Drunken Cougar VENGENCE!!!

Been on the Manosphere for a while now and I totally understand the whole concept of women seeking attention and getting miffed when their fee-fees get stepped on by us Neanderthal type guys. Tonight at the bar job was no exception.
Okay then, slow night at the bar and I was just at a table by our front door watching the boob tube when this tipsy older woman sidles up beside me.
“Have you seen my friends?” she slurs.
Lady, I don’t know who the hell you even are much less your friends, however, customer service, I can’t say that.
“No, I’m afraid I don’t know who your friends are.” I reply.
She points a shaky finger just past me to my left and I look to see a rather tall older gentleman talking to someone.
“There he is.”
I nod my head and keep her in mind, she may have to get ejected in due course as her consumption is making her very ‘friendly’ to people she doesn’t even know. I leave poste haste as I don’t want to be anywhere near this woman. The night continues and we are now 15 minutes away from last call (1:45am) and I make my way to our dishpit area to drop off some empty bottles I was carrying. I find this woman once more and she is talking to three of her friends just by the entrance. I politely excuse myself as they are blocking the way somewhat and this woman starts elbowing me repeatedly.
Now I don’t take my ADHD meds on weekends, to give myself some time off so to speak but I’m really not as sharp as normal and my patience also seems to be a little shorter as well. I give this woman a very stern look and excuse myself once more, this time a little more harsh than before. Now this woman seems to be softly kicking me for some reason as I try to pass by.
Man, this sh!t NEVER happens to me, why now?
I work my way past the foursome and drop off the empty bottles I was carrying and excuse myself yet again (this time nicer) as I exit. This woman now tries to grab me as I go by.
Seriously…no wait….SERIOUSLY??
I evade her actions with a very disgusted expression on my face and make my way back to the bar. I shake my head at what has just transpired when one of our waitresses gets my attention.
“Psst, Omni, that woman is telling on you!” she says just over the music.
I look to my left and see that this woman had followed me and was now talking to one of the bar owners who had been counting tills behind the bar. She was actually right beside me and I didn’t even notice.
You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me!!!
I leave for the moment, figuring that I may get a tongue lashing from the owner a little later but I know that I didn’t do anything wrong, and more importantly, I didn’t want to blow up at the whole situation. The waitress, AC,  is a very sweet girl, she will do whatever she can for anyone and I’m glad she was there tonight. She hung back to hear what this woman was telling the owner and then found me to fill me in.
“She just told the owner that you had been bothering her and her friends repeatedly about being in the way and you had been rude a few minutes ago.” AC says.
I thank her and shook my head. Whatever, I’ll relate my side of the story and whatever will be will be. I’ve been at that bar for a long time and everyone knows that I’m not a sh!t-disturber. As the night rolled on, what I had figured would happen was right, the owner didn’t even bring it up with me, figuring that this woman was simply drunk and wanted to make trouble for me and wasn’t anything to be concerned about. However, there was something, which caught my eye later in the night. This same ‘friendly’ woman was now heavily making out with a random black dude very close to where our physical confrontation had initially started. What the hell was all of this about then?
At the end of the night with the music off and the bar empty, some of the bouncers asked me what the heck went down. As I related my tale of woe, WL (who is back with his wife and they are working on things, just had to give you guys a quick update on that) mentioned that this same woman had put her arm around him earlier in the night. He wanted nothing to do with her either and did what he could to escape.
Do I know what she was after? Maybe she was looking for some attention, maybe she was looking for some fun, maybe I had p!ssed her off after I rejected her, either way I thought it was interesting that after I had rejected her she tried to get me into some sh!t with some artistic license on our fleeting interactions. Don’t worry Hun, we’ll always have Paris.
Women, gotta love em…or maybe not.


About Omnipitron

Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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