You’ll Understand When You’re Older

Why do we take care of children? Whether you where an older student supervising younger ones on a field trip, or asked to baby-sit a younger family member, or even if you have kids of your own you realize the reason why we oversee the activities of younger people.  They don’t quite see the consequences of certain actions and may not recognize the dangers inherent in said actions. So, why don’t you simply sit those young’uns down and explain to them the possible negative consequences, which they may face? Well, that’s the conundrum isn’t it? 
Can you explain to a 2 year old that sticking a fork into a wall socket can kill them?
Can you explain to a 4 year old that the large unplugged fridge on the side of the road is not a plaything but dangerous?
Can you explain to a 10 year old that a pornographic magazine can really affect their psychological makeup and quite possibly give them a negative view on women and sex?
Sure, we can do all of those things, but we all know that they are simply too young to grasp the concepts you are trying to convey. In the end, it’s simply easier to watch over them as their lives are filled with reckless abandon and keep them safe essentially from themselves until they can comprehend the outside world. You, being older and wiser, are being responsible for their well-being because they aren’t cognizant enough to do it themselves.
It seems that in the past, men had this very same attitude when it came to women in terms of supervising their dealings. Apparently, men where held responsible for the actions of the women in their lives. Their wives, sisters and their daughters weren’t held accountable for some of their actions, if someone had an issue; they went to the men in their lives for resolution. Even now in certain heated situations where a woman is acting a fool to another group of men, the insulted party in question will focus their issue at the man she is with, rather than at her.
It seems that there is an understanding between men, that although women can ‘do everything men can’ there seems to be an iota of accountability women lack and men seem to posses. When one then also considers the lack women display in their comprehension of cause and effect, suddenly our forefathers didn’t seem so much like barbaric oppressors rather than knowledgeable guardians.
Women chafed under this presumption in the past, to be treated as ‘overgrown children’ who needed a husband or a father to protect them and where given no direct say in their lives and futures.  It was seen as insulting to most women and of course feminism sought to change this paradigm. Well, are women right? Can they stand up just like men and understand the consequences of their choices? Are they accountable for their misdeeds and see the error of their ways?
As we can see, the answer to this for the aggregate of women is no. The only difference at the present time is that women are now in the positions to take their subjective morals and lack of understanding and affect the lives of innocent people. Not even getting into the ‘Pussy Pass’ women get for even engaging in lewd and illegal behavior, it’s said that women like toasted ice and I previously gave an example in regards to the president of a N.O.W. engaging in this toasted ice methodology. How dangerous were the effects and how far reaching the fallout of this choice? A whole country was affected by a Special Interest Group who simply had an ulterior motive and couldn’t comprehend the long term effects. Hey, I’m a Canadian but make no mistake the activities of N.O.W. affected me too. When America sneezes, the world catches a cold and with America’s economy sputtering, we are all feeling the effects.
All of this foolishness simply because fueling the gender war was more important to an influential Special Interest Group.
Even learned and knowledgeable women using their inner hamsters to avoid seeing the truth, which can plainly be seen with anyone with common sense. Is that someone, who should be in a position of authority, a position that affects innocent people and could negatively affect their lives and that of their family’s? Or how about women who have inflated senses of entitlement who believe their men have to  ‘defend their honor’ even though doing so could possibly be very dangerous? Then, here’s the kicker, when you rationally try to explain the error of their ways, or the issue with their viewpoint you see the hamster wheels begin to turn, a way to rationalize the situation to make it okay and continue on with the status quo.
Isn’t that why we didn’t try to explain things to children, the fact that they may not understand? Would our need to supervise be any less important if our children stubbornly refused to understand?
Just breezing about the Manosphere today and I came across Grerp’s post about the slutwalks rushing across the world. You know those ridiculous demonstrations of course, which started in Toronto, you know, the revolt in regards to society not treating women any differently despite how they are dressed. That’s a mature approach now isn’t it? Defending your right not to have any negative consequences applied to you for what was considered bad behavior.
At any rate, I was steamed to find out that Grerp had to lock her thread because a bunch of ‘freedom fighters’ came on and ‘defended’ the rights for these women to dress as they wanted and of course didn’t believe that rape and revealing dress are linked in any way. There is even a comment using the term ‘busy body’ in reference to Grerp and others who looked down on this way of dress.
Shaming language, oh btw, it was a man who did it.
He did have a decent point about the extremes of social control, but he doesn’t quite understand that in the West we are reaching the opposite end of the spectrum. It is a slippery slope Don, and anything in this world from food intake, to exercise, to even sex can be unhealthy when engaged in too much, or too little.
We see this thought process everywhere from the president of N.O.W, to Western Women or feminists who use their hamsters to rationalize their way back to Wonderland from the real world. It would be prudent to try and teach women the consequences of their actions, but we have miles of Feminist bureaucracy insulating all women from this deeply necessary resolution. What so many women don’t realize is that with every consequence they avoid, with every issue they rationalize away, they are proving men right when they say that women in the main don’t belong in powerful positions and require the supervision of men, just like children.
Let me tell you something my 11th grade health teacher told me once. He had said to the whole class “You can do anything you want to do, so long as you are willing to accept the consequences.” Very wise words, which changed my life in all honesty, and that means a lot coming from a dude with serious ADHD. However, its obvious that women in the main want the first part of this statement without the second and I wonder if the ideas our forefathers had could possibly make a comeback.
Probably not.

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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