Cognitive Dissonance; Thy Name Is Woman…

Still working on the next part of “They Want To Be Men; Part II” but something came up just recently.
Allow me to share a story with you all.
When I was in high school, I can remember a dude seemed to make a huge social jump through the hierarchy, but then fell right back down to social obscurity rather quickly. I had wondered about the quick and dramatic turnaround and asked the females in our group. Even at that young age I realized that the social scene was a female’s playground and they didn’t disappoint.
You see, this dude was lower tier, but had the fortune of being the object of a much more popular girl’s affection. She approached him, they became a couple, and he was ingratiated into her social circle as a result. He was ‘popular by association” similar to movies like “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”
However, there was a distinct difference. You see, he wasn’t really the type who blended well with the in-crowd, but that wouldn’t have been an issue as they put up with him because of his girlfriend. So long as he was with her, he had it made, but, now he was of ‘higher status’ he was being approached by more women and he started to believe the hype. He broke up with his popular girlfriend, and they went their separate ways, unfortunately for him, she took his popularity with her.
No more exclusive parties, no more hotties giving him the eye, and no chance of getting back into that scene…OUCH.
This somewhat reminds me of the situation women find themselves in now. Why Hanna Rosin brays on and on about ‘The End Of Men.’ She is making the same mistake that this poor dude made years back. Thinking that the current state of affairs is inherent to them, and not because of other external factors, which is beyond their direct control. When you argue with women in terms of the oncoming collapse, they of course postulate that they will be just fine, and things aren’t like they used to be in the past. They of course haven’t the foggiest idea that the current situation, and their present level of comfort is made possible directly by the collective works of the men who marry and then work to maintain their families.
The cognitive dissonance is astounding.
Recently; I had gotten into it with a state of the art womyn on the Spearhead. I don’t like arguing online, as in quite a lot of cases it’s pointless. Just like it says in the bible (and I’m not a Christian but the good book tends to make sense sometimes) that you become just like a fool if you argue with them. It was amazing to have a woman tell me what the situation is with contemporary men (because us older men haven’t the foggiest) and even better, she had told me what the situation is with black people in North America.
I mean, who better to teach me about the social changes which transpires in the African American community than a non-black woman, right? I mean, all the experiences that myself, and my family are obviously inconsequential and have no bearing on the reality on the ground.
By the way, when you get your car fixed next time, don’t bother with the mechanic who went to school for years and then apprenticed for years more since he obviously hasn’t the first clue about cars, naw, just ask the garbage man, or your accountant, or even better your Dr. cause I mean, what does a mechanic know anyway?
Sometimes it’s funny when women who say they mean well and want to get to the bottom of this seemingly strange ‘prejudice’ against men and these bizarre occurrences where men are treated poorly don’t seem to be able to wrap their minds around the truth when men retell their stories of woe. I won’t lie; this got me pretty riled up when a regular Spearhead poster, a Peter Andrew Nolan retold the story of his life, which is harrowing to say the least. How that man survived it is beyond me and is a testament to his intestinal fortitude.
Do you think this self-admitting ‘Gender Equalist’ even listened to him? Sadly no, instead blathering on about an issue, which transpired in the thread, was actually painful to women and should be recognized as such.
It’s very difficult to have sympathy for a woman who has undergone something like being maligned in public (somewhat as names where withheld) when they have no sympathy or compassion for a man whose lost his family, house, and his whole previous life. Moreover, as an intelligent poster aptly named Opus and I had a discussion in regards to the Misandry Bubble, this Gender Equalist repeatedly popped up, attempting to state that during a collapse, that woman would be okay, in fact, even competing with men for the scarce jobs which would be available during such a time.
Can anyone say Cognitive Dissonance?
Would I call this woman a b!tch? Naw, she is simply one of many Western Woman who have bought the feminist entitlement paradigm hook, line, and sinker. It’s simply best to follow Zed’s advice and ignore such women, which can be hard as there are quite a bit of them. The only thing that I find so interesting about this situation is that if more women could indeed see the writing on the wall for what it was, they could perhaps avert a disaster, which will be hard on men, but more so on women. However, how can one recognize the readily accessible signs when men can tell you what the issues are with them directly, and you still don’t comprehend?
Well, it isn’t like we didn’t warn em?

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Happily Married black man with ADHD in Canada trying to navigate this world despite being knee deep in Misandry
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7 Responses to Cognitive Dissonance; Thy Name Is Woman…

  1. Omnipitron says:

    Thank you, now please; don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  2. ScareCrow says:

    This is an excellent post!lol – don't let the door hit you on the way out!That's good…Can you provide a link to Peter Nolan's story that he wrote?Since he angered that poster up above – I am really curious to read it now.

  3. Omnipitron says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words Scarecrow, I will look for it and send you a link.

  4. Omnipitron says:

    Ugh, sorry Scarecrow, the best I can do is link the thread. comment is halfway down the page

  5. Omnipitron says:

    Okay, took me a while Scarecrow, man, the things you learn at the weirdest times.

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