power. We don’t wish to control women using sex, but that is how women FEEL about a man’s ability to rape them. Men don’t worry very much about walking down the street and being pulled into a dark alley by a stranger who may violate them. The chances of that happening are relatively rare. Women, on the other hand do. There was something that I had to tell my stepdaughter once about being out late at night. She had asked why Mrs. Omni and I were so concerned about her and not so much about a male friend of hers. I told her straight up; “It would take one very large guy, or more likely, two to three dudes to kidnap your buddy, it would only take ONE man to kidnap you.” It seems to women to be about power and control because of the consequences they have to face. 
Making a little more sense now?
So, women of the past sought to even the playing field in regards to society and feminism was its face. I must admit that I really can’t blame them in some respects. They wanted equality and they simply wanted to have more choices available to them then their foremothers had. Sounds reasonable enough no? Here’s the rub, that despite all the strides feminism has made over the years, the playing field hasn’t been equaled and in truth, it never will be. Despite all our desires to consider ourselves such highly evolved creatures, we are still baboons throwing sh!t on the wall and the motivations which drove our actions in the past, still effect us now.
So what where women to do? 

Professional success, which translated into financial independence, was a paper tiger, as it didn’t render any romantic benefits to women. Actually due to the Apex Fallacy, it may have hurt more than it helped. How could they achieve the equal footing to men that they wanted so badly? What we men have to understand is that women’s desire for ‘equality’ isn’t so much a case about having more control over men, as it is about men having less control over women. The truth is that since equality can’t grant women any more leverage and therefore control in the battle of the sexes, what’s left?

That is why we see so many misandristic laws being passed and why so many female benefits are enacted while male benefits are outright ignored or rescinded. Someone somewhere must have realized the truth about men and women, for women not to be controlled by men, they had to control men.
And that they do.
In the past it was a wife who was afraid of her husband leaving, now it’s a husband who fears the sword of Damocles of divorce. False Rape allegations have men scared to even talk to some women and the expansion of the definition of rape serves only to widen women’s power base. This is why women hear the cries of many wronged men but ignore them, they have the power now, and they won’t relinquish it without a fight, they don’t want to go back to the ‘bad old days’. Keep that in mind when considering female supporters of men’s rights.


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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7 Responses to Power, Control, Equality, and Supremacy

  1. Omnipitron says:

    My pleasure Adonis. I haven't been to that thread since April and only a little surprised at what went on after I left. As for Kathy and "Paige" (who now goes by Morticia), I don't trust them farther than I can throw them. I had seen a Kathy from Australia on another blog coming out and attacking Uncle Elmer so one has to wonder just how many "Kathy"'s there are. The truth is the truth, and life will most likely improve once its acknowledged by everyone.

  2. Adonis says:

    Yeah, when you are reading blogs, you go from one link to another & shit…I am just glad as a 23 year old, knowing what the sexual market place is EARLY… Negroes is getting taken out there…And I have the ADHD, weird myself…

  3. Omnipitron says:

    I hear you my man. The Black family unit wasn't all that strong, but Feminism's tenet's further weakened it and now blacks are circling the drain. Feminists are simply victims of their own foolishness but are taking society down with them.As a black man, if you are online that seems to mark you as an exception from the rest. I don't get the impression that many blacks are even aware of the manosphere. I'm glad that you realized the slanted playing field so early.I wasn't aware of the risks before I walked down the aisle.I got married and yes I'm happy, but the sad thing is that I also got very lucky. I highly doubt many other men would be anywhere near as lucky as I was. I'm not trying to be a hypocrite in regards to marriage, just that as Athol Kay had said, I left my car unlocked and running in the parking lot and didn't realize it until I got back.How many others would even return to a car at all in that sitch?

  4. LordSomber says:

    "Bottom line, the patriarchy of which women often deride is simply the sum total of disadvantages biology places on women."That nails it. Good post.

  5. Anonymous says:

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