Them’s fightin’ words!!!

So we apparently have a war of words going on between feminists and MRA’s. If you stand back, you’ll see that feminist and MRA websites and blogs pretty much say the exact same thing. Replace Patriarchy with feminism and the messages at their core are virtually identical. It’s amusing in it’s irony, if it weren’t for the fact that men, women and children are suffering for it.

Both say they are being hurt by contemporary society and also both sides are stating that it’s all the others fault. If only they would start to listen to our plight so a consensus can be reached. So the war of words continues, neither side giving ground as both sides relate the issues pertaining to their own gender. Heels get dug in, frustration and anger erupts and the merry go round continues on its way. It appears we have reached a stalemate, or possibly a pissing contest depending on who is looking at which gender’s blog. “Who is getting hurt the worst” so to speak, and no matter how much one gender is getting disadvantaged, it obviously pales in comparison to what is currently happening to ours.

So, who’s right and who has their head up their @$$?

In truth, being a man against feminism, I obviously have a biased viewpoint here in thinking that it’s us dudes who are correct and it’s high time the ladies actually opened their ears. That being said, while feminists are mostly full of crap, there are some things, which I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see their point once in a blue moon.

However, what of the war of words? The Mexican standoff that both genders are currently facing in terms of our specific issues with society? It seems that there will be no clear winner as arguments are continuously launched and countered as we jockey for position, each trying to undermine the other with logic and other tactics. Men feel wronged and so do women. Women now feel as if their comeuppance has finally arrived. Technically in this day and age, men and women are interchangeable, so womankind isn’t threatened by any male rhetoric negative to their cause. No reason to pay attention to teh dudez, haven’t you read “The End Of Men?” All’s well in Wonderland and men have a hard time proving otherwise.

That is, however until the Misandry Bubble deepens. As time goes on, the differences between men and women will become more apparent, painfully so as it slowly begins to dawn on women that marriage and security while valuable to both genders aren’t valued to the same extent.

As the recession deepens and the economy continues to plummet, that even as their own security begins to diminish, it will be quite illuminating for women to realize that men by and large won’t be as upset by this situation as they are. To realize that men simply aren’t similarly affected by cutbacks to social services and health-care. That men can survive on very little which is a far cry from the much larger investment required for their own continued existence. We’re not even getting into child rearing in this stage of the game yet, that’s a whole different ball of wax.
The main thing, which will be very disconcerting to women, is that men can simply sit on their duffs, working what most would call a dead end job and take care of their own needs. Is it perfect for men; not bl**dy likely, it will be a terrible time make no mistake about that. However they can still survive under those circumstances. Due to promiscuity, women will have little to no leverage in getting their proposed partners to ‘man up’ that is if they can even find a suitable one in that day and age.
Men by and large married for regular sex, now that it’s so cheap, what do they lose by not marrying? That will be a very bitter pill for women to swallow and we are already starting to see this happening in the sexual marketplace.

It will be a very scary realization for a score of women, particularly feminists when they realize that it was indeed men who subsidized their supposed ‘equality’ and with no negative consequence for a man to bypass matrimony, their lack of ‘power’ will be highly frustrating and very distressing. Once women’s security and standard of living becomes threatened with no positive end in sight, I’m betting the volleys from Feminists will no longer carry as much bile and men’s ‘rhetoric’ will suddenly become rather interesting.

For the moment any feminist will argue this post and many other points I make as foolish or simply shame me into oblivion. That’s fine, this is exactly what I expect at this juncture as to both Feminists and MRA’s the future could go either way. Arguing feminists is simply a waste of time, and us guys can get sucked in trying to reason with the unreasonable. However, I will simply leave you with a quote from ‘President’ Morgan Freeman to ‘Investigative Reporter’ Tea Leoni in the movie ‘Deep Impact’. Essentially he reminded her that he was the president even though she had some critical information, which could undermine his plans.

“It may appear that we have each other over a barrel Miss Lerner, but it only SEEMS that way.”


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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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