Okay, just a little rattled here at Feminism’s continued attempts to ‘eliminate’ oppressive roles in society and equalize the genders. The continuance of this faulty belief that men and woman are the same and that any behavior displayed by women is also displayed by men is a fool’s errand and currently causing massive issues in society. Men and women aren’t identical simply with different plumbing, how do I know this, because just like the title states…men…can’t…have…babies. It’s sad that such a basic aspect of biology needs to be explained in this day and age, but its reality nonetheless. Men and women aren’t interchangeable due to this very basic truth.
Follow me here for a sec.
Since men can’t have babies, men don’t need the financial support from another man or a woman for that matter as they raise these babies. Due to this, the whole idea of seeking financial support doesn’t usually even cross the minds of most men. Unless they lose their ability to perform, men are very self-sufficient. Ahem, ladies, this is the reason why your high-powered career means SFA to most men.
Since men don’t have babies, their primal needs are actually very small. A single man doesn’t need a large dwelling to exist, or a large vehicle for transportation. If it’s him and only him, most men are just fine with a basement apartment, a small condo, or in some cases even just renting a room.  Hey, some men can get by without a car at all; depending on which city they call home. In fact, while in the average man’s dwelling, you may find ‘old’ furniture or odd things used to replace furniture. Seriously, how many jokes or stories do women tell about a man’s ‘bachelor pad’? You may actually come across some dudes who have their PS3’s on a couple of Milk crates.
It just has to do the job, well appointed belongs to the realm of women.
A dude who is trying to score a woman may ‘neaten up’ his digs, but don’t expect Martha Stewart Living. Actually, what does it say to a woman when a man’s dwelling looks TOO well appointed……

I’ve actually heard women wonder that so it isn’t as if I’m making sh!t up.

Since men don’t have babies, the appearance of looking like a ‘slut’ doesn’t affect them the same way it would a woman. They don’t have to worry about finding a provider and what they may think about their sexual past. They have no biological clock, which affects their choices (despite how women rail on it’s existence) and therefore don’t share the same level of worries in regards to starting a family.
Since men can’t have babies, they don’t have to go to the same extent tailoring their behavior in pleasing a potential provider, making sure their manners fall in line. They don’t have to work so hard at being a ‘nice man’ so a girl can pick them and make all their dreams come true. Men don’t have the overarching fear of becoming a ‘spinster’ and never having a family by being so obtuse or ill tempered and therefore scaring a ‘nice girl’ off.
Since men can’t have babies, they don’t have to commit to a woman in order to have their own biological imperative met. They don’t have to ‘save themselves’ for the right girl and make a very crucial and important decision as to whether or not this girl is suitable for long term commitment.
Well, nowadays men do in terms of finding a woman who won’t screw them over later.
Bottom Line; since men can’t have babies and women can, men can go their own way, learning game, having sex with many women and live a decent life never committing to even one of them if they so choose. Or, with the coming advent of new technology or even Fistine and Palmela due to the horrors of marriage 2.0, the same approach still applies. Men won’t suffer the same way in which a woman going her own way ever would. Men had to be enticed to marry in the past, or given an offer they couldn’t refuse as it was a choice to them, women simply didn’t (and still don’t) have the same sort of leeway available.
Here’s the deal; Patriarchy wasn’t just something men ‘set up’ in order to oppress women. There was no hidden agenda to keep women barefoot and pregnant in order to serve men’s most basic desires. This paradigm evolved from the past, due to our hunter-gatherer roots. Men are built to work; men simply do it better than women. Women raise children better than men do, this is nothing new. Once one pays attention to the dynamics between the sexes in regards to what attributes each gender values in the other, then the idea that men deliberately held women back due to ulterior motives seems utterly illogical.
No matter what feminists want to believe, equality simply will not happen. Women will never be valued for their economic skills in romantic situations the way men are, ever!! Even when women attempt to follow in the footsteps of men into careers and professions, the only thing this does is exposes them to the ApexFallacy. I have no issue with women who wish to pursue careers, far from it, but I do have to shake my head at the women who seem to believe that their career will translate into an asset in the sexual market place.
The only way equality could ever be possible would be if men and women where virtually identical physically and therefore biologically interchangeable. In this way some sort of egalitarianism could ever come to pass. Since men can’t have babies, men will never look to women for the same things women look to men for.
Laws and ‘educational programs’ will not change nature; I don’t care how that makes you feel.
While I understand the huge amount of leverage men have over women by default, I simply don’t comprehend aping the system in vain attempts to level the playing field. If a man has no reason to marry, HE HAS NO REASON TO PRODUCE. This will be a very sore lesson the West will learn in the near future.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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