Unhappy Hunting

Just read this post from D, which linked to another by the Oz Conservative. Very informative (as D always is) and if you haven’t read these articles and comments I highly suggest you do so. The letter Mark Richardson encountered by Husbandless and Empty is where I would like to place my focus for this post as it plainly displays the sometimes sad conclusions of viewing life through Hamsterland. The reality is, like so many other women who have succumbed to the Western Entitlement Complex, she wasn’t fully aware of how fleeting her appeal to men was and just how short her window of opportunity actually is.
While it is very ugly to look at it and older more mature women would loathe comprehending this truism, avoiding this reality can have very dire circumstances as can be seen in this letter.
The base fact is that men and women look for different things in their potential spouses and in the sexual marketplace where the competition for partners takes place. Not understanding what men look for and appreciate in a wife can be disastrous for some women and some find this out far too late. Let me put it to you in this manner, if you are out hunting, what would be easier? Tracking down your prey and trying to get the drop on it before it runs away, or perhaps using some bait, which would entice your intended prey to take the effort and come to you?
Remember now, in the Sexual Marketplace you actually are competing with others in order to show your intended that you are a better choice than any other potential rival. That would be like hunting with a bunch of other hunters relatively close by all trying for the exact same prey. Whomever get’s the kill ‘wins’ and you could go home empty handed.
So, let’s assume that you are going to use some bait, right? Would it make sense to study what your intended prey actually wants? Would it also make sense to study the terrain in which you will be doing the hunting, to perhaps make note of possible predators, which could make the hunt dangerous, or the whereabouts of first aid if necessary? How about weather, would it also make sense to realize any limitations and disadvantages you may face while you are knee deep in bush? Would a rainstorm turn your hunting ground into a marsh as an example? Would nightfall render your visibility to nearly nothing?
All these preparations increase the odds that you will have a successful hunt or at least minimize the chances of unforeseen issues.
So, if you were hunting for marriage as a woman, would it not make sense to know what it is that men actually want? Anyone who has been on the Manosphere for any amount of time can tell you what it is that men want. Personally I’ve narrowed it down to roughly 5 things but your mileage may vary depending on the man in question.
  1. Regular and fulfilling sexlife
  2. Attractiveness (which displays fertility and actually is somewhat tied to youth)
  3. Pleasant demeanor
  4. A space of his own in the house
  5. Space to follow his own pursuits
So, going into the SMP wanting to bag a husband knowing about these 5 basic things is actually to your advantage. It should mean that as a woman you will want to treat a man with respect, find an ambitious man while you are younger (let’s say 20’s), and not having an entitled attitude. However, going into the SMP NOT knowing these things can really eff things up. Just like going out hunting and not taking stock of the behavior of your intended prey, not realizing that men do place importance on youth and appearance was one of the many mistakes Husbandless and Empty made. As JSO had commented “no woman on the planet ends up a spinster because of “bad luck.” I tend to agree. She, like two family friends of mine, didn’t ‘go out hunting’ with the right bait and possibly even the correct attitude.
In her letter, she ‘didn’t want to settle’ and that could mean anything. We can assume anything we like but since a discussion with her isn’t an option we will never be able to verify what her expectations where and if they where indeed too high and she was asking too much. The reason why I said that this was a hunt and as a woman you need the proper information, is that the harsh reality is that woman have an unyielding biological time limit constantly ticking over their shoulder and they need to be acutely aware of this. It is said in the Manosphere that a woman’s prime years are between 15-25, in honestly, very short and for ‘more experienced’ woman very hard to hear but true nonetheless and still something to always remember.
Yes it would suck to have a time limit on the very asset which could be the biggest piece of leverage in dealing with the opposite gender, and as a man, I can’t comprehend what that sort of burden must entail. However,  at the same time, it doesn’t make any sort of sense to me not to play my best hand and the most advantageous time available. It doesn’t matter how much I want to play professional sports, currently at almost 36 years old I would never be picked up by any pro team as my prime years are behind me.

The deal simply is this; it is imperative as a woman to recognize their assets and limitations in regards to those of men. Doing so and being realistic about the SMP can increase the odds of a woman marrying and having children. Just like Husbandless stated; she may be at the apex of her career; well traveled and highly educated but her male peers most likely are as well and sadly for her, are attracting much younger women to be their partners. This ugly reality cannot be ignored, but so many women have fallen prey to this situation and many more will in the future due to getting faulty information before they go ‘on the hunt.’


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